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Eska bcrm

  1. 1. ESKA® BCRMConvergent Billing & Customer Relationship ManagementESKA® BCRM is a mission critical end-to-end convergentbilling system that enables real-time billing in telecommunicationnetworks.The system has a flexible and powerful convergent rating enginethat gives network operators a competitive advantage to bemarket leaders in the telecommunications industry.With its comprehensive convergent billing and customerrelationship management features that address multi-serviceoperators such as: GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WiMAX, VoIP ISP and ,fixed networks, ESKA® BCRM helps telecom operators run andmanage billing processes quickly and effectively.The system provides Real-Time Charging, Customer Care, andVoucher Management tools, and has direct interface with thetelecommunications and signalling world. ƒƒINAP CS1, INAP CS2, CAMEL2, and CAMEL3 support ƒƒPrepaid roaming supportStrengths ƒƒFlexible handling of new product and service offerings and marketing initiativesƒƒMenu driven interface ƒƒOperational efficiency with single charging and ratingƒƒScalability and modularity ƒƒEnhanced settlement capabilitiesƒƒMultilingual multi-service support ƒƒMultiple payment methods (prepaid, post-paid and hybrid) onƒƒUser-friendly Web interface different levels of usage, time and serviceƒƒ deployment Fast ƒƒSupport for time and service-based hybrid accountsƒƒAvailability and service continuity ƒƒProvisioning access for third-party service providers throughƒƒN-tier application architecture TCP/ IP socket interface and Web service interfaceƒƒSupport for convergent billing and/ or separation of post-paid ƒƒCredit/ debit note handling and prepaid billing ƒƒAdvanced pricing componentsƒƒSupport for small to large-size business operations ƒƒRemoval of risk or potential for misuseƒƒApplication of latest Telecom and Intelligent Networks (IN) ƒƒCDR generation standards and technologies ƒƒE-mail, SMS, and SNMP alarm supportƒƒSupport for multiple hardware platforms ƒƒSupport for latest roaming standardsƒƒFlexibility to integrate with third-party applications ƒƒEfficient search for subscriber, customer, and contractƒƒExtensive reports and statistics informationƒƒSecure and managed access to the system ƒƒ integration between Points of Sales and inventory LiveƒƒSupport for multi-operator structure ƒƒSupport for customer offers and discounts ƒƒRadius and diameter supportKey Features ESK/WA/FL-10:015 Uen-Rev AƒƒRapid provisioning of products and servicesƒƒReal-time rating and billing enginesƒƒEasy-to-manage multi-level account hierarchyƒƒAdvanced and unified Customer Self-CareƒƒService activation and deactivation
  2. 2. Main FunctionalitiesCustomer Care ManagementThe Customer Care Management features in ESKA® BCRMinclude:ƒƒCommon customer care for all subscribersƒƒImmediate access to up-to-date usage detailsƒƒSingle view of customer balances and revenuesƒƒSupport for immediate provisioningƒƒOne provisioning interface for prepaid and post-paid subscribersƒƒHandling of customer complaints and delivery of required reports Point of Sale ManagementƒƒComprehensive customer support using a Web-based The Point of Sale Management features in ESKA® BCRM interface include:Order Management ƒƒProviding Order Entry capabilities to efficiently handle allThe Order Management part handles all customer, contract and customer, contract, and subscription information, and enablesubscriber information and enables the user to tailor contracts the user to tailor contracts for individual and group customersor packages for individual customers in addition to defining a in addition to define different price plansvariety of price plans. ƒƒAllowing Call Centre agents to access and process information regarding all offered products and services. The systemESKA® BCRM supports the following Order Management supports a variety of subscriber offers including Friends andfeatures: Family, Closed User Groups, Special Dates, Free Units, and Volume PackagesƒƒCollecting information required for generating service requests ƒƒAllowing quick access to transaction history which assists CallƒƒSending service requests to the network Centre agents to directly supply customers with informationƒƒRetrieving responses from the network to perform necessary regarding their accounts changes in the Billing System and to recognise the activated ƒƒIntegrating with any Intelligent Network (IN) to extract status of the customer information such as balances and recharging detailsCustomer Self-Care ƒƒEnabling system administrators and service centre agents to manage and track customer complaintsThe system provides advanced Web-based Customer Self-Carefeatures that allow for online registration, management of access ƒƒProviding advanced account receivable capabilities suchrights, subscriber management, customer care interaction, online as invoice payment, cash sales, credit notes, debit notes,payment, and directory assistance. deposits, and batch payments ƒƒManaging and logging user access and transactionsCustomer Relationship Management according to user privilegesThe system manages relationship with customers through a varietyof features including: Leads, Marketing Campaigns, Complaints, Credit MonitoringLetters of Guarantee, and Loyalty Points Management. The Credit Monitoring features of ESKA® BCRM include:Product Definition and Packaging ƒƒAllowing the operator to monitor and set subscriber credit levels.ESKA® BCRM presents a variety of product-related functionalitiesincluding: ƒƒInitiating actions regarding customers exceeding their credit limits, such as generating formal letters, sending SMSƒƒSmooth creation of products and definition of packages notifications, and initiating service changes in the network.ƒƒSupport for any level of bundling or unbundling Resourcesƒƒ product/ service setup without additional programming Fast The Resources part enables users to define, configure andƒƒFlexible configuration of product pricing, deposits and package service products, numbering plans, and SIM cards as charging quickly as possible to establish and sustain market leadership.ƒƒHandling of letters of guarantee and deposit requirements for certain services such as international or roaming accessƒƒEfficient management of SIM cards and numbers
  3. 3. Convergent Rating and Charging ƒƒFlexible advanced notification features that support sending different notification types based on dynamic triggeringAll users of ESKA BCRM can benefit from the following features ® matter of rating and charging:ƒƒConvergent rating engine capabilities, including support for Voucher Management hybrid payment methods (post-paid, prepaid), several classes Using the Web-based Voucher Management features, users can of services (Voice, SMSC, MSC, MMS, WEB, WAP CDMA, , generate voucher numbers and create/ manage vouchers in the VoIP WiMAX), and various rating modes (online and offline), , vouchers database. all based on dynamic user-defined rules.ƒƒRule-based rating engine that is totally dynamic and managed The module can be used by third-party service providers through using effective management and controlling tools. the available API Web Service and TCP/ IP .ƒƒAdvanced rating engine that supports flexible definition of various rating methods to be included in a customer price Roaming plan. The Roaming features within ESKA® BCRM include:ƒƒAbility to perform rating based on a multitude of parameters ƒƒAccurate billing for roaming subscribers such as location, destination, time of call, duration, used services, roaming origin, minimum duration, minimum ƒƒTAP-out and TAP-in process management chargeable unit, and customer price plan, in addition to ƒƒ of latest and most flexible billing standards for roaming Use dynamically defining new required parameters and rates. ƒƒSupport for individual roaming agreements with roamingƒƒMultiple time, volume, and event-based balances per partners transaction, with advanced rule-based selection of balances. ƒƒManagement of volume discounts and taxationƒƒDynamic configuration of advanced counters and aggregators ƒƒSupport for RAP Management to monitor subscribers’ periodic behaviours and to track usage. Revenue AssuranceƒƒStrong hierarchal setup and grouping of locations and zones with the ability to set hierarchal rates per each group. The Revenue Assurance features within ESKA® BCRM include:ƒƒAbility to set a wide verity of grouping offers (CUG, FNF, Cross ƒƒEffective handling of invoices, payments, and follow-up on Groups, Toll Free) and to define special rates and discounts. debts.ƒƒReal-time charging and management of voice calls covering ƒƒIntegrity check of information with the HLR and IN. call forwarding, roaming, free numbers, premium numbers, ƒƒIntegration with financial applications, such as ESKA® recharging, credit transfer, SMS, data and content sessions Business Manager, to support a large number of (GPRS, MMS, Data Roaming Services) held by prepaid accounting functions including General Ledger, Accounts subscribers. Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Purchase Order transactions.Promotion ManagementAs a stand-alone, fully integrated, and fully rule-based engine,the Promotion Management module provides unique featuresthat give a lot of flexibility and power to users.The flexibility of the Promotion Management module stems fromthe operator’s ability to dynamically build promotions and loyaltyprograms that suit the needs of existing customers and attractnew business.The Promotion Management features within ESKA® BCRMinclude:ƒƒDynamic definition of a wide variety of promotions such as discounts, bonuses, loyalty counters, lottery counters, validity expansion, progression packages, cross promotions, and promoted rates.ƒƒAdvanced integration layers that support multiple protocols and communication file formats to perform promotions for Rating, Billing, Customer Care, Roaming, Interconnect, Vouchers Refill, and other third-party applications.ƒƒScheduling bulk promotions to be performed within a certain period of time.
  4. 4. Billing Audit TrailThrough its powerful billing engine, ESKA BCRM provides the ® As one of the features to increase the overall security of ESKA®following features: BCRM, the Audit Trail part allows the user to monitor all system actions. The system records a full audit trail of all transactionsƒƒAggregating rated calls to generate invoices for different that update the database. cycles or upon demandƒƒSupporting several types of discounts and taxation schema Application Program Interface (API)ƒƒSupporting unlimited bill cycles, rate structures, and formats Through the Application Program Interface, ESKA® BCRMƒƒSupporting bill-on-demand that offers anytime-invoicing provides the ability to perform bulk transactions such as:ƒƒAllowing payment of invoices in instalments ƒƒSubscription definition ƒƒProduct definitionWiMAX Service Support ƒƒSubscriber paymentsESKA® BCRM supports WiMAX business needs in a flexible andscalable manner. The system provides the following features: Operation, Administration and Maintenanceƒƒ variety of charging and billing methods to support both A (OAM) prepaid and post-paid subscriptions such as fixed charges, ESKA® BCRM provides a comprehensive, powerful, Web-based usage and session-based billing and multilingual OAM tool that allows performing the followingƒƒContract renewal management functionalities through different access levels:ƒƒService upgrade and downgrade management ƒƒAdministrators management and access controlƒƒQuota, bandwidth and usage control ƒƒRating and tariff managementƒƒIntegration with different network elements and soft switches ƒƒPromotion and discount management such as AAA ƒƒSubscriber service managementƒƒSupport for Radius Protocol ƒƒ menu builder IVRInventory ƒƒReports and statistics generationThe system supports full integration with the ESKADENIA multi- ƒƒSecurity controllocation inventory management system, which allows users to ƒƒSystem configuration and monitoringefficiently maintain all inventory records. The system delivers ƒƒAlarm managementdetailed and timely information on inventory items and keepstrack of the stock level of SIM cards, vouchers, and cash saleproducts.SMS InterworkingESKA® BCRM supports the AA19 agreement to handle SMSdelivery scenarios over various operator networks and determinehow and whom to charge.In addition, the system supports SMS wholesale where ValueAdded Service Providers can buy SMS bulks to be sent to certainsubscribers; short messages will be charged and relevant invoiceswill be generated.SMS Dispatcher IPR® -2004/12/2964 ESK/WA/FL-10:005 Uen-Rev AThe SMS Dispatcher is a Web-based utility that enables systemusers to send short messages (SMS) to a single or a group ofcellular phone numbers. Users can specify the message text,calling number and sender name.The system supports the SMPP application interface between theCustomer Care application and the SMS-C. ESKADENIA Software, P Box: 1555 Amman 11821 Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5510717, Fax: +962 6 5510719, E-mail: .O.