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Tecore networks universalmobilenetworkcoregsmcdma3g

  1. 1. GSM / CDMA / 3GUniversal Mobile Network Core iCore®iCore is the world’s first complete, multi-technology mobile network available in three Featuresdistinct implementations targeted at commercial, private, government, military and OEMmarket segments. • Support for GSM, CDMA, GPRS/EDGE,This platform delivers one or multiple core network subsystems for GSM, CDMA, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, EV-DO, Wi-Fi and WiMAX fromUMTS, EV-DO, Wi-Fi and WiMAX, enabling support for the most widely deployed mobile common object codetechnologies in a broad range of applications and deployment scenarios. The common • All core network functionality:set of object code implements support for all protocols from a single converged platform. – MSC/VLRUtilizing a carrier-grade, high-availability Linux platform, the next generation iCore – IMSprovides a solution for million-subscriber markets as well as distributed scalability across – HLR/HSSany-sized market. With integrated media gateway capabilities and a choice of standalone – Gatewayor distributed architectures, the system offers an efficient path to convergent wireless – AuC/ACtechnologies and a competitive technology road map for tomorrow’s markets. – SMSC/MMSC – Packet DataiCore leverages Tecore’s track record of deploying GSM, CDMA, 3G and multi-protocol – IN/SIP Application Servernetworks around the globe, as well as its patented software-defined architecture guided by – Prepaid3GPP/3GPP2 and IMS standards, to deliver a comprehensive, converged mobile platform. – RNC • Supports up to 1 million BHCA and 1,000 SS7 transactions per second • Full suite of call control and routing RNC capabilities HLR / HSS SMSC/MMSC Gateway IN-SIP • Complete signaling capabilities for integration with PLMN, PSTN, IP and satellite networks AuC/AC IMS Packet Data Prepaid MSC / VLR • A wide range of vocoders on software-based DSPs including AMR and EVRC icore • Security features including the major standards-based algorithms • 64-bit Linux-based processing, Government-Grade Carrier-Class Core-on-Blade running on an Intel off-the-shelf Chassis Chassis for OEMs blade, supporting a wide range of hardware options
  2. 2. Commercial Carriers Carrier-Class ChassisThe multi-protocol, multi-interface nature of iCore allows operators to maximize service qualityand revenue from existing operations while simultaneously rolling out a next-generation network.Mobile operators can also build overlay (GSM-over-CDMA, CDMA-over-GSM or 3G-over-2G)networks with integrated switching, simplifying the network and reducing costs. Compact PCI ATCA µTCAGovernment/Military SystemsiCore is ideal for tactical and first responder systems where access to multiple radio access Government-Class Rapid Chassistechnologies, streamlined operation and mission-critical security features are essential. Acomplete, multi-technology voice and data-capable mobile network contained in a singleruggedized case can be operational in one hour. With scalability based on standalone or integratedoperations, this system is ideal for environments ranging from embassies to the battlefield.Enterprise Mobility Management Enterprise-Class CPU BladeEnterprise IT managers need a comprehensive platform to address the wide range of mobile devicesaccessing their network. They have few options that will support all major access technologies ina cost-effective and streamlined manner. In the iCore they can find an unmatched combination ofprotocols, feature set and enterprise-class form factor. Software Specifications CORE NETWORK CAPABILITIES VOCODERS SUBSCRIBER FEATURES • UMSC • G.711 PCM (mu/A-Law) at 64 Kbps • Call Forwarding Feature Pack • MSC/VLR • G.729B CS-ACELP at 8 kbps • Calling Line Feature Pack • CSCF • GSM 6.10 Full Rate at 13.2 kbps • Multi-Party Feature Pack • HLR / HSS • EVRC at 4.0 kbps and 8.55 kbps • Call Barring Feature Pack • AuC/AC • AMR at 4.75-12.2 kpbs • Operator Determined Barring • SMSC/MMSC • All vocoders are supported with: Feature Pack • SMPP Gateway Interface bundling, VAD, transcoder free • SGSN/GGSN operation (TrFO) and tandem free SECURITY ALGORITHMS • IN/SIP Application Server operation (TFO) • GSM Algorithm Security Pack • IP-Centric GSM IWF • CDMA Authentication Algorithm • USSD Server SYSTEM FEATURES Security Pack • Gateway/Tandem Trunking • Wireless Multi-Technology/Multi Generation Support OPERATING SYSTEM • STP/SP Node • 64-bit Linux-based processing • Integrated RNC • Media Gateway Function • SIGTRAN/SS7 Signaling Gateway PERFORMANCE MULTI-NATIONAL REGULATORY FEATURE SET • SIP Gateway Trunking (Including local • 1,000,000 BHCA • Intercept / Monitoring VoIP Codecs) • 1,000 SS7 transactions/second • Emergency Location Services • Wireless VoIP Codec Support • Number Portability • Peer to Peer IP Switching • Localized Call Routing PREPAID SERVICES • Multi MCC/MNC • Integrated and IN Based Services • Multi-IMSI • Award Winning OTA Prepaid Service • Network ID Time Zone • Credit Card Recharge, Multi-Top Up, • Automatic Subscriber Provisioning Balance Transfer • MLPP • USSD Callback Server To learn more about our technology, products and services, call us on +1.410.872.6500 or visit www.tecore.com. ©Tecore, Inc. 122009