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Abc powerpoint


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Abc powerpoint

  1. 1. Every year all of mycousins on my dads side of thefamily go apple picking.Usually in the month ofSeptember all my cousins,aunts, and uncles meet up atSholan Farms. We all pick hugebags of apples and sometimeseven a pumpkin. I love hangingout with my cousins because Idon’t see them much! I loveapple picking every yearbecause I know I get to hangout with my cousins!
  2. 2. Every year on mybirthday my mom drives meand a few of my friends up toHampton Beach for the day.The beach is one of myfavorite places so that’s why Ialways choses to go there. Myfriends and I always have agreat time playing and tanningon the beach. Later we like towalk on the boardwalk. Wealways try to find a nicerestaurant for dinner. Thisconcludes my birthday but Ialways have a party too.
  3. 3. Cheerleading I have been cheering since Ihave been five years old. I do all starcheering which is all year round andnot just in the fall like pop-warnercheering. We don’t use pom poms, yellcheers, or support the football teams.We compete all around the world andwin trophies. For the last three years Ihave cheered at a gym called ProAthletics. I have also cheered at a fewothers but Pro is my favorite. My teamis very close like a family and we all getalong so well. I love cheering and I amtrying out in high school too!
  4. 4. My dog Max is my baby Ilove more than anything. We got himfor a Christmas present when I wasnine. He was a very playful andenergetic puppy. He ate everythinginclude parts of the wall. He is verygood dog now though. He always hasto lay on me when I sit down andsleeps with me every night. He isalways excited to see me when Icome home and he always cheers meup. Max was the best Christmaspresent I ever got!
  5. 5. Every year on Eastermy whole family goes to myAuntie Jean’s house. We alltry to look our best but wedon’t get too dressed up.The adults hide eggs allaround the house. Some ofthe eggs have money and somehave candy. Sometimes weeven get to decorate them.All of the kids older andyounger find eggs. Later weall eat a great home cookedmeal.
  6. 6. A friend is a personthat’s always there for you,wont talk behind your back,and someone you can tellanything too. My friendsShannon, Julia, Jill, Danielle,and Mackenzie are perfectexamples. We hangout all thetime and have so much fun!Most of my great memorieshave them in it. I love them somuch and don’t know what Iwould do with out them.
  7. 7. Grandma I love my grandma somuch! She is the world to me! WhenI was little she had a stroke andalmost died. She is fine now and allmy friends and family love her. Shelives on a lake so when I was little Iused to go over and watch the geese.Now she makes beautiful jewelryand sometimes I go over and helpher with it. If there is a specialoccasion that involves baking she willinvite me over to bake at her house. Ilove my grandma so much and lovespending time with her.
  8. 8. I have lived at my house for myentire life. It is white and tan/yellow. Most ofmy house was built by my dad. It has fivebedrooms and four bathrooms. My yard haslots of fun things to use especially in thesummer. We have a volleyball court, a pool,a patio with a bar, a trampoline, a swing set,and still have a good amount of yard spaceto use. Sadly my parents got divorced andwe cant afford it. Now my house is on themarket and I have to move.
  9. 9. I love ice cream. It is one of my favorite desserts. So, I’m lucky that myfamily takes my friends and I out for ice cream. Over the summer when itsreally hot my mom will take all of us to Cherry Hill Farm. They make amazingice cream and it really cools you down in the hot summer. My favorite is moosetracks, but I like to switch it up every time I go.
  10. 10. Jack-O-Lantern Every year around Halloweenmy family buys pumpkins. Somepumpkins we would leave plain but mysister and I love to carve them. My momgoes out and buys a carving kit but Iusually just use a knife. It takes aboutand hour or more to carve because Iusually buy a big pumpkin. This year Imade my pumpkin a cat! Sadly afterHalloween you have to throw them outbecause they will rot.
  11. 11. Over the summer, mymom, my sister, my friend Jill,and I went on a short vacationto North Conway. We did lots offun things there but one wasgoing to the Kangamangusriver. We all swam andsplashed in the water. We allgot pulled by a current andstarted to scream. All four of usheld on to rock thinking wewere going to die. Everyonewas looking at us and we werereally embarrassed, but we alllaughed about it later. It was areally fun time.
  12. 12. I have lived inLeominster my whole life. All mycousins and other family doesn’tlive around here. Every Friday theLeominster football team has agame. All my friends and I alwaysgo and support them. We alwayswear blue and sometimes drawlines on our faces. Usually afterthe game all my friends wouldcome back to my house andsleepover.
  13. 13. My mom is my rolemodel. I can tell her anythingand trust her with everything!She does everything for me andI should probably do more forher. Sometimes we fight but wealways make up. I honestlydon’t know what I would dowith out her. She is my bestfriend and no one can replaceher! She means the world tome and I never want to loseher. I couldn’t ask for a bettermom!
  14. 14. Some of my family lives inNew Hampshire including my AuntieAnne, Uncle Rob, and my threecousins Sam, Julia, and Steven. Wealways go up to their house everyChristmas. We went up and stayed at ahuge house in the mountains in NewHampshire with all the cousins over thesummer for vacation. I also went up toNorth Conway with my mom, sister andJill for a vacation over the summer. Myfamily goes up to New Hampshire oftenbecause I have family there and we liketo go up there for short vacations. My family on the deck of the mountain house!
  15. 15. October Ever year on October 30 isHalloween. We always go trick-or-treating even though my friends and I aregetting kind of old. I love Halloweenbecause I love candy! Last year myfriends and I ran to the houses so wecould get double the candy and it was agood way to keep warm. We are a littleold to dress up in over the top costumesbut we still think we should and not justwalk around in our coats. Last year werefootball players and drew black linesunder our eyes.
  16. 16. Pool Party Most of the time for mybirthday since its in the summer I havea pool party. I invite all my friends andwe all hang out and swim. Last year Iinvited a lot of people and got over twohundred dollars! I also have a partywith my family so I get even morepresents. I love having my birthday inthe summer because you can swim andits warm and all my friends wish theirswere in the summer too. I wonder whatmy party will be like next year?
  17. 17. I have been cheering my wholelife. This year cheering got reallyexpensive. We were going to be going on alot more competitions too. My parents hadrecently got divorced too. So this year Ihad to quit all star cheering. I lovedcheering as a sport but I really loved thepeople there too. We were a family. I wasreally sad but I started dance which isreally fun. I am doing cheering in highschool and I already have a spot on varsity.The quit was very hard for me but dance isfun and I know I’m cheering next year!
  18. 18. Red, Black, and White I cheered at a gym called ProAthletics for over 3 years and theircolors are red, black, and white. I reallyliked cheering there because we wereso close like a family. I was on thehighest team in the gym and it wasvery difficult. I was also the youngeston the team but I got along very wellwith all the older kids. Sadly it got tooexpensive and I had to quit. My coachhas called me and asked to come backa couple times. I wish I could and misscheering everyday.
  19. 19. Sister My little sister Faith isreally important to me. She isalmost nine and always full ofenergy. She always takes my stuffand uses my make up. It gets memad but she never really learns.We fight a lot over stupid stuff butI love her anyway. We bothcheered but I taught hereverything she knows. Before shestarted cheering I had alreadytaught her a back handspring. Itwas a way of spending timetogether with out fighting. Itsalways nice being someone’s rolemodel.
  20. 20. Train to Boston Every year around Christmasmy family takes a train and we spend theday in Boston. My mom, my sister, mybrother, and I always go to look at thehuge Christmas tree all lit up anddecorated downtown. We walk around inour heavy winter coats looking at theshops and hoping to buy something. Weusually go to nice restaurant for dinner.At the end of the day we have to getback on the train and head home but itsalways a fun time I spend with my familyevery year!
  21. 21. Universal Studios When I was little we wentto a cheering competition inOrlando, Florida. We actuallycompeted in Universal Studios. Itwas really hot and with a longsleeve uniform on it was reallyuncomfortable. Before and aftercompeting we could go on ridesand explore the park. I had ablast because it was my first timethere. My whole family went andwe had never even been toFlorida. It was such a greatvacation and I hope to go thereagain one day.
  22. 22. When I was in second grade Iwent to a cheering competition inVirginia Beach. We probably went thereabout five times but the first time wasthe best. I went there with just my mom. Ihung out with my best friend at the timeJuliann. It was a blast! Our hotel pool wasclosed so we went around to other hotelsand used theirs. One pool was on the roofof a hotel and one looked like the grandcanyon because it was decorated withrock everywhere and a granite slide! Itwas my favorite time going there but theothers were fun too!
  23. 23. A couple years ago my family spent a week at mysister’s friend’s huge beach house. I brought my friendsShannon and Juliann and my brother brought a friend too. Wedid so many fun things including going on a whale watch. Mymom took all of us except my brother and his friend on theboat. It was a little pricy but we all had never been on one sowe did it anyway. It was about an hour and a half out to wherethe whales were. It was along wait but they had a little caféinside the boat. It was so cool to watch the whales jump outof the water. I had never seen anything like it in personbefore. On the way back all the seagulls were following theboat. One of the workers had Shannon and I throw fish at theseagulls. It was fun and a little gross but it took up time so thetrip back didn’t seem as long. It was a great experience and Ihope I can go on other whale watch one day.
  24. 24. I have had many x-rays butthe one I remember most is when Isprained my ankle. I fell out of a stunta cheering and landed on it weird. Myankle was so swollen they took me tothe ER right away. They took an x-rayand said it was just a sprain. They alsosaid a break is better then a sprainbecause they heal in 6 weeks. A spraindoesn’t always heal the right way andthat’s why it still hurts me today. I wasdevastated when this happenedbecause I had big competition nextweek.
  25. 25. Many years we have wentand stayed up in York Maine becausemy aunt owns houses up there. Westayed in the cabins which were alllined up in a row. We would go toYork Zoo which had an amusementpark attached. We would also go tothe beach and out for ice cream. Wewould stay up there for a week andhang out with all my cousins. It wassuch a fun place to go to becausethere were so much stuff to do. Weused to go every year but we don’tgo anymore. I hope to go up thereagain soon.
  26. 26. Zoo My family loves going tothe zoo. Over the summer my dadusually takes us when we don’thave anything to do. I enjoylooking at all the animals and Itake pictures of almost all thethem! We like to go to a differentzoo every time so we can see alldifferent animals. I love animalsso I really enjoy going to the zoowith my family!