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Forensic Powerpoint Game


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Simple game using mouse clicks to simulate a forensic investigation of a crimescene.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Forensic Powerpoint Game

  1. 1. FORENSIC GAME Mouse over investigation game
  2. 2. Enter the house and record as many clues as you can to determine what happen. You will need to write a report at the end of your investigation.
  3. 3. Whoever was in here was wearing boots and had very large feet!
  4. 4. A yellow cotton thread caught on the broken glass. Now that is interesting
  5. 5. Looks like that’s where they broke in. That garden soil will leave a trail!
  6. 6. You have found 3 strands of long black hair.
  7. 7. Better get this blood sample back to the lab for testing
  8. 8. • Hmm. A blood covered knife hidden behind a pot plant, that doesn’t seem suspicious! • Just add a bit of white powder and sure enough some fingerprints are revealed on the handle!
  9. 9. $3.25! A good forensic scientist always checks under the cushions… You never know what you will find!
  10. 10. Signal lost
  11. 11. This is a receipt for a brand new car. Apparently it was bought just last week.
  12. 12. That won’t help the investigation
  13. 13. Those tyres left a distinctive pattern!
  14. 14. Welcome to Eastpac Bank Account Balance Date 23/2 d 24/2 Exit program Amount $500,000.00 $0.00
  15. 15. Browsing History Internet Banking Gmail messages d Exit program
  16. 16. Sarah’s Gmail Account Messages Samantha d George Facebook Exit program
  17. 17. Message from Samantha Hi Sarah, Meet you on Sunday about you-know-what. d Don’t forget, Sam Exit program
  18. 18. Message from George Hello Sarah, d Just a gentle reminder about that money you owe me. George Exit program
  19. 19. Message from Facebook Status update You have 100,000 friends! d Another friend request from George! Exit program
  20. 20. Sarah’s Gmail Account Messages Samantha d George Facebook Exit program