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General electric

  1. 1. General Electric We are GEImagination at Work
  2. 2. Mission Statement• Imagine, solve, build and lead - four bold verbs that express what it is to be part of GE. Their action-oriented nature says something about who we are - and should serve to energize ourselves and our teams around leading change and driving performance.
  3. 3. Background• Thomas Alva Edison – Edison General Electric• Charles A Coffin – Thomas-Huston Company• Merger together in 1892 to form General Electric• Edison replaced by Nikola Tesla
  4. 4. Background• HQ in Fairfield, CT• $182,515,000,000 Annually• 323,000 Employee’s worldwide• Been in business for 117 years• One of the first 12 on the DJI
  5. 5. Key Dates• 1876: Edison opens the laboratory in which he would invent the incandescent electric light bulb• 1890: Edison General Electric Company established• 1892: Becomes General Electric Company• 1907: Produces heating and cooking line• 1930: GE Plastics department founded• 1932: GE scientist Irving Langmuir wins Nobel Prize• 1970: Computer division sold to Honeywell• 1973: GE scientist Ivar Giaever wins Nobel Prize• 1986: Reacquires RCA• 1987: GE Aircraft Engines founded• 2004: Acquires Vivendis TV/movie assets
  6. 6. What they own• NBC – MSNBC – CNBC• Universal Pictures• Universal Studios
  7. 7. What do they make?• Genie • Lighting• Aciation • Medical Imaging Equip. • Electric Motors• Jet Engines • Locomotives• Electricity • Wind Turbines• Entertainment • TV• Gas turbines • Motion Picture Projectors• Generation (IMAX)• Industrial Automation
  8. 8. The GE Footprint• In 1992 GE was the 4th most environmentally destructive company in the USA• They were fined millions in clean up costs• In a mere 17 years GE has become one of the most Green companys
  9. 9. Green Programs• Ecomagination• GE Renewable
  10. 10. Ecomagination• 1.4 billion dollars invested anually• In 2010 GE has pledged to donate 20 billion dollars• 70 brand new Green products have been produced
  11. 11. GE Renewable• Since 2002 has generated 850 million• Have created 10,000 jobs• Solar Power• Wind Power• Water Turbines• GEJenbacher Engines
  12. 12. What is Rapid City DoingTo Save the Environment?• Curbside Collection• Yard Waste Sites• Landfill Gas Collection• LED
  13. 13. Curbside Collection• Two Trucks –Plastic Containers –Glass Bottles –Steel & Aluminum
  14. 14. Yard Waste Sites• 32,000,000 lbs of yard waste is converted to compost• Many convienient sites around Rapid City
  15. 15. Landfill Gas Collection• Collect Methane gas –Sell to MDU –Or burn to heat their own facilities
  16. 16. LED• LED Street lights by 2011 –Use 94% less power then Incandescent –Save City Millions of dollars as well as save thousands of tons of gas emissions
  17. 17. The End!• Thank You