LMS Unit 4


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LMS Unit 4

  1. 1. LMS Project Part 3 (Unit 4) Blackboard Learning System Functionality
  2. 2. Blackboard Learn Blackboard Learn is a student-centered LMS and provides the necessary tools which are explained in the following slides. Global navigation allows access to assignments and grades. Updates and notifications remind of important dates and events. Collaborative spaces allow for communication with the academic community. Mobile capabilities allow for learning anytime and anywhere.
  3. 3. My Blackboard Critical information is consolidated into a simple format. Eliminates the need for students and teachers to visit multiple places within the LMS to stay current.
  4. 4. Global Navigation Menu: Entry point to My Backboard Access to courses, organizations , settings, and help is located on the Global Navigation Menu.
  5. 5. My Blackboard: Profile A profile includes a picture, area of study, and a description.
  6. 6. My Blackboard: People Enables the discovery of others in the academic network.
  7. 7. My Blackboard: Posts Includes posts from all courses. Discussion board, blog, journal, and wiki posts are displayed.
  8. 8. My Blackboard: Updates Notifications are consolidated from all courses and are separate from posts for easier management.
  9. 9. My Blackboard: My Grades All grades are centralized in one location.
  10. 10. Active Collaboration Blackboard Learn uses a set of collaboration tools which include wikis, journals, blogs, and discussions.
  11. 11. Efficient Teaching Tasks Blackboard Learn improves teaching in an online environment as well as the classroom. Texts and posts provide real-time feedback. Content is created, managed, and shared without the requirement of advanced technical skills. Assessments are made and evaluated easily.
  12. 12. Discussion Boards Discussions within Blackboard Learn provide instructors and students with an engaging experience.
  13. 13. Content Editor The content editor reads, writes, and renders modern HTML giving the ability to insert material with greater fidelity.
  14. 14. Inline Grading Blackboard Learn allows teachers to review and grade submitted assignments online without having to download files.
  15. 15. Functionality Blackboard Learn provides learners and teachers the tools necessary for both online and hybrid learning environments. The content editor allows for integration of social media tools such as YouTube and Flickr. The “My Blackboard” feature creates a centralized location for users to navigate the site easily.  Since Blackboard is proprietary, customization is limited.
  16. 16. SCORM The SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection and harmonization of specifications and standards that defines the interrelationship of content objects, data models and protocols such that objects are sharable across systems that conform to the same model. This specification promotes reusability and interoperability of learning content across Learning Management Systems (LMSs) (ADL,2013). According to the Advanced Distributed Learning website, the Blackboard Learning System is SCORM compliant.
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