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The American Two Party System


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The American Two Party System

  1. 1. TWO PARTY SYSTEM Mr. Geib and Mr. Fitz-Patrick 12th Grade Gov. and Econ. October 29, 2014
  2. 2. TWO PARTY SYSTEM • Always been this way… • The need to have party discipline, or else – 1850s – Theodore Roosevelt – Harry Truman exception! – Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon – Ross Perot and George Bush – Ralph Nader and Al Gore
  3. 3. HISTORIAN RICHARD HOFSTADTER QUOTE Third parties are like bees: once they have stung, they die. “American Independent Party” and “Dixiecrats”
  4. 4. NADER AS THE SPOILER Ralph Nader loses the election for Al Gore in Florida!
  6. 6. “... the nasty fact is that our winner-take-all election system, adopted from 18th century England, has the potential to leave up to 49.9% of the voters in any district feeling unrepresented -- whatever their race or ethnicity.” --USA Today editorial, 6/30/95
  7. 7. "Because of our peculiar electoral law, the American government is divided between two parties. The American people are not.“ -- Michael Lind, Atlantic Monthly, August, 1992
  8. 8. "The system of proportional representation ensures that virtually every constituency in the country will have a hearing in the national and provincial legislatures.” -- Bishop Desmond Tutu, The Rainbow People of God, 1994
  9. 9. "The case for [P.R.] is fundamentally the same as that for representative democracy. Only if an assembly represents the full diversity of opinion within a nation can its decisions be regarded as the decisions of the nation itself.“ --Encyclopaedia Britannica
  10. 10. GOP AS “BIG TENT” PARTY Liberal Republicans and Libertarians versus Social Conservatives and “Tea Party” Conservatives
  12. 12. “MULTI PARTY” GREAT BRITAIN “Proportional Representation”
  13. 13. “MULTI PARTY” ISRAEL “Proportional Representation”