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Distance Librarianship @ Rasmussen College

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  • Collaborative creation....For the stand-alone subject guideFor course-integrated guides (online courses .... Part of the structure and content of the course)For co-taught guides....librarian helps explain the use of and teach the guide
  • Questions derived from Library and Learning Center FAQsIndividual student questionsFaculty “feeding”
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  • Waal2012

    1. 1. WAAL 2012Distance Librarianship @ Rasmussen College
    2. 2. RasmussenCollege LibrarySystemKaren Eckberg (Green Bay, WI campus)
    3. 3. Introduction• Rasmussen College – History (1900 in St Paul, MN) – Today (22 + Online)• Who we are (HLC)• Who we serve (14K)• Support +
    4. 4. Rasmussen College Library System• 2006• Shared print & electronic materials• LLC
    5. 5. Collaborating Over DistanceShana Friedman ( Aurora, IL campus)
    6. 6. Coming together…without ever meeting!o Wimba-meetings, etc  Monthly meetings led by various members for updates and planning  Maintains consistency throughout campuseso Phone conferences  Quick and easy to touch baseo Common e-mail  If one person is out sick, has an emergency, etc, anyone else can cover their campus  Another way to ensure everyone gets the same information  Challenge—so many e-mails coming in, hard to keep track of what’s actually meant for you  Challenge—limited privacy
    7. 7. ILL and Committee Work o ILL-in network exchange of books  This opens up opportunities to have access to many different books without casing them in one location. Our collection is vast because of our ILL capabilities  All books and media can be shared between libraries o Committee Work (in collaboration with learning center coordinators)  Programming committee • Creates guides and ephemera for all librarians to use for holidays and themes , puts together presentations including outside resources for knowledge enrichment  Onboarding and development committee • Creates standard operating procedures for library and learning center, updating as necessary
    8. 8. Committee Work, Continued…  Web and social media committee • Manages social websites as well as library web site, developing new ways to reach out to students  Instruction committee • Creates Online Academic Guides for students to access information easier, tests LibAnalytics to measure library statistics • Works with instructors to insert library materials into the class structure for comprehensive learning  Assessment Committee • Works on ways to get valid information about student base and library needs
    9. 9. Modernizing to meet a new generation’s needs o Meebo/text  Two hours a week, alternating hours. Very easy to swap hours through e-mail. Very difficult to schedule weekends and evenings—which are high traffic times  Text is not widely used, though we do have a scavenger hunt that has people use it at least once to get a feel for it
    10. 10. Springshare LIB productsJeneen LaSee-Willemssen (Wausau, WI campus)
    11. 11. Online Calendar (LibCal)• Manage online shifts – Reference, chat, text, Answers• Manage programs like webinars and training – Registration – Marketing – Information
    12. 12. Online Academic Guides (LibGuides)• Widely used by academic libraries – Subject guides / pathfinders• We’ve done the “norm” and added: – Collaborative Creation with Instructors – Collaborative Creation with Co-teaching – Programming guides – Logistical guides (webinar archives)
    13. 13. Course Guide
    14. 14. Webinar Guide
    15. 15. Answers (LibAnswers)• Interactive FAQ database• Questions derived from...• Answers – Text, images, files, embedded videos, links• Uses – Self-help; liaison expertise; links for online reference services
    16. 16. Featured Questions
    17. 17. Most Recent Questions
    18. 18. Sample Answer
    19. 19. Webinar Hits and MissesNaomi Stuesser (Appleton, WI campus) Photo from the Field Museum Library’s Illinois Urban Landscapes Project: www.fieldmuseum.org/urbanlandscapes/
    20. 20. Webi What Nar? Fall of 2010 So many workshops, so little time, so many online students…. Photo from the Library of Virginia: http://www.lva.virginia.gov/
    21. 21. APA Basics Webinar Archive Spring 2012
    22. 22. Hits! • Presenter/co-presenter system • Sharing is caring • Everything in one place • Pre-made publicity materials • Tracks and the whole enchilada • Faculty • Your very own room • Tracking • Other departments • La committee • Tutor training • Monkey BusinessPhoto from Steven Martin:http://www.flickr.com/people/stevenm_61/
    23. 23. http://guides.rasmussen.edu/llcwebinarseries
    24. 24. Misses! Or more gently,opportunities…• Archives multiplying like bunnies• Unsupervised PPTs• Team training• Assessment• Peer review• Stronger, shinier ads• Transcripts
    25. 25. A Happy Ending Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning - Webinar PresentationPhoto by Robert Neff, Fifth WorldArt, http://www.fifthworldart.com/
    26. 26. Librarian partnershipsJohn Fedoryn (Romeoville / Joliet, IL campus)
    27. 27. ANGEL/Online Classes• Link in the Online Platform for the Library
    28. 28. Screencasts• Embedded Screencasts in Online Introductory Criminal Justice CJ100 Course (example)• Created using Jing, Screener• Get Students at their point of need• At Rasmussen the Library and Learning Centers work as a team
    29. 29. One College, One BookCynthia Reynolds (Rockford, IL campus)
    30. 30. In the beginning…• Mission Statement: Rasmussen College is dedicated to serving our communities by recognizing the diverse needs of individuals.• Quarterly diversity events• Librarians responsible for Fall event• Diversity book discussions
    31. 31. Modality• On Campus – Residential discussion – Individual librarians choose a date• Online – Ongoing asynchronous discussion – LibraryThing
    32. 32. LibraryThing
    33. 33. LibraryThing Discussion posts
    34. 34. Selections• Handful of books chosen by programming committee• Diversity titles• Multiple formats• Title selected by popular vote
    35. 35. Previous selections• Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie – 2009• Little Bee by Chris Cleave – 2010• Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon – 2011
    36. 36. Related events• Online Academic Guides• Virtual panel discussion – Autism• Other – Crime Scene at Wausau; Dog prints leading to book display/registration at Appleton; Panel discussion Autism/ADHD/Learning Disorders at faculty development at Appleton – Little Bee Tea at Appleton – Guest professor lecture on Ojibway at Rockford – Chew & Chat at Fort Myers – Book displays/bulletin boards at all campuses
    37. 37. Online Academic Guide
    38. 38. Questions?• Access the conference guide at: http://guides.rasmussen.edu/WAAL2012• Contact information: – Karen.Eckberg@rasmussen.edu – Shana.Friedman@rasmussen.edu – Jeneen.LaSee-Willemssen@rasmussen.edu – Naomi.Stuesser@rasmussen.edu – John.Fedoryn@rasmussen.edu – Cynthia.Reynolds@rasmussen.edu