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Mahara, Student set up guide


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Allan Fairchild

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Mahara, Student set up guide

  1. 1. Allan Fairchild @The Gordon | 4 March 2013 1Student Set Up GuideStudent Log in process1. Students log in via the Student Portal2. Click on the “Gordon online” (Moodle Link) located on task bar at top of page3. Then click on either of the “Mahara” links as show belowGordon OnlineMaharaMahara
  2. 2. Allan Fairchild @The Gordon | 4 March 2013 2Navigation1. Once in Mahara, the Home button is the key navigation area to access different functionsProfile1. After first log in, students should setup their profile by clicking on Profile View edit button in theMy Portfolio tab2. Then upload a photo image of yourself for your profile3. And then add some interesting details about yourself or the project that you will be working onYou will be invited to a Group1. The facilitator will invite you to join the Group relevant to your course or project or you can requestto join a Group from the Share and network link on Home tab2. If Invited to join a Group an email will be sent to you3. On top right side of page, above My Groups, click on the Group Invitation link and acceptStudent acceptance as friend1. Once you have been invited as a friend, Mahara will issue an email2. Click on email link to log in to Mahara3. Click on ‘Pending Friend’ link on top right side of page4. To accept as Friend click on ‘Approve Request’
  3. 3. Allan Fairchild @The Gordon | 4 March 2013 3Blogs1. Click on ‘My Portfolio’2. Then click on ‘My Blogs’ tab3. Create a blog and make a postOpening a view1. Log in to Mahara2. Click on the group name of your project from ‘Home’ or switch to ’Group’3. Then click on the ‘View’ tab and select the view for your project and open linkCopying an template view1. Log in to Mahara,2. Then click on ‘My Portfolio’ tab along top of page3. Click on the green tab ‘copy a view’ top of page4. Select the required ‘view ’ and click on green tab ‘copy view’5. You can customise page or click next to save as is (This can be customised later)6. In the green tab at bottom of page, click Next: Edit tile and description7. To change the view name select ‘Copy of selected view template’ in View Title * box and rename to‘project view name’ i.e. remove the ‘copy to’ from file name. You can also add description in theView Description box if required8. Then click Next: Edit Access (will be discussed in class on day of training)9. Finally click on SaveInviting other friends within the Group1. Log in to Mahara2. Click on the ‘Group’ tab along top of page or select from the Share and network link on Home tab3. Then click on ‘Find Friends’4. After Friend found, click on ‘Send friend Request’5. This will generate an email to the requested friend asking them to be your friend6. Once the invited Friend has accepted, you can communicate with them and share information likephotos that have been uploaded on your site (works similar to Facebook but is a private networkwith each Group site)7. Students are reminded that material on a friends site is not for the purpose of copying and can onlybe used with the permission of the originatorUploading files and photos to your site (called artefacts)1. Log in to Mahara,2. Click on the ‘group name’ on right hand side of page under the heading ‘My Groups’3. Then click on the ‘Files’ tab4. Click on ‘Upload Files’ on the grey tab and use the browse command to locate and upload files orphotos. Ensure that you tick the copyright notice check box. Photos should be compressed tobetween 80-150kb max per image. Maximum total file storage size is limited to 100mb per user5. Once files or photos are uploaded, click on the ‘edit this view link’ and then the ‘configure thisblock’ icon next to the red arrow shown below for the block that you wish to add files to6. Then click select on the files that you wish to upload and then save once completed7. Documents will now be displayed in your site view
  4. 4. Allan Fairchild @The Gordon | 4 March 2013 4Editing files and layouts1. To edit files and layout click on the My Portfolio tab2. In the selected group, click on “edit content and layout”3. To edit files within a folder click on the edit icon next to the red arrowStudent Notes