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Goal setting example 2


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Published in: Career, Business
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Goal setting example 2

  1. 1. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMrs. MorristonGraduation Project30 October 2011 Goal Setting To accomplish anything in life, there needs to be plan and a path to get there. Thisespecially applies to my career path. No matter what I plan on achieving, I must have apremeditated way to get there. I have created a few small goals that are like checkpoints to mymain goal. They include what I need to accomplish through education to get where I’d like to be.The goals that I have set throughout my career path will help me successfully become what Iaspire to be. My main goal is to acquire a career in the mental health field, specifically some type ofpsychiatric aide or special education teacher for children. I have also set smaller goals on theway. Psychiatric aides do not require much schooling other than on- the-job training, but specialeducation teachers need college degrees in education. . I learned all this information from careercruising. That helped me satisfy my first goal, which was to research potential careers. Toeventually attain my long-term goal of reaching one of those careers, I will take AP Psychologyin high school and take the AP exam to get a head start, and to improve my college applications.To assure that I will succeed in this small goal, I will speak with my counselors and scheduleearly if possible. They can help me plan out the most convenient time for me to take it amongstmy other classes. Another step to achieving my main goal is to get accepted into an exceptionalcollege and graduate so that employers can view me with more respect and see me as a potentialemployee. To do so, I will do many college searches and apply early. After I graduate, I willbegin the search for possible employers and places of employment. I will apply at several beforeI decide which one I am really interested in. As of now, I am a sophomore in high school with plenty of time to achieve these goals.As long as I stay focused and achieve my checkpoints, I should complete my goal on time.Throughout this process, I could experience several obstacles. First of all, is my high schoolscheduling, but that can be very easily avoided by speaking with my counselors and beingproactive. Another complication would be getting into the colleges I want to attend, paying forthem, and getting through. Being admitted is a problem that I can’t truly overcome. I can only trymy hardest in applying and making money to pay for it. As long as I stay dedicated and focused,I will be able to graduate and get through college. The hardest part of my entire career path willdefinitely be getting a job. I will have to apply at many places and work hard to present myself atinterviews. Whether or not I get the job depends on the interviewer’s opinion of me. The
  2. 2. workforce is very competitive these days. Though there are many obstacles to be overcomethroughout this process, determination will help me through. The concept of the circumstances of our future and fate can be a very intimidatingthought. Many people do not have the slightest clue where they will be in the next few years. Theonly way to rid of the fear of the unknown is to plan and set goals that will help create a pictureof where the future lies. As long as the plan is properly followed, the future won’t be souncertain. I have set career goals so I have a more accurate picture of where I will be in thefuture and how to get there.