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CSS Information


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CSS has established itself as the leader in Telephony & Call Recording solutions to the North American Security Industry.
We do not provide another plain old phone system, we do provide a solution designed specifically for the central station and interoffice communication, solutions which streamline operations, increase productivity and provide features no other product can provide.

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CSS Information

  1. 1. Who is CSS Communication Service Solutions• Unique Telephony Solutions for the Security Industry• The only Central Station designed phone system• Specific & Unique features for the Central Station• SecurVoice Call Recording system• NetVanta PoE Managed Switches and Routers• nCall Telephone Answering Service software• 24/7 Support and Service – 365 days a year.• 25 Years Security Industry Experience
  2. 2. Telephony Solution Communication Service Solutions• Partnered with a major telephony manufacturer• Over 30 Years of PBX design and manufacturing• Rock solid product with very high reliability• Low Visibility but in the top 6 in the world• Major projects with governments around the world• CSS features designed specifically for security industry
  3. 3. CSS IPx – Security features Communication Service Solutions• PRI to Analog Conversion in DTMF for SIII/IV & D6600• Two-Way voice management via “pick” or 3rd party TAPI• Auto-dialing off the Automation software & Outlook• Automated outbound “Caller ID” injection• Automated operator skill set log-in• Inbound call ANI-DID to Automation software via TAPI• DID management
  4. 4. SecurVoice Call Recording Communication Service Solutions• All Central Stations must record phone calls• Analog, Digital and IP recording in one platform• Part of the total solution for the client• Integrated into all major automation software• Unlimited report building• Sold in US. Canada, Europe and Latin America• Browser based OS
  5. 5. Telephone Answering Software• Exclusive provider of nCall to the security industry• Telephone Answering Service software• Integrates via TAPI to our IPx solution• Virtual Receptionist, answer calls for your clients• Intuitive “client view” screen• Powerful, flexible and affordable• Server based application
  6. 6. Adtran Dealer Communication Service Solutions• Adtran Platinum Dealer• NetVanta PoE Managed Network Switches• CSU – PRI conditioners• PoE switch for IP phone power• Managed switch for Mirrored Port call recording
  7. 7. TAPI interface, what it means• Telephone Application Programming Interface• Network connection between IPx & Automation software• Information and commands sent each way• Allows Automation software to command the IPx• Allows IPx to send information to Automation software• Auto-dialing from Automation software• Two-Way voice automated handling to operator• Caller ID injection on automated outbound calls
  8. 8. Save Time, Resources and MoneyAutomating your day to day process will save time, money and increase profitability. TAPI interface to your Automation software SecurVoice interface to your Automation software • Reduce Operator manual requirements • Increase Operator Efficiency • More Account without more Operators • Increase Capacity within same operational Environment • Automate Processes • Increase Call Handling • Increase Alarm data Handling
  9. 9. IP Telephony Solution Communication Service Solutions• Selected IP telephony platform, why?• Flexibility• Redundancy• Applications• Standardization• World is going IP……….
  10. 10. What is IP Telephony• Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP• Voice packets over Internet-Intranet• Converging Data and Voice• TCP/UDP Transportation layer• SIP and MGCP protocols application layer Session Initiated Protocols Media Gateway Control Protocol
  11. 11. What is IP Telephony LANSimple Use of a Network for Voice and Data at one location. Phones can be G711 (64k) G729 (8k)
  12. 12. What is IP Telephony WAN 3 Locations interconnected Extension to Extension dialing No distance Limitation Smart Call Routing
  13. 13. What is IP Telephony X WAN If an IP switch was to fail the IP Phones can register to other IP switches for automatic redundancy
  14. 14. Simple IP Telephony Benefit MPLS InternetHome Office Remote Sales Office Soft Phone
  15. 15. Security Industry Needs• IP PBX Switch platform• IP PBX Platform with Internet Flexibility• IP PBX with IP phone flexibility• IP PBX with SIP trunk capability• IP PBX with global solutions But what does the security industry need:A Hybrid IPx Switch platform-IP & Analog
  16. 16. Security Industry Needs• Hybrid IP solution – Why?• Over 36 Million Analog Alarm Panels in N.A• Receivers are Analog devices• Receivers need PRI circuit “D” channel info• Receivers need analog circuits• Two-Way voice needs to be managed• Analog receivers and IPx PBX work together• Automation Software and IPx work together• Disaster Prevention
  17. 17. CSS Platform & the Security Industry• Virtual Receiver Interface – PRI “D” channel info• Full Hybrid Telephony. IP and Analog/PRI circuits• Two-Way Voice Management via TAPI 3• Auto-Dialing Interface via TAPI 1 & TAPI 3• Auto-Dialing via desktop software with IM• Dual Tandem systems for Disaster Prevention• Multi Location interconnections and call management
  18. 18. Virtual Receiver Interface• CSS IPx PlatformPowerful Comprehensive Telephony Platform withPRI to Analog conversion, Two-Way Voice, Auto DialingTAPI, Two-Way Voice management TAPI, Out-BoundCaller ID Injection, Call Routing, DID libraries, IPTelephony and Smart Voice Mail with IVR-Text toSpeech engine.Expandable to multiple PRI circuits,Analog circuits and hundreds ofIP end points.
  19. 19. What is the IPx platformDual Tandem systems for RedundancyStandard 8 slots with expansion to 28/56Multiple PRI and Analog cardsUnlimited DID/DNIS numbering plans1024 time slots for simultaneous operationsTwo-Way Voice management with Hook-Flash from System III – D6600TAPI-CTI link to Automation Software for Two-Way voice management,Automated outbound dialling, Caller ID Injection and In-Bound DID-ANIFull Telephony features with intelligent call routingPersonalized software for screen auto-dialling, unified messaging, privateIM, SMS, Global phone status, Wait queue’s and Agent ACD log-in.
  20. 20. What goes into the IPxSingle or Dual Tandem IPx systems19” rack mount with two expansion cabinets per IPxHigh speed processors and bus back endMultiple slots for PRI circuits, Analog station, Analog Trunk and Voice MailMultiple analog slots provide for 8 + 16 analog to receivers, fax, modemsNetwork deviceDual Tandem system provides redundancy and expandability
  21. 21. What goes onto the IPxVoice Mail – internal or server basedFully expandable from 4 ports to 96 ports, 1000 + mail boxes, interfaces toOutlook for Unified Messaging. Provides email and IM notification of voicemessage. Built in multiple level Auto-attendant. Optional IVR engine.Desk top ApplicationPlaces phone control onto the desktop, has built in 1st party TAPI enginefor auto-dialling off automation software, Outlook & documents. Operatorlog-in. Answer-hold-end and transfer calls, interface to Outlook, private IMReporting SoftwareReporting software is a server based reporting application and providesACD based statistical reports on activity and call flow. Optional output tolarge LCD screen for operators and supervisors to view real-time activity.
  22. 22. IP PhonesPhone Set – T208/BLThe T208/Backlit phone is a 6 line multi display phone with built in headsetjack and speakerphone.PoE or Power brick for remote Internet connected phonesStandardized to T208 so low level lighting in Central Station is not an issueCan be programmed to work off ten CSS IPx PBX systems for redundancyCan have 24 button expansion buttonadded so Two-Way voice can be“picked” easily if TAPI 3 not used.System III line card ratio to TEMbuttons is one to one
  23. 23. System III Receiver with CSS IPx SolutionAny incoming call can be answered by any line card.All line cards know the telephone number the panel is calling to.All line cards work as one giant “line pool”“D” channel information off the PRI circuit• Where the panel is calling to DNIS/DID#• Where the panel is calling from ANI
  24. 24. CSS IPx and System III Receiver Analog connectionsPRI Circuits Automation Software
  25. 25. CSS IPx and System III ReceiversPRI Circuits Analog connections Automation Software
  26. 26. Dual Tandem CSS IPx and System III Analog connectionsPRI Circuits Automation Software
  27. 27. Dual Tandem CSS IPx and System III Analog connectionsPRI Circuits Automation Software
  28. 28. CSS IPx and System III Receiver with Basic Two-Way voice Analog connection Two-Way Voice Transfer Automation SoftwareAlarm signal with Two-Way voice. The System III can hook flash the Two-Way call back to the CSS IPxand the IPx will place into a virtual extension (page queue) for operator pick up.Shelf/slot = Virtual Ext = held ext location. Line 1 = Ext 7501 = button 1 for pick up.
  29. 29. CSS IPx, System III & Automation software Two-Way voice and TAPI Analog connection Two-Way Voice Transfer CTI-TAPI server Two-Way voice EventAlarm signal with Two-Way voice. The System III will hook flash the Two-Way callback to the CSS IPx and the IPx will place into a virtual extension. The Automation Softwareautomation software will instruct the IPx via TAPI which extension to send theTwo-Way voice based upon which operator received the event.
  30. 30. CSS IPx & In-Bound call TAPI to Automation Software CTI-TAPI server Automation server TAPI ClientMs. Smith callsCentral Station Operator #3 Automation SoftwareThe client calls the Central Station, the call is received on the IPx system. The IPx presents to theautomation software via TAPI the ANI-DID number. The automation software pulls the accountinformation for the ANI number. The Automation software is informed via TAPI the call will be sent tooperator #3, the automation software send the account to operator #3.Quick, efficient and accurate inbound call process.
  31. 31. CSS IPx & Automation software with TAPI for auto-dialing CTI-TAPI server Automation Software Operator - I need to call Sandra, I click on Sandra’s name in software Client Ms. SmithThe operator makes a TAPI driven outbound call, a simple mouse click on the clients name, theautomation software passes over TAPI the phone number to call. The IPx calls the phone number andconnects the call to the operators phone set, headset.Quick, efficient and accurate outbound call process.
  32. 32. CSS IPx & Automation software with TAPI Third Party Central Station & Caller ID Injection CTI-TAPI server Automation Software Client - ABC AlarmCompany is calling me Operator - calling as ABC Alarm Company The operator makes a TAPI driven outbound call, the automation software passes via TAPI the dealer phone number to the IPx. The IPx injects the dealer number in the outbound call string. The end user sees the dealer calling, not the third party central station. Transparency.
  33. 33. Step 1 – CSS IPx in one Location PRI System III LAN An incoming alarm signal or telephone call will be received on the PBX. If an alarm signal the IPx will convert to analog and send to the System III, if a voice call the IPx will send to the correctAutomation Software phone group (ACD) or person. Public Network Flex-Call bridges a desk phone to a Cell Phone so if the called person is not at their desk their cell phone will ring. The called person can transfer to an extension on the phone system or create a conference call via their cell phone. Sales people should never miss a phone call.
  34. 34. Building Out the CSS IPx
  35. 35. Building Out an CSS IPx
  36. 36. CSS IPx in Two Locations expanded Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III LAN LAN Public NetworkAutomation Automation Software SoftwareAn incoming alarm signal via PRI circuit can be received and managed in either location.A voice call via PRI can be received and managed in either location.
  37. 37. CSS IPx with Two Locations Connected Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLSAn incoming voice call can be received in either location via PRI and managed in either location. Avoice call can be received in location #1 and managed in location #1 or #2. The voice call can betransferred via MPLS between locations.An incoming alarm signal via PRI circuit can be received in either location and managed in eitherlocation. The alarm signal can be received in location #1 but managed by an operator in location #2.
  38. 38. Two Locations. Two-Way Voice Local # 1 Local # 2 Event with Two-Way Voice System III System III LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLS LAN Remote Central Station IP PhonesAn incoming alarm signal with Two-Way Voice can be received in location #1 but have the Two-Waycall managed in location #2 or vice versa. A remote central station without receivers but havingoperators can manage the event and Two-Way call.
  39. 39. MPLS Network Example Data Voice InternetMulti-protocol Label Switching “Private Network Transport Service” providing group service andQuality of Service
  40. 40. AT&T MPLS Network Example Anchorage, AK Seattle Spokane Portland R Portland Manchester Worcester Minneapolis R St. Paul Milwaukee Glenvie Syracuse Rochester R Albany Cambridge w Framingham Madison Grand Hartford Buffalo Stamford Providence Providence Rolling RapidsBirmingham Wayn Cheshire Bridgepo Des Meadows Detroit Harrisbur e NY rt New Moines g Philadelphia White Brunswick Salt Lake Plymouth Cleveland Pittsburgh C R NYC Bdwy Plains Oak San Sacramento R R City R Davenport Brook South Bend R Akron Wash R 2 Cedar Knolls Rochelle Pk R Las Omaha Chicago Columbus Silver .DC Secaucus Francisco Vegas Denver R Dayton Springs Newark Hamilton Square New Oakland Kansas City R Indianapolis Cincinnati Ashburn Arlington Baltimor e Bohemia Freehol d Camden, York Norfolk R Colorado Springs Florissant Louisville Richmond NJ City Redwood San City Jose Sherma Albuquerque Oklaho Springfield St Louis R Raleigh Nashville R n Oaks 2 ma Tulsa Greensboro Charlotte Honolulu Los Angeles San Bernardino City R Garden Anaheim a Little Rock Memphis Birmingham Columbia San Diego Phoenix Norcros s Dunwoody Ft. Worth Dallas Atlanta Data Voice Austin New Orleans Jacksonville Orlando Houston San Antonio R W. Palm Beach Tampa Internet Ft. Lauderdale R Ojus San Juan PR MiamiMulti-protocol Label Switching “Private Network Transport Service” providing group service andQuality of Service
  41. 41. CSS IPx with Voice Mail Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III Voice Mail with Unified Messaging LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLS MPLSA single voice mail system can be located in one location but used by all parties in all locationsincluding remote Internet locations. The internal or external server voice mail system provides forUnified Message seats ,1000+ voice mail boxes are available.
  42. 42. CSS IPx with Remote Office Connection Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III LAN LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLS Sentinel UnitThe Sentinel Plus provides for remote office connection to themain office locations via standard Internet, no VPN required. InternetAll voice calls between location #1 and location #2 and remoteoffice locations will be a “local” extension call, voice calls can be Remote Office IP Phonestransferred between all locations
  43. 43. CSS IPx with Intelligent Call Routing Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLS Sentinel UnitRemote office with Teleport unit for Internetlocal POTS connection. All outboundcalls will be automatically routed out PSTN Service witha local CSS IPx or Teleport unit Local Call Routingclosest to the called party. Remote Office IP Phones Teleport Unit
  44. 44. CSS IPx with SIP Trunks Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI SIP System III System III LAN MPLS LAN Automation Automation Software SoftwareInbound and Outbound voice calls using a Internet Sentinel UnitCSS SIP trunk provider. National DIDdrops for local presence in thousands oflocations throughout N.A. DID DID DID DIDAlarm signal traffic is managed via PRIcircuits.
  45. 45. CSS IPx with SIP Trunks PSTN Public Switched LAN Telephone Network POP Internet POP Point of PresenceInternet Exchange Point
  46. 46. CSS SIP Trunks• Approx 264,000 POPS in North America• Local DID can be provided for inbound• Dynamic Bandwidth as needed• G711 – G729 codec• Public or Private IP address• SIP used to set up call• RTP is the call• Less than 1 cent per minute rate• Dial Tone provided
  47. 47. SIP Network Vancouver Calgary Montreal TorontoMPLS High Capacity CoreMulti-layeredDiverse Routing via 12 connectionMeshed Arteries12 Billion Call Capacity100% PSTN Terminations
  48. 48. CSS IP phones and Network switches SIP PRI System III System III LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software MPLSNetVanta 24 port or 48 port PoE (Power over Ethernet) Managed Network switches with PortMirroring for SecurVoice Call Recording and Power over Ethernet for phone set power.
  49. 49. CSS Telephony Solution• Complete Solution for System III – D6600• Complete Solution for Two-Way Voice• Complete Solution for Auto-Dialing• Complete Solution for Multiple Locations• Complete Solution for Remote Workers• Complete Solution for Unified Messaging• Complete Solution for Third Party Stations
  50. 50. SecurVoice from CSSCall Recordingand Screen Capture Solutionsfor the Security Industry
  51. 51. What is SecurVoice• Call recording platform for Analog, Digital & IP• Video – Screen recording platform*• Remote and Local recording solution• Browser based application• Automation Software Interface with to Bold, SIS, Micro Key, IBS, SGS, MAS & Monitor Soft• Agent Evaluation, Report Builder, Dispositions option*
  52. 52. Features• 100% .Net Technology• Run management reports with report builder• Scaleable from 4 to 4 thousand channels• MySQL Server support• Network based storage with auto backup• Save and Email recordings• Bookmark recordings• Evaluation and scoring• Multi level Permission based access
  53. 53. Features• Record on Demand• Free agent seating (Bob to Mary to John)• User Groups and Profiles (Operators, Sales, Techs)• Self Monitoring with email notification*• Full Call details• Alarm Escalation* diagnostic tools• WAV file encryption. DES, RC2, Triple DES, Rijndeal• Programmable operator screen capture
  54. 54. Digital, Analog & IP recording in 1 location Analog Phones CSS IPx Hybrid PBX or other PBX SecurVoice Recording & 66 Block Storage ServerDigital Phones Managed PoE Switch LAN LAN IP Phones
  55. 55. SecurVoice Digital & IP recording in 3 locations CSS IPx Hybrid PBX or other PBX SecurVoice Storage Server 66 Block Digital Phones SecurVoice Recording Server Managed Switch IP Phones LAN MPLS SecurVoice Recording Server LAN 66 Block LAN IP Phones Digital PhonesSecurVoice Recording Server
  56. 56. SecurVoice Call Recording on IP Local # 1 Local # 2 PRI System III System III LAN LAN Automation Automation Software Software Managed Switch Port Mirroring Managed Switch Port Mirroring SecurVoice MPLS SecurVoice Recording Server Recording Server SecurVoice Data Storage ServerSecurVoice recordings can be accessed from any PC viabrowser interface. Users can be restricted on multiple levelsor access recording from your Central Station automationsoftware.
  57. 57. 100% Web based user interface
  58. 58. Agent Evaluation with unlimited customizable forms & questions
  59. 59. Custom Reports & Analytics
  60. 60. Custom Reports & Analytics
  61. 61. Quick Select Recording Bar
  62. 62. Alarms
  63. 63. Help
  64. 64. Play a recording from SecurVoice, evaluate & comment
  65. 65. Play a recording from SecurVoice, evaluate & comment
  66. 66. Automation Software Integration
  67. 67. Screen Capture.
  68. 68. Save Time, Resources and Money Automating you day to day process will save time and money and increase profitability. TAPI interface to your Automation software SecurVoice interface to your Automation softwareIPx Telephony, SecurVoice, nCall TAS information and SIP trunks, MPLSprovided by Communication Service Solutions (CSS) for all your telephony, SecurVoice call recording, nCall TASsoftware and SIP trunk needs.ContactDavid Crawforddcrawford@comservicesolutions.comDirect 580 548 1605Tel. 1 866 727 4300