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  1. 1. Adam! Adam is my older cousin. When we were little he was my best friend. Now he acts like my brother. He looks out for me and wrestles me all the time. My family is the kind that loves to take home videos. In all the videos he's always there making sure I’m safe and to give me a hug if I ever needed one. Now that were older he doesn’t show he cares as much, but I know he's always there and I know he will always he my friend.
  2. 2. Best Friends! I have a couple really good friends but my two best friends are Maddy Fowler and Olivia Cuddahy. Maddy is my cousin, well sort of. She’s my 5 th cousin so I’ve known her all my life. We have never been that close when we were kids, but now its like we can’t be separated! Olivia Cuddahy is my other best friend! When we get together we are absolutely crazy! She always makes me laugh now matter what. Luckily she's in most of my classes so I get to see her a lot in school! I’m so lucky I have such great friends, I know I can always count on them to be there for me!
  3. 3. Christmas! I love Christmas! To me it the best time of the year. I love getting together with my family and exchanging gifts! We all sit around the tree and open our gifts and take lots of pictures! Besides getting all the gifts, I love Christmas for the big meals! Everyone in my family brings something over. Whether it’s a main course, appetizer, or dessert! Everything's homemade and delicious!
  4. 4. Dad! My dad is amazing! He’s always there for me. When me and my sister where little he use to always video tape us! Now thanks to him I have about 50 videos of me at my house! He will do anything for me. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do he’s encourage me to! But thanks to my dad always video taping me, I became a major camera hog! When I was little I always wanted to be the star of the video! If he was video taping my sister and not me, oh I would get so mad! But luckily I’ve gotten over it!
  5. 5. Easter! When I was little I use to love finding Easter eggs and getting Easter baskets filled with gifts! The “Easter Bunny” would make a trail from my room made out of candy leading to my Easter basket! One thing I remember from Easter was when my grandparents hid a golden egg somewhere around my yard and let all the kids try to find it! I didn’t find the egg and I didn’t really care until my cousin opened it and found $20! I really wanted the money so I started to cry! When my Grammy saw me crying she gave me $20 too! That probably wasn’t a good idea to give me what I wanted when I cried because that made me think that I could get anything that I wanted!
  6. 6. Family! If you ask around people will probably say my family is really big! I have a really big family including great aunts, and distant cousins. But my immediate family is actually really small! I like having a small family because we all know what's going on in each others lives. I don’t know everything about my 4 th cousins lives, but I do know a lot about my 1 st cousins lives!
  7. 7. Grammy! I can always count on my Grammy to be there for me! She will do anything for me! If I’m at home and I need a ride somewhere, she will always come and get me and bring me to the place I need to go! She is a great cook and every time I go over her house we make a dessert together! I love learning how to cook with her! Sometimes our desserts don’t turn out perfect! But we always have fun!
  8. 8. Hockey! I love hockey! I grew up surrounded by it! My dad has been playing hockey since I was born. My cousin Adam has been playing since he was five and my sister and I have played dek hockey. My whole family gets together to watch hockey games, and we all love going to Adams games and watching him on the Leominster High School Varsity team! my favorite NHL teams are the Canadians, Bruins, and the Penguins!
  9. 9. Ice Cream! Since I can remember I’ve love ice cream! I always remember eating ice cream while sitting on my dad or my popops lap. I don’t know why but it’s always been a tradition! Now that I’m older I don’t sit on their laps, but I do sit with them and shove ice cream in their faces!
  10. 10. January! I love January! It’s my favorite month of the year! Its winter and I love to snowboard! Its also my birthday month! A lot of people don’t really like the winter but I love it! I like having it cold out! I like having snow and having something that I can always do like snowboard! Winter has always been my favorite season, even when I was a little kid! I always wanted to go outside and make a snowman or have a snowball fight with my neighbors!
  11. 11. Karate! I’ve been doing karate since I was ten. I love doing karate! Everyone who does it has become so close, were like a family now! We do a lot together! When I first started there were a lot of my cousins doing it there. I got really close to my cousin Maddy while I’ve been there. I can joke around with everyone there and treat them like family! I know they’ll always be there! I also do a demo team. It’s a karate that we do that we travel and work it into a routine. We put on performances for crowds and we go to the relay for life every year to perform and walk around the track. The relay has become really important to us because we lost our head teacher to cancer. Its been really hard to do karate without him, but now we have a really good reason to walk around the track at the relay for life!
  12. 12. Leominster! Leominster is my hometown! I’ve lived here my whole life. I was born at Leominster hospital and I love living here! Its kind of a small town so most of the people know each other. There’s only one public high school here so when you get to the high school you know everyone. At the LHS games you meet a lot of people! Everyone goes to the varsity football games on Friday nights! Its almost like a tradition!
  13. 13. Mom! My mom is crazy! She’s always doing stuff for me and my sister! She always puts us first no matter what. She’ll always be there for us if we need her! I’m lucky I’m really close to my mom, because some people don’t get to have a really good relationship with their moms. Sometimes she's over protective and wont let me go places, but I know she has her reasons!
  14. 14. Pets! I have one psycho dog named Maggie! She is a mixture of a Pekinese and a Poodle, so she is a peekapoo!