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Mock Drill Preparedness
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Fire drill procedure

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Fire drill procedure

  2. 2. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  A member of staff will activate the fire alarm.  You will hear the alarm bells ring three times
  3. 3. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  Take the evacuation in a calm orderly manner, leaving all personal belongings behind.
  4. 4. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  Those sitting by the windows will make sure these are close before leaving the classroom.
  5. 5. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  The students will line up and walk quickly to the assembly point, led by their teacher. The students are expected to follow any instructions given to them by the staff.
  6. 6. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  In our case the exit route to be used is the door on the right at the end of the corridor, leading to the playground.
  7. 7. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  Then everyone must go to the assembly point in the area by the yellow gate
  8. 8. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  No running is to be permitted to avoid panic.
  9. 9. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  Anyone who is not in class when the fire alarm sounds must go immediately to the assembly point.
  10. 10. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  A roll call should be conducted: at the assembly point the teacher will check the students against the register and report to the senior member of staff that the students and staff are ALL accounted for.
  11. 11. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  Staff and students will wait at the assembly point until told by the fire officer that it is safe to re-enter the building and the all-clear is given.
  12. 12. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE…  On no account re-enter the building until the “all-clear” is given.  The safety of the students is paramount and any instructions given by the fire service should be acted upon immediately.
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