E readers @ lindbergh masl 2012


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Presentation at MASL spring conference 2012. Shows how Nook ereaders were checked out to students.

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E readers @ lindbergh masl 2012

  1. 1. E-readers @ LindberghMindy Siefert, LMS Lindbergh High SchoolVicky Stanford, LMS Truman Middle School & Library Coordinator Lindbergh Schools
  2. 2. • District Technology department made choice• Amazon was still proprietary when explored• District-wide Overdrive subscription • Same system as St. Louis County Library • Did not want to set up “accounts” with Amazon or Barnes & Noble to load books• Bring your own device (BYOD) campus - wi-fi Why Nook Colors?
  3. 3. Advantages Disadvantages • Students can use as they • Books must be loaded to wish. Not tied to loading computer, then books at school. transferred. • Students can load books • Uses Adobe Digital at home. Editions software. • Not tied to accounts that • Device must be “cleaned we must manage. off” when returned to • Device has various uses, the library. not just e-reader. • Authorization • Color screen. /Deauthorization issues.The good, the bad, and the ugly!
  4. 4. • Introduced to 4th and 5th grades first, then down to lower grades.• Librarians loaded books for demonstration purposes.• Nooks were assigned to specific teachers’ classrooms for a couple days/weeks at a time.• Most teachers used them as a “station” stop / reward.• Students are now able to check out the Nooks individually.• Conducted numerous one-on-one sessions with patrons – students & staff.Introducing the Nooks-Elementary Schools
  5. 5. • Introduced in Comm. Arts class - library visits• Nooks were passed around for students to experience & Lindbergh’s e-library introduced - promoted• Student name drawing – daily PA announcements• Now- first come, first served & holds in Destiny• Faculty technology PD session – Nook/e-library• Numerous one-on-one sessions with patrons – students, staff, parents (phone, email, in person)Introducing the Nooks –Middle School
  6. 6. • Visited Learning Labs (study halls)• Nooks were passed around for students to experience• Faculty had a short presentation at a faculty meeting.• Interested faculty attended an additional after-school tutorial• Attended an English department meeting to give a demonstration• Numerous one-on-one sessions with patronsIntroducing the Nooks-High School
  7. 7. Each grade level used different methods to distribute the Nooks to students• Elementary – various methods: lottery, 5 per grade, first come, first served• Middle School – lottery - then first come, first served• High School – first come, first served• 15 each elementary school – 30 both middle schools & high school – 1 professional Nook / bldg.All students must have a permission form on file and little to no fines (of any kind). No lost or overdue books.Nook pick-up
  8. 8. • Patrons who want to download a book must download and create a free account in Adobe Digital Editions.• Search “Adobe Digital Editions” and Launch the installer.• It will ask for an email address and ask the patron to create an account.Check out method
  9. 9. • Books can be downloaded and they will open into the Adobe program loaded on the computer- NOT the Nook. Adobe Digital Editions
  10. 10. • Once the book has downloaded to Adobe the patron can move the book to the Nook.• USB the Nook into the computer. “My Nook Color” should display in the lower left corner.• Drag the book cover to “My Nook Color”Transferring the book
  11. 11. Authorize Device FinishedAdobe AuthorizationMessage
  12. 12. Questions?