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My classroom rules and procedures for 8th grade language arts.

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  • Class rules procedures2012

    1. 1. Classroom Rules and Procedures Mrs. Fields Language Arts Castle Dome
    2. 2. R.O.C.K Rules
    3. 3. Incentives • 1. Praise • 2. Parent contact • 3. Nominations • 4. Homework passes
    4. 4. Disciplinary Procedures• 1st offence- Warning• 2nd offence- Parent Notification• 3rd offence- Detention• 4th offence- Referral to the office• This procedure may be altered according to the severity of the offence!
    5. 5. Classroom Procedures
    6. 6. Being Prepared and Writing Utensils
    7. 7. Entering and Exiting ClassEntering Class Exiting ClassGo to The teacher will assigned dismiss the class seats and Not The Bell Theprepare for teacher class will let you know when to pack up Return items where they belong
    8. 8. Maintaining Your Notebook• Your NotebookKeep the following in yournotebook: Cornell Notes, otherassignments All materials must be dated and in the right order.Notebooks will be checked everynine weeks. This grade will countas a test grade.
    9. 9. PapersPaper usage Heading Papers Passing in papers• Writing on the • Write your name •Turned into back back of and date in the top- basket by period on homework and right hand corner of when it is due. class work is the first page. •Late work is not permitted and accepted unless there encouraged. has been an excused • Write your last name absence. and number any• Do not write on following pages in the the bottom line of upper right hand the paper, go to corner. next page. •Do not fold papers!
    10. 10. Restroom and Water• RestroomStudents should use therestroom before class.After entering theclassroom, students will notbe allowed to leave unless itis an extreme Emergencywith a pass.• WaterThere is a fountain in theback of the room
    11. 11. Pencil Sharpening and Trash• Pencil Sharpening • TrashStudents are to sharpenpencils upon entering the Pick up all paper aroundclassroom your desk before leaving the room.If your lead breaks duringclass, sharpen ASAP andreturn to your seat
    12. 12. Walking In The Hallways As A ClassStudents are expected to walk in a straight line when in the hallway.Students are expected to walk in a straightline when in the hallway.All class rules apply in the hallway.
    13. 13. Library PrivilegesChecking out books Computer assessments Reading Studying Research
    14. 14. The Social Learning Network for the Classroom
    15. 15. No Email Needed forStudents to Join a Group (Just a Group Code)
    16. 16. Edmodo is FREE!
    17. 17. Downloadthe iOS device or Android App FREE!
    18. 18. Students senda Message to theGroup or Teacher Students are unable to direct message each other. ☺
    19. 19. Parents Can Access the Group(Each Student Has Their Own Parent Access Code)
    20. 20. Teachers Manage Groups (Change Passwords,Remove Students, Etc.)
    21. 21. Edmodo Offers Many Ways to Communicate and Collaborate
    22. 22. I will Send out announcements, news, directions, and tons More Using the Note Feature.
    23. 23. Send Important News andReminders as Alerts (140 Characters Max.)
    24. 24. You must check edmodo daily for assignments and announcementsUse the Assignment Feature as a Digital Dropbox.
    25. 25. Polls
    26. 26. Get Updates Through Email or as Text Messages.
    27. 27. Class Calendar (Event and Assignment Reminders) You can view separate group calendars or see everything all-in-one.
    28. 28. Gradebook You can leave comments for students on specific assignments and upload additional files.
    29. 29. Use the Library/backpackto Share and Store Files (Online Storage Space for Students)