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Connecting to the future: how transport will shape the City of Fremantle

Presentation by Mayor Brad Pettitt. Hosted by Engineers Australia WA and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

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Connecting to the future: how transport will shape the City of Fremantle

  1. 1. Connecting to the future:how transport will shape theCity of FremantleMayor Brad PettittEngineers Australia WA and the CharteredInstitute of Logistics and Transport
  2. 2. Photo – Lucy Risdale1. Fremantle Port, Freight and a newtraffic bridge2. Light rail in the SW corridor3. Transport in the context of atransforming city
  3. 3. The challenges of movingfreight in an inner urban area
  4. 4. Long-term growth rates of 9.7% between 1991 and 2008• Assuming average annual growth rates incontainer trade of 5.5%over the lastdecade it will not be until 2023-2024 thatFremantle reaches a throughput of 1.2million teu per annum.• If a higher growth rate of say 7% isachieved, throughput of 1.2 million teu willbe reached in 2021-2022."
  5. 5. 1.2 million teu is landside limit not water• Rail and Road limitations• Two key freight movement projects inFremantle area1. High Street (Leach Hwy) upgrade (road)2. Fremantle Traffic Bridge (rail)
  6. 6. High Street (Leach Hwy) upgrade
  7. 7. Replacement of 1939 Fremantle Traffic Bridge
  8. 8. Replace not just with new traffic bridge but with anintegrated rail and pedestrian crossing as wellWill enable Fremantle Ports to reach its 30% target
  9. 9. More than just a new bridge – value capture through design
  10. 10. Turn remaining old bridge into Heritage Pier
  11. 11. Moving People - Embedding Light Rail intoFreo’s Future
  12. 12. Light rail is part of Fremantle’sheritage as a sustainable city
  13. 13. Unfortunately notplanned to be partof Fremantle’sfuture according thepublic transportplan 2031
  14. 14. Problems with 2031 public transport plan• Assumed patronage growth 3.85% peryear• Actual patronage growth 8+% per year
  15. 15. Doesn’t take into account the “Spark Effect” ofrail• Growth by rail v bus use Mandurah line• Bus 14,000 per day• Rail 55,000 per day• People prefer rail• 19% growth last year to 65,000 per day
  16. 16. The huge opportunity to our South• Cockburn Coast - 10,800 residents and3,600 jobs in the next 15 years.• Based on current planning could be farmore residents if light rail up front
  17. 17. SW MetroLight railnetworkFremantleCounciladoptedsubmission
  18. 18. Stage 2 Murdoch to Fremantle• Murdoch Activity centre – 30,000 peopleworking there per day• Opportunity for density nodes alongSouth Street at Stock, Carrington andNorthlake Roads• Light rail would enhance this and linkthese key centres
  19. 19. The multi-million dollarquestion: how to fund it?• The City of Fremantle is not able to fund atransit system on its own at $20+m/km.
  20. 20. Value Capture• The increases in residential land valuefound globally around rail stations havebeen between 5% and 20% (with somecommercial land values increasing over50%) compared to similar non-transitareas.• It is possible to expect residential propertyvalue increases of around 22% from railprojects in Perth
  21. 21. Why does transport matter somuch to Fremantle?
  22. 22. Transforming Fremantle Through GreaterUrban Density in Central Fremantle
  23. 23. From Traffic Bridge to edge of CBD• Permitted heightsincreased from 3 floorsto up to 7 floors• aims for an extra 2,500residents in walkingdistance of the citycentre• prominent northerngateway to the CBD.
  24. 24. Every dwelling in Fremantle means one less needed onthe unsustainable fringe
  25. 25. 2. Kings Square Project
  26. 26. Project sites
  27. 27. Former Myer Building
  28. 28. New Queensgate–office/retail
  29. 29. New car park pedestrian entrance to laneway
  30. 30. New administration centre
  31. 31. Proposed Urban Room
  32. 32. Spicer hotel
  33. 33. Kings Square architectural design competitionStage one open to architects across AustraliaUp to four submissions from stage oneshortlisted - honorarium of $15k each.Winner commissioned to develop design andcomplete projectCompetition jury to select finalists and winner5 month processPublic exhibition of entries
  34. 34. Early WinsDepartment of Housing relocating to Fremantle
  35. 35. ThankyouPhoto by Jeremy Dixon Fremantle Herald 2010