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About me

  1. 1. About me By: Maria
  2. 2. Childhood My name is Maria. I am 11 years old. My birthday is on March 19, 1999 I was born in Brownsville, Texas.
  3. 3. My best friends My best friends are Audrie, Andres, Karen, Danny, Ashley, Monica, Sandra, Ricky, David, Daniella, Jennifer, Marifer, Alejandra, Valeria, and Janelle. They all make my day so much better. They also always make me laugh a lot! They’re always cheering me up when I'm sad or mad. We also always hang out or talk a lot.
  4. 4. My hobbies I play the piano. I also love playing soccer with my friends. I exercise a lot when I go to gymnastics. Texting and talking on the phone. Drawing everything I can think of when I’m bored
  5. 5. My family My mom is awesome she is always giving me good advice and always making me laugh. My dad is great! He takes me everywhere and is always joking around. My brother is cool because I can tell him everything (like my secrets) and he wont tell anyone. My sister has a huge imagination! She’s really cool since I can always do her makeup and hair. My baby sister doesn’t do much but she’s always hungry, smiling, and laughing.
  6. 6. My favorite places I have visited San Antonio because there is a lot of stores to shop at. Canada because its really cold. California because the malls there are huge, Disney Land is awesome, and the Hollywood sing is there. Florida because I love the stores there and Disney World is really fun! Austin because there is also a lot of stores there and its beautiful.
  7. 7. My favorite movies The Notebook The Clique Clueless Easy- A Snow White
  8. 8. My favorite places to eat Chick-Fil-A with Karen and Audrie because its just really good there. Whataburger because if I go I always go with one of my friends like Lizzie. Pizza Hut because we always go after the movies with acacia and the guys. Texas Road House because I love the steaks there and I always go with Daniella and Pricilla Chilis with Acacia and Dana because we always share a plate and the food is also really good like the ribs.
  9. 9. My favorite songs Fidelity because its really sweet. Samson because its really nice. Jump Then Fall since its Karen’s and my song. Melt With You because its Audrie’s and my song. Only Girl because I love Rihanna.
  10. 10. Favorite Sports Soccer Volleyball Gymnastics Basketball Baseball and I like watching Football
  11. 11. Things I do for fun Play outside with my neighbors. Go to the movies with my best friends. Go to the park with Audrie. Just walk around my neighborhood with my friends. Visit my cousins that don’t live close by.
  12. 12. My favorite colors Purple Blue Green Pink Red Black
  13. 13. Things I like about school The things I like about school is the 5 minute breaks. I also love Fridays I also like Thursdays After 7th period5 minute break because that’s when all my best friends and I hang out in the middle of the hall. Being with Audrie, Andres, Danny, Karen, and Jenni because were always laughing and playing around. During LUNCH!! We always laugh a lot! Its super fun!!!
  14. 14. Things I don’t like about school 6thperiod because I have Mrs. Bumatay A lot of work Not being able to talk during classes Mean teachers Mondays since I’m always super tired.
  15. 15. Favorite cartoon characters Tinker Bell Minnie Mouse Snow White Mickey Mouse Sponge Bob Patrick
  16. 16. M favorite singers Katy Perry Shakira Rihanna Regina Spektor Drake
  17. 17. The End!