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Tecore networks icoresmsc


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Tecore networks icoresmsc

  1. 1. iCore SMSC / MMSCTecore’s system delivers fully integrated Short Messaging and Multimedia Messaging services in conjunction with prepaid andvoicemail services. SMSC MMSC The Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) can be purchased as a standalone system or can be fully A powerful Multimedia Messaging Service integrated with other Core products. It provides simultaneous SMS operations for GSM, CDMA or Center (MMSC) that will handle MMS UMTS wireless networks. It delivers full SMS services including: operations for GSM, CDMA and 3G networks. This evolution of the SMSC delivers full Standard Services • Failed MOs services that include: • Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile • Failed MTs Terminated (MT) short messages • Delivery Reports Generated • Phone-to-Phone MMS (images, voice, • All supported GSM text formats: 7 bit • Re-attempts completed and video) alphabet (default), 8 bit, and 16 bit • SMPP Connection status • Application-to-Phone and Phone-to- encoding • SS7 Connection status Application MMS • All supported CDMA encoding (ASCII) • Fully configurable via a GUI client • Supports both GSM, CDMA, and 3G • Message storage if recipient is unavailable Extended features networks • Message delivery report • Supports useful subscriber applications • Message forwarding and redelivery if • SMPP interface for a single or multi ESME destinations for media conversion and sharing recipient becomes available • User friendly Web Interface for OA&M • Standard SS7 MAP 1, 2, 3 for GSM MAP • Gateway functionality (SMPP & SS7) to manage connections to one or more SMSCs • MMS Gateway to interface with other and ANSI-41 Rev A, B, C, D for CDMA MMSCs over GPRS and 1x/EV-DO • ITU and ANSI low level MTP and SCCP for roaming networks. This will make it easy to switch between different roaming • IETF and 3GPP standards are applied support • Support for interfaces for Cellular Carrier • SIGTRAN Support networks with message delivery problems. • Provides balance notification to prepaid Interconnections (MM4) • Adapted to handle latency when satellites • Support for interfaces for Value Added are used for network communications subscriber • Custom Message Delivery to any subscriber Service providers (MM7) • No additional equipment, devices, or • Support for Messaging Service Control external applications needed • SMSC Multiplexer/SMPP Server for message routing to networks without (MM10) • National and international messaging • Support for Digital Rights Management capabilities direct connection (DRM) • Message Waiting Notification support • Log reports and Operational Measurements: • Successful MOs • Successful MTs To learn more, call +1.410.872.6500 or visit ©Tecore, Inc. 112008