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Taks test tips


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Taks test tips

  1. 1. Don’t forget: Go to bed early tonight  Eat a yummy breakfast!! Bring at least two #2 Pencils tomorrow Bring a sack lunchand a book to read.
  2. 2. ESSAYWrite the rough draft of your essay first.Detail, detail, detail! Draw your reader in.No ―reflection,‖ no 4!! What did you ―realize‖ at that moment Why does it (and will it) continue to be important
  3. 3. READINGRead (yes, READ) the passages—youhave plenty of time.Underline, highlight, or take notes in themargin.Use the dictionary to help you understanddefinitions you don’t know.
  4. 4. VISUAL REPRESENTATIONLook at the picture(s)BUTAlso read the text on the page!!!!!
  5. 5. SHORT ANSWERR – RephraseO – OpinionQ – QuoteC - Connect
  6. 6. SHORT ANSWERYour quote MUST match your answer.Hint: find your quote first and base youranswer on the quote—they’ll match forsure!!
  7. 7. CROSSOVER SHORT ANSWER Answer the questions based on BOTH stories. You MUST have quotes from BOTH stories!!!
  8. 8. REVISING AND EDITINGHand in dictionary card before breakingseal on this section.Lookout for spelling changes.Read ―out loud‖ in your head.If you have more than one ―Make NoChange,‖ look at these VERY closely!