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Stage 1.4 1.6


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Stage 1.4 1.6

  1. 1. “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”3 • Clear aims set and citizenship concepts explained. 8 • Identifies and carries out clear strategies for gathering 9 information/data from different sources. 10 • Fully identifies the roles and responsibilities of self and others. Explores a wide range of views and opinions regarding the issue. • The text is legible. Relevant information is presented coherently, employing structure and style. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are sufficiently accurate to render the meaning clear.
  2. 2. Lesson aims• To explain the importance of gathering a wide range of opinions on the issues • To list ways to gather a wide range of opinions on the issues • To decide on roles & responsibilities within your groups
  3. 3. KEY TERM Contemporary:Modern, recent, at the present time
  4. 4. What are the different opinions on abortion?•Your now have 2mins to use the classroom as a resourceand write down as many opinions as you can find on your notes page (14-15) •How else might you go about finding out different opinions on your topic?•Why is it important to look at historical & contemporary points of view? How would you do this? •Are there any specific groups of people whose opinions might be important for this topic?
  5. 5. Booklet pg 10 Think, Pair, Share Think now about your own issue & complete a+bFeedback to your group and add more ideasContinue to add ideas as you hear from other groups
  6. 6. Roles & responsibilities: You have 3 mins to individually complete the following sentences •My main qualities are… •My skills, talents & experience are… •The role I think I would best play in the group would be ?????? because…
  7. 7. • Share your ideas with the rest of your group & complete the table on pg 12 (leave the role column blank for the moment)• Discuss the different roles needed and who you all think would be best suited to each
  8. 8. HW