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Moodle, Mahara Mahoodle!


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Kim Edgar

Published in: Education, Technology
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Moodle, Mahara Mahoodle!

  1. 1. MOODLE, MAHARA,MAHOODLE!Kim EdgarConsultant, NetSpot
  2. 2. LMSGroups / ClassesAssessmentActivitiesResourcesTeacher controlledCoursesE-learningTrack progressFormalE-portfolioIndividual controlAssetsStorageShowcaseMy placeSharableOpen-sourceCollaborationOnlineAssessment
  3. 3. Moodle MaharaCourse Centric User CentricTeacher driven Individual drivenStructured Learning Unstructured LearningActivity & Assessment Collection & ReflectionOrganisational Ownership Individual OwnershipFinite Access Lifelong Access
  4. 4. AssignmentsAdvanced uploading of filesOnline textUpload a single fileOffline activityMahara portfolioAssignments (2.2)Advanced uploading of filesOnline textUpload a single fileOffline activityMahara portfolioAssignmentsX
  5. 5. An interim solution…Assignments (2.2)Advanced uploading of filesOnline textUpload a single fileOffline activityMahara portfolioAssignmentsOther AssignmentsMahara portfolioAssignments
  6. 6. Image from Microsoft clipart gallery onlineI wish that it could…Take a snapshot of the page, to be used for auditing.Submit a collection of pages.Push Mahara assets into Moodle.Mahara content contributes to Moodle Outcome results.Grade in Mahara and push that grade to Moodle.Use Moodle defined groups in Mahara for group assessment.What’s on your wish list?Attend Kristina’s brainstormingsession today at 11:50 am tocontribute!
  7. 7. LTI is a possibility
  8. 8. Contribute your thoughts…Mahoodle Design ChallengeAttend Shane’s session today at1:55 pm and join the challenge!
  9. 9. Resources• Integration wiki page:• Discussion page:• IMS Global LTI page:• Moodle Docs External Tool:
  10. 10. Thank you