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Priscilla oti

  1. 1. AndrewI have 5 brothers and 1 sister. Andrew is the3rd oldest of my brothers. He is 7 years oldand he goes to Northwest Elementaryschool. He is probably the most annoyingtoo. Andrew loves to watch Super HeroSquad and he loves the Hulk. For ChristmasI bought him Hulk smash hands with myown money and he loved them. Now heannoys me a lot less than before because ofit. Andrew is usually helpful when it comesto dealing with my younger brothers, he isalways agreeing with me on certain thingsinvolving their behavior and he things I amreally funny.
  2. 2. Basketball I am the only one in myhousehold family that likes basketball,which makes me wonder why I like it somuch. Every Friday me and my dad flip acoin to see who gets the remote and Iusually win . He helped me turn mybasement into a mini basketball courtsince we barley use it. On the weekends Isometimes go to one of the parks inWorcester and play with my step brother.My favorite basketball team is the BostonCeltics and my favorite player is RajonRondo. I am hoping to get tickets to one oftheir games.
  3. 3. Canobie Lake Park Every year my familyand I go to Canobie Lake Park .The first time I went was when Iwas 8 and I went twice in onesummer. Once with my mom,dad, and my brothers and whenwe got back my aunts called toask if I wanted to go with themthe following week. So I wenttwice and we decided to make ita family thing. The second time Iwent I almost fainted on theSkater ride. Last year we couldn’tgo for some reason but, this yearwe are going to try to go threetimes.
  4. 4. Dental School When I grow up I wantto be a Dentist. The dental school Iwant to go to is Tufts University OfDental Medicine (TUSDM) inBoston. Being in the medicalbusiness runs in the family. Mycousin and were thinking of goingto the same school and workingtogether. She wants to be anorthodontist . “Tufts offers one ofthe most forward-lookingeducational environments in dentalmedicine in the country.”My Mom is supporting me but mydad wants me to be a lawyer. Shesaid she is going to help pay fordental school.
  5. 5. Entertainment I think my life would beextremely boring withoutentertainment . I watch way to muchTV and my mom knows it too. I oncefinished one season in a day . AnywayI have a lot of favorite TV shows,Movies, and Music Artist. My favoriteshows are the Walking dead , PrettyLittle Liars, How I Met Your Motherand Doctor Who. My favorite Moviesare Pitch Perfect, Twilight : Eclipseand The Amazing Spiderman. Myfavorite Artist are Nicki Minaj, JustinBieber and Maroon 5.
  6. 6. I have a big family.My Grandma had 5 girls and noboys. My mom had 4 childrenand I have two dads . One of Familythem had 3 children and I havemore than 11 cousins. 3 girlsand 8 boys. All of a sudden myaunts are starting to havebaby’s and they are all startingto be boys. The last girls bornwas Abena she is 4 and this iswhen my aunts started havingboys. When we get togetherAbena and I usually hangingout with the boys rather thanthe girls because we are theyoungest.
  7. 7. Gabe Gabe is my youngest brother. He just turned 2 on December 22nd . Gabe isvery smart and funny for a 2 year old. He likes to talk on the phone with my parentsand cries when he knows that no one is talking to him. He likes to play with the ipadand go on YouTube to listen to ABC songs. I think Gabe likes me the most because hewaits in front of the door for me everyday when I come home from school and heplays with me instead of my other brothers.
  8. 8. K-Mart About 3 years ago an Incident happened at Kmart involving my dad andI. We were just going Christmas shopping in Milford for my mom and that’s whenit everything got out of hand. My dad purposely got pushed by some guy andthen he accidently knocked over all of the glass candle holders on the shelf andthey were broken. Then one of the workers came of and started to yell reallyloud. So my dad and the worker where arguing for about 2 minutes and after thisthe manager came out and said that he had to pay for the mess he made. My dadsaid it wasn’t his fault and pointed to the guy That pushed him. The guy startedto run away and my dad and I walked away quietly while they were chasing theother guy.
  9. 9. Lying Game The Lying game is one ofmy favorite books and showswritten by my favorite author SaraShepard. The Lying game is abouttwo twin sisters named Sutton andEmma who are looking for theirmom. Sutton is vindictive and rich.Emma is poor and kind. They wereseparated at birth but they foundeach other and didn’t tell anyone.While Sutton goes to find their momshe asks Emma to take her placeand Everything goes wrong whenSutton’s family and friends likeEmma better than her. I read half ofthe books and seen all the episodesso far.
  10. 10. Before I moved here I use Milfordto live in Milford. Milford is nearFramingham and I lived there for 3years. I went to Stacy Middle School.There the 5th grade ,6th grade, and7th grade all go to school togetherand the 8th grade have their ownschool. The mascot was a hawk. Ihad a lot of friends there and we stillkeep in touch but I still miss them alot. Milford is a small town but it hasa lot of events likes the Easter egghunt, the chorus concerts, festivals,and parades that the high schooland middle school bands play in. Thisall took place down town or in thetown park.
  11. 11. Nature’s Classroom Last year in 7th grade when I lived in Milford I went on a field trip to Nature’sClassroom. Nature’s classroom is a camp for fun and education but mostly fun.It was In Connecticut, It was five days, and it cost $300. One the first day I got their wewere separated into cabins. There was 50 girls in my cabin. I dissected a goat lung andpart of a baby shark. The team leaders had funny names like mighty mouse, chick a di-di-di, tails, and butters. There was a game called Camouflage that we would play outsideand the team leader would randomly yell out Camouflage and everyone would have tohide behind a tree or somewhere else, if you won you would get llama points. The llamawas like the mascot of the camp and we could even walk them too. While I was there Iclimbed two mountains, went down the 80 ft. slide and at night we would make up skitsand we called it Thursday Night Live(TNL). We split up in three teams. Team Funkadelic,team Mother ship, and team parliament. I was on team parliament . The chef’s therewere trained by Chuck Norris.
  12. 12. Osei Osei Is My StepBrother. He Is 13 and he camehere from Ghana about 4 yearsago. He lived here for 3 yearsand moved last year toWorcester for unmentionablereasons. Osei Still comes overand visits us on vacations andholidays. He likes rap music andsoccer. He wanted to try out forthe basketball team in Worcesterbut he didn’t make it so he stuckwith soccer. His favorite soccerplayer is Lionel Messi. Osei andI are really close, mostly becausewe are about the same age and Ionly have baby brothers to talktoo.
  13. 13. Seth Seth is my third youngestbrother and he is 4. He is going toturn 5 on March 21st . Seth lovesthe Power Rangers , all he got forChristmas were Power ranger toys.He likes to copy my brotherAndrew because he looks up tohim. He does everything Andrewdoes. Seth is still at that stagewere he puts his fingers in hismouth. My parents and I are tryingto get him to stop but he won’tlisten, so I made up a scary storyabout it and he quit . I told him hewould turn green and have a lot ofwarts on his face.
  14. 14. Theresa Theresa is my mom’scousin from Ghana. She came herein the summer to live with us. Sheis 20 and she is very quiet. Theresadidn’t say much for some unknownreason. Then she told my mom thatshe was pregnant. My mom wasthe only one that she opened uptoo. After this her dad wanted tosend her back home but weconvinced him to let her stay.Theresa had a baby boy and hisname is Elijah. They live with mygrandma and she is very happyand outgoing now.
  15. 15. Instruments I play the guitar and therecorder. The first guitar I got wasan acoustic guitar. I had it when Iwas 8 years old but all the stringsbroke. I got my second guitarwhen I was in fifth grade. It was aChristmas present and I reallydidn’t know how to play it. I knowa few notes now but I don’t playthem very well. I got my firstrecorder in third grade atNorthwest Elementary school. Istill have it and I play it betterthan I play the guitar. I only knowhow to play hot cross buns on myguitar but, I can play a lot of songslike Mary Had a Little Lamb on myrecorder.
  16. 16. Unicef Unicef is a charity. It worksfor childrens rights, their survival,development and protection.Sometimes on Halloween my brothersand I like to trick-or-treat for moneyinstead of candy. They’re not happythat they don’t get candy but theythink it’s for a good cause. Last year Iwent with Andrew and we got morethan $30 for Unicef. More peoplewere willing to give more than theydid they year before. This year I amhoping to get more than $35 forUnicef. My brothers and I like to helpout a lot and make a big difference.
  17. 17. Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries isanother one of my favoritebooks and shows by L.j Smith.The vampire diaries is about agirl named Elena and twovampires that she is in love with.It’s a love triangle betweenElena, Damon, and Stefan.Damon and Stefan Salvatore arebrothers and they both likeElena. She has a doppelgangercalled Katherine that looksexactly like her and the Salvatorebrothers already met her and fellin love with her, but she tried toget them killed so they hate hernow. I’ve seen all the episodesand read most of the books sofar.
  18. 18. Quotes I Like Movie Quotes. Myfavorite Movie Quotes are “Thereis no place like home” from TheWizard Of Oz. “Go ahead make myday” from Sudden Impact. “ Youcan’t handle the truth” from AFew Good Men. “Here’s Johnny”from The Shinning. “To Infinity andbeyond’’, from Toy Story. “Showme the money” from JerryMaguire. “May the force be withyou” and “These are not thedroids your looking for” from StarWars. I like movie quotes becauseI think they all have a messagethat could mean different things todifferent people.
  19. 19. Preston At my Stacy middle schoolmy friends and I mad up boy namesfor ourselves. My best friend namedme Preston. We called each other byour boy names and everyone wouldlook at us weirdly. A few months latermy aunt said she was going to have ababy and asked her If it was a boy ora girl. She said it was a boy and Iasked her what his name is going tobe, his name is Preston. I thought itwas a coincidence that he had thesame name as my boy name and Ididn’t even tell anyone I had one.Preston was born last year in Apriland he weighs more than my 2 yearold brother.
  20. 20. Zoo (Southwick) In 6th grade instead of going tothe zoo for a field trip the Southwick zooin Mendon came to my school.Zookeepers came in with zoo pets incages and boxes. There was a babykangaroo, a tortoise that could carryone of the students, a snake, analligator, a porcupine that crawled allaround the auditorium, a talking parrotthat called everything a cracker, and aferret. My favorite animal was theparrot because he would call anything acracker, for example the zookeeper heldup a carrot and a grape and asked himwhat the where. He said cracker bothtimes in a very high pitched voice.
  21. 21. June June is my favorite month of the year. It’s my favorite because it’s the lastmonth of school and I think the last month is the best month of school. My cousin Alex’sbirthday is in June and his mom throws huge parties every year and a lot of people arethere because I have a big family. Teen Wolf Is one of my favorite shows and a new seasonstarts every June. In the beginning of the month I like to start my summer reading earlyso I don’t have to worry about it later. I have the most fun in June.
  22. 22. Robbery When I was 8 there was almost a robbery in my house. It was in the winter justbefore Christmas and it was snowing. I woke up in the middle of the night because I wasthirsty and I thought I heard something but I was also half asleep so I ignored it and wentback to bed. The next morning I saw foot steps in the backyard and the door downstairswas a tiny bit open so I went to go tell my mom. She didn’t believe me so I kept annoyingher to look and once she did she called the police. The police came to our house but theydidn’t do anything about it. They told us the robber couldn’t get in and left the door theway it was. After that I asked my mom if this was going to be in the newspaper and shewalked away laughing.
  23. 23. Waltham I was born in Waltham. I lived there for 4 years with my mom, my grandma mycousins, and my aunts. It was a full house of girls but, it was big enough for all of us. Mybest friend was my cousin Arianna. She is 2 years older than me and we used to playtogether all the time. They all still live in Waltham but, the only people that live at thathouse is my grandma, Theresa, her baby and her sisters. When I lived there, everySaturday we would go to Chuck E. Chesses and Laser Zone. When I found out that I hadto move in with my dad I was sad that I had to leave Arianna but happy because I wouldget my own room. Every Saturday we slept over each others houses instead of going toChuck E. Chesses and Laser Zone.
  24. 24. Yo-yo I have three yo-yo’s. One is yellow, one isclear with flashing lights,and the other on is orangewith a character named NEDon it. I got my orange one in4th grade at an assembly andI got the other two at aparty. I can do a few trickslike walking-the-dog and thefly back but that’s about it. Ilearned some new tricks butI haven’t mastered themyet. 1 year ago I tried to doa really hard trick with myyo-yo but I got a black eyefrom it and I haven’t tried itsince.
  25. 25. Xbox I had an X-box for oneday. This is because my brothercan be very clumsy at times. Wegot it when I was 11 andAndrew was 5. We were playingit for the first time and thenAndrew wanted to put anothergame in. He wasn’t payingattention and he accidentlyknocked the Xbox over with hishand. It broke and I was so madat him. My Mom said she wouldnever buy another game systemagain. After that we went overto my aunts and cousins houseto play with theirs instead. Iwouldn’t let Andrew goanywhere near it, so now oncein a while we got there to playtheir Xbox.
  26. 26. Heritage My family is Ghanaianand we have clothingtraditions and food traditions.We make some of theGhanaian food when we gettogether. For example meatpies. I started making meatpies when I was 10 and theydidn’t come so well but it wasbetter the second time. Wedon’t wear the Ghanaianclothes but we still keep them.I used to wear them al the timewhen I was little because Ithought the patterns were cool.