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Tecore networks icoreprepaidgateway


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Tecore networks icoreprepaidgateway

  1. 1. iCore Prepaid GatewayThe demand for prepaid services is growing in every market, large and small. Whether it’s tourists, business travelers or first-time wireless subscribers, prepaid services can greatly increase your network subscriber base and profitability. Prepaid servicesallow rapid revenue generation and faster deployment to emerging markets. With the iCore Prepaid Gateway, operators can provide a fully featured prepaid offering. From top-up card generation to real-time prepaid processing to hot billing, the iCore Prepaid Gateway provides the life cycle support. FeaturesSystem Capabilites • Real-time debiting and call• Can be deployed as an adjunct to existing wireless and/or wireline disconnect networks, or as part of an integrated network • Per-second precision billing• Fully flexible distributor/rate plan with up to 700 different rate plan • 700 distributor/rate plans options • 24x7 airtime matrix• Create off-peak and discount periods • Balance notification via• Specify separate airtime and land rates announcement, SMS and USSD• Landline rate based on destination • Prepaid roaming • Integrated into iCore Platform or• Operator flexibility to selectively block out an account for any reason available as a standalone system• Dial-in access for calling cards, prepaid cards • Software based, rapid deployment• Account re-charge via prepaid card or dial-in access • Account based or top-up card• Account code and PIN generation based recharge options• Pre-set account expiration • Announcements in 20 languages
  2. 2. Operations, Administration & Maintenance Hardware Options• Provides the operator with service log reports and system level operational measurements• Delivery subscriber and distributor summary billsConfiguration• System and subscriber provisioning configured through powerful and intuitive GUIs CPU Blade• Flexibly define distributors and rate plans• Up to 70 distributors can be defined, with each distributor having up to 10 different rate plans• Subscribers provisioned with a simple “check in the box”• For each subscriber, operators can configure the maximum allowable credit Rapid Compact-PCI limits, as well as the payment method μTCA Compact-PCI Rate Configuration ScreenBilling• Performs real-time debiting of subscriber account balance• Per-second precision billing ATCA• Provides subscriber with balance notification via announcements, warning tones, USSD or short messages to recharge their account balance• First and subsequent incremental billing• VAT and service charge billing• Bill generation based on configurable pre-defined billing cycles• Generate subscriber and distributor summary bills, based on system- Laptop generated detailed CDRs To learn more about our technology, products and services, call us on +1.410.872.6500 or visit ©Tecore, Inc. 12009