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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Roses in her cheeks Stunning s e mil Emerald eyes Wonderfully Beautiful N
  2. 2. S The sun rises creating a new day, The start of a new wake up routine, Creating more complex events, Welcoming me to a new and different day. S
  4. 4. symmetrical wings fly pollinating blossoms azure glossy shadowed edges pallid specks T
  5. 5. Sometimes wet sometimes humid sometimes hot but, always perfect A
  6. 6. S t a r r y, S t a r r y N I G H T Vincent N
  7. 7. Robot Shining gears Twisting knobs Metal bars Pushing buttons Strong rubber Electric motors Techy terminology Artificially smart M
  8. 8. Shot Through Speedy Wind, And there it is, a perfect goal! M
  9. 9. M Listen to the dry land beginning to awake See the sun splash colors across the land.
  10. 10. Never give up All you need is a good game by the end of the match Strong and Fierce Believe in hopes and dreams
  11. 11. The sun weeps tears of red, As mysterious shadow lurk, and palms sway, giving way to temporary doom The endless blue is silent, ready for the end. H
  12. 12. O The dazzling colors All the beauty you see Shall set you free.
  13. 13. Passing down streets and looking at people in the face, you can tell when someone has seen all there is too see or has seen to much. They have pain written across their face with a weak smile, and eyes that refuse to look at the world anymore because of the bad things life brought 2 her. She won’t look up cuz she doesn’t wanna choose the roads she has to pick. She’s given up on educated choices... It’s all now in God’s hands cuz I Don’t care anymore.
  14. 14. Engulfing me with its body Diminishing my view Cold and moist as I walk through R
  15. 15. O
  16. 16. Trying to hide the cards Not even showing the guards D Texas Hold ‘Em
  17. 17. It glitters; It shimmers when caught by the sun It dances with changes of many shines And steals the limelight at any time R
  18. 18. A
  19. 19. If you feel lonely Look around A bird singing in a tree A flower about to fade A wind that shakes the leaves Why? Can’t you notice that All of them are with you? V
  20. 20. Predator Lurking Unnoticed Stalking A t t e n t i v e l y Watching All Directions Catches his prey By T
  21. 21. Say Good-Bye To Your Sorrow I Will Be Back Again Tomorrow R
  22. 22. A world set to rest under gleaming light Only to be awakened again to live and die M
  23. 23. A long howl fills the air, A call to those of the night. The terror of those alone Those who then quickly take flight S
  24. 24. Where the water breathes among the sand I stand staring at the sky Wondering if the sun will rise above the waves or stay beneath the sand T
  25. 25. In the morning the city Spreads its wings Making a song In stone that sings. In the evening the city Goes to bed Hanging lights above its head. A
  26. 26. Tall stalks Sway in the light of the setting sun Pale jade alongside violent scarlet D
  27. 27. Kansas <ul><li>Rising before dawn, tinkering to be done </li></ul><ul><li>By weathered men in overalls </li></ul><ul><li>Hiding baby-fine white skin. </li></ul><ul><li>Women, tea towels in hand shooing hens </li></ul><ul><li>Or shelling peas on front porch gliders </li></ul><ul><li>Under bright white clouds fronting true blue skies </li></ul><ul><li>Blinding the eye </li></ul>Ms. Duke