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Hello Richar1


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SGL Weekly Magazone Issue 48 May 2010

Published in: Education, Business
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Hello Richar1

  1. 1. Hello Richard, How are you doing? <br />I'm doing great. The month of June is doubly exciting because I will be celebrating my birthday and the release of my second novel, TRI. The Author <br />What is the new book TRI about?<br />TRI (City Stone Publishing ISBN: 978-0-9823879-2-4) on a twisted love affair and stolen steamy subterfuge between Tierre, Rajah, and Inanna. They all live borrowed lives while fighting to find real love, as each hides secrets and lies, from themselves and one another. The TRI-angle of San Diego sinners finds their relationships shattered by unexpected events. Rajah and Inanna are both seduced by the same emotionally insecure and physically appealing Tierre. I want readers to dive into the sexy and seductive nightlife of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico as bitchy dialogue, and fight scenes brings TRI to life. At its heart and soul, TRI is a character study, giving the reader strong, but flawed characters whose problems they can identify with. Love can be warm and wonderful as well as wicked and evil.When did you start it?<br />I began TRI shortly before I graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in English. I actually had at least five chapters completed which I offered for critique to my creative writing course. I took that feedback and built upon the strengths of my classmates enjoyed about the character development. How much time do you spend writing? <br />I usually set aside at least three hours of time to write. I then take a break, run errands, catch up on The Young and the Restless, watch The First 48, or what's on the Investigation Discovery Channel or The Africa Channel, and write some more for another three hours. Every day, including weekends. Where do you get your idea's from? <br />I get my ideas from what I witness on the bus and train; conversations overheard when people are using their cell phones; certainly observing people going about their daily routines.<br />Will there be a follow up book to TRI? <br />There will not be a follow-up to TRI. The through-line will be continued with a minor character, Vixon Courseualt, who appeared in my first novel Two of Hearts (Publish America ISBN 1-4241-9266-8). He'll appear in the Two of Hearts prequel Three of Hearts and a sequel, King of Hearts. What area do you want to expand into in the future? <br />I'd like to become a head writer for a daytime serial or a serialized primetime drama. Maybe do a stage play. Becoming part of The Young and the Restless writing would be a dream come true. <br />Life<br />Who is Richard Charlton-Pharris Jones? <br />Richard Charlton-Pharris Jones is a son, a brother, an uncle, a best friend, a confidant, a cheerleader for youth; a spiritual, sexy, spontaneous, serious-minded, and single individual who is in the prime of his life.Where are you from? <br />Originally, Dayton, Ohio, but I was enlisted in the army, and was stationed in Virginia, Washington state, and Hawaii, and I have also lived in San Diego, Tampa, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.What was life like growing up? <br />Life growing up as a middle child and as a twin has lent to some of those characteristics being lent to my characters. Some of those secrets I will take to my grave, others have been revealed in one form or another in my books. What did you want to be growing up? <br />I always knew it would have to do with words and books. I've written erotic fiction for various Internet websites, was a staff writer for the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, did corporate communications for Delta Air Lines, and write book reviews for a Nashville-based newsletter. My first poem was titled 'Cry' which my dad still has a copy of. And that was definitely written when I was a kid who loved the click-clack of the manual typewriter. Which talent would you most like to have that you don't have?<br /> That's an interesting question. Doing math in my head. I'm totally jealous of people who can do math in their heads without having to write anything down or use their fingers. Love<br />When did you have your first kiss? <br />I had my first kiss with either a girl named Angela or Trina...might have been a Tina somewhere in there. It was in middle school, I know. And nearly thirty years ago!Describe a date with you? <br />I'm a very simple guy. I love trying new restaurants: I'm partial to South African cuisine, enjoying a white wine, and a black and white movie. Even having a candlelit picnic in the living room is romantic. I'm not the guy that someone has to try to over impress. Keep it simple, but meaningful. <br />Describe a relationship with you? <br />I'm loyal to a fault. And I expect the same from the person I'm romantically dealing with. I admit I am a selfish person. I enjoy 'me' time. I'm a Gemini, but I am consistent with all of my personalities. They all like to be affectionate, passionate, and romantic. Don't lie. Don't cheat. And we're good. Be creative, direct, and be your own person with your own interests.Sex<br />Describe a romantic evening with you? <br />I love making memories, so be creative, keep it simple, and an intelligent conversation always makes for great sex! If you love the mind, you can fuck the body. What is your guilty pleasure? <br />My guilty pleasure is Oreos, Long Island ices teas, Bud Lights, watching the 80s mini-series such as Lace and Hollywood Wives, as well as those old black and white psycho-biddy films with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.What has been your wildest sexual fantasy? <br />Shhh.....they've been fulfilled. <br />What has been your biggest sexual fantasy? <br />Shhh....they’ve been fulfilled. The Future <br />Tell me something about you that readers may be surprised to know? <br />I love Ultimate Fighter. Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson are my favorite fighters. I can complete at least three sides of the Rubik's Cube, and I'm great at Trivial Pursuit.What can we expect from you in the future? <br />Hopefully, and prayfully, nothing but the best. I have a gift / talent that God has bestowed upon me, so I will continue to nurture it, and assist and advise other writers, as well. How can the people get in contact with you? <br />People can definitely contact via the TRI Facebook group, which, if they do a 'Friend Request', my contact information is on my profile and through my publisher at<br />Do you have any special message for our readers? <br />Trust your instincts. Do your research. Support one another. Keep an open mind. And write!What do you hope to accomplish when this life is over? <br />I think I've left enough of a legacy with the kids I have mentored and tutored over the years. My writing is a legacy that hasn't gone unnoticed. I've had fun visiting South Africa for my fortieth birthday, seeing Nancy Wilson in concert four times, meeting her backstage and interviewing her. I'm good. I've lived an honest, dynamic life on my terms. Thank you Richard, for taking the time to do this interview and letting me know that it was ok to be SGL. <br />Thank you. I'm just being RCJ.<br />