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October open team meeting


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October open team meeting

  1. 1. ExMo Open Team Meeting October 3, 2012 11:30-12:00
  2. 2. Open Team Meeting DatesAll meetings are on Wednesday from 11:30-12:00 pm 5/6 Assembly Room• January 9, 2013• March 20, 2013
  3. 3. Social Studies News…• Mysteries – Weekly mystery is researched and due on Fridays – Combined grade at 9 wks end• Map Skills – Quizzes and review• Geography – Create a Continent• Introduction to Culture
  4. 4. More social studies news..• Australia/New Zealand- geography, gov., Austr economics, culture alia• Aboriginal Art• Australia Fun Day alan d w Ze Ne• Students tested on Monday, Oct. 22
  5. 5. Australia Day…Shh, it’s a Secret 
  6. 6. Upcoming Units• Oceania & Antarctica – Design travel brochures with ExMo technology• Middle East Region: North Africa & Southwest Asia – Research projects
  7. 7. China Day Volunteers!• Coordinated through Room Moms• Sign up if you would like to donate food items or electric woks• Sign up if you would like to volunteer on the day of the event!• Early January
  8. 8. Math 2News… 1 and st Period nd• Last week we finished unit on Algebraic Thinking• Falling Into Order Projects• We are now diving into solving equations• Test next week on equations• We will then move into Place Value with decimals
  9. 9. Math News… 4th and 5th Period - TAG• Units covered– integers, decimals, and we are finishing fractions• Test Thursday on Fractions and Mixed Numbers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing)• We have started practicing for Math Olympiads – first competition November• We will begin Measures of Central Tendency next and students will receive their first project!
  10. 10. Math News…• Are you seeing the black Math binder at home?• It’s full of detailed notes on every lesson, as well as graded homework and quizzes!
  11. 11. Online Textbook Every student has access to the onlinetextbook. It has practice tests and practice quizzes over every lesson we do in classand can be a great supplemental resource to the notes and activities done in theclassroom! In addition, students can print workbook pages from online.
  12. 12. Science News…• Unit 1 Lab Skills and Measurement• Labs – Color Challenge Lab, Popcorn Lab, Stroop Effect Lab, Bugsy Copter Lab• Bubble Gum Lab – Cumulative unit 1 lab – 5 days of experiment design process – Graphing, writing, equipment use – Major grade• Quia test review games • TAG Amusement Park Ride Project
  13. 13. Science News…• Unit 2 - Chemistry• Periodic Table - elements• Mixtures and Compounds• States of Matter – Solid, liquid, gas, plasma• Physical and Chemical Properties• Physical and Chemical Changes
  14. 14. Science News…• Halloween Lab• Sep-ORE-ation of a Mixture Lab• Cumulative Unit 2 lab
  15. 15. “READ READ READ!! Reading is the rhythm of language.Never ever stop reading!” -Susan Cooper
  16. 16. Common Sense Media• - What parents need to know• - What families can talk about• - Whats the story• - Is it any good
  17. 17. Author Research Project• Students are studying an author• Read work(s) by the author (the time spent reading this book may be counted on the reading log)• Research the author using resources (mostly online)• Purpose & process sheet• Calendar of due dates
  18. 18. Students will:• Learn to ask relevant questions before beginning a research project to direct research• Learn to take notes and categorize information• Improve comprehension as they read and skim text for main ideas and details• Describe a well-supported opinion about the writer’s work(s) based on their own reading• Develop research skills (book and internet) with the purpose of sharing with an audience what they have learned• Think critically as they analyze a work or works by the author
  19. 19. Audio BooksStudents are welcome to use audio books IF they readthe book while they listen.– Audio books can be found on iTunes, as well as other places.The MIS/HPMS library has audio books in two formats.– Other audio books are play aways.– Some of their audio books are CDs.– A play away is about the size of a regular iPod and works very similarly. It runs on a single AAA battery, and must have earbuds or speakers plugged into the audio output.– The playaways can be checked out for up to two weeks, just like a regular library book. However, if lost or stolen, they cost between $35-$70 to replace.– If a student doesn’t have earbuds, the library sells them for . 50, and the student may keep them.
  20. 20. Noodle Tools• A web-based tool to take notes and organize sources – eliminates note cards that can be lost• It also does the MLA formatting of the works cited page for the student
  21. 21. Analytical Writing• Provides students the opportunity to apply concepts and skills learned in class:• Analysis of literary elements• Reading comprehension• Writing mechanics• Stating an opinion and providing convincing support through text evidence• Noticing author purpose and author craft
  22. 22. Orlando TripAmazing Experience! • Information Meeting TBA −later this fall You won’t want to miss