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Universal design enacting accessible discussions


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One of three slides sets from a workshop on Universal Design for Learning. Other slidesets focus on creating presentation slides and a syllabus to support learning.

Published in: Education, Design, Technology
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Universal design enacting accessible discussions

  1. 1. UNIVERSAL COURSE DESIGN: Slideset #2: Enacting Accessible Discussions
  2. 2. Students sitting in a stadium style cl reviewing printed materials Image of three students workin table in a classroom; two fema male. Laptops and papers are the table. There is a white boa in the background. • Authentic Learning • Divergent Learning • Ground Rules • Discussion Formats • Learning as risk • Multiple engagements • Formal Teams? • Informal Trios? • Whole Class? • Small Groups?
  3. 3. A photograph if a molecular shape of the adenosine-5'-tr molecule. The adenine ring to a ribose sugar, which is c the phosphate groups A black and white w triphosphate (ATP) the top, connected connected to the ph young African American eceiving a piano lesson. man sits before an upright n the keys. Another n woman stands behind r the seated woman’s pointing to a sheet of ucting the seated mage is simply drawn and e clear and distinct, the ended to convey I Can See it Now The Piano Lesson Biochemistry
  4. 4. Just a few words WRITING TO LEARN – Twitter, Google Forms, ChimeIn, Blogs – White board, Note cards, Camera, AudioBoo DRAWING TO LEARN – Concept maps / synthesizing statements – Diagram creation / analysis with others – Photo quote / designer statement – Problematizing / process narrative
  5. 5. Wrapping Discussions