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All about me


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Published in: Education
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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By : Brianna Richardson
  2. 2. About me I was born in Miami, Florida on May 24, 1999 I am 13 years old I have 1 brother & 3 sisters I live with my mom Bea & my step dad Mike I love to hear music & to be with my friends
  3. 3. My favorite songs All I do is win My little girl Go Shorty Just the way you are Is there something I can do Moment for life I get lonely too Over Me vale Daddy’s little girl Take over control techno T-pain I’m sprung Take u there Nina Bonita Tu Amor
  4. 4. Favorite colors Blue Pink Black Gray Yellow Hot pink Gold Silver White
  5. 5. My best friends Shorty Cassie Andy Monika Danny. M David. D David. S Edgar Esgar . F Brenda Benito Jose Jose. R Leo Brenda Ashley Mitzi Brenda Alex Alexis Irene Adrianna Salina Suzy Jose. D Angel Jasmine Crystal Ricky
  6. 6. Favorite sports Soccer Basketball Football Softball Boxing
  7. 7. Favorite movies See no evil Eye of the hill Saw 2
  8. 8. pets I have My puppy My bit bull
  9. 9. Things I do for fun I love to go to the mall & be with my best friends. I go to the park behind my house & chill with my amigos & hear music. I like to be with my big brother Mark. Like wasting time in science.
  10. 10. My favorite singers South park Mexicans Auburn Drake Lil Wayne Zero Chapa c Pit bull t-pain
  11. 11. My hobbies Always on the phone Messing with Ricky shoping
  12. 12. Things I don’t like about school my math teacher Having to do a lot of work every day Having to go on the bus e
  13. 13. My school subjects reading Math Social studies P.E Art Science English Technology
  14. 14. Thing I like to do when not at my school Go to the park Be on the phone Go to the mall Do whatever I want
  15. 15. Things I like about school Be with the friends Walk around the school during Play at lunch with my friends
  16. 16. the end!!!