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  1. 1. HS2Hs2 stands High Speed 2, which is a proposedhigh speed rail link that the Government hasproposed should be built linking London firstto Birmingham, then Manchester and Leedsand eventually Glasgow.High Speed 1 has already been built and linksthe Channel Tunnel to London
  2. 2. Many people argue that HS2 is a very important project and must be completed.Key points made to support the idea include: It will reduce the North-South divide that currently exists, creating wealthin many towns and cities in the North The completion of the project itself will take many years and will itselfgenerate lots of jobs in the construction sector Our current rail network is very close to full capacity and the new line is required toreduce overcrowding on our other networks The HS2 trains will dramatically reduce journey times and are planned to beamong the fastest in the world Large amounts of freight will be able to be moved quickly and efficientlyaround the country and will reduce the number of lorries and hence congestionand pollution on the motorways
  3. 3. The company responsible for the HS2 Project is HS2 LTD Click for the link HERE
  4. 4. Many people are against the idea of HS2 and say the project must not go aheadKey points made to support this argument include: The construction of the line will be very expensive, particularly at a time whenthe country is facing great financial pressure The Route cuts through a great deal of countryside which will be destroyed as a result.Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the Chilterns will be destroyed for ever. Habitats and feeding areas for many wild creatures such as protected Bechstein’s batswill be destroyed The trains are very noisy and will generate a lot of noise pollution Those communities most affected by the line will not be able to use it because there areso few stops Time-savings made are minimal and not worth the cost involved. It is argued thattechnology such as video-conferencing will reduce demand for business travel by the timethe project is completed.
  5. 5. The main organisationfighting against HS2 isthe Anti-HS2 AllianceTo go to their website click HERE
  6. 6. News report on HS2
  7. 7. BBC News article on HS2