assignment 9 draft two


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assignment 9 draft two

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 9 :GROUP PRESENTATION By Karolina Fryckowska Donnielle Carino Michelle Asafuadjaue Jayde-Marie Jackson
  2. 2. Part B – Draft 1 WWWTeacher - Good range of imagesassessment - Good research - Slides clear and easy to understand - Good research EBI - More research on channels and Ofcom - Speak louder To improve - More research on target audience
  3. 3. Part C - ChangesResearch - StatisticsDocumentary Structure – more detailedTarget audience – more researchTime and TV channel – more researchAncillaries – more examples
  4. 4. Part D - Documentary inspirationsThe Story of film: An Odyssey Try to recreate the shots in their way - Compares with other text and explains with examples - Text to know where its from
  5. 5. Inspirational DocumentariesLarge Hadron Collider – The six billion dollar experiment Included clips relating to the film at the beginning (exposition) Jamie’s American Food Revolution
  6. 6. Hunting Britains Most Wanted Exposition Used simple and props titles
  7. 7. Part D - Documentary inspirations Film documentary - Secret Life of Chaos What inspired me was the use of “montage” in the documentary. For example – these twoShowing a quick ideational montage, whilst the screenshots – as the narrationpresenter is narrating the purpose of the was going – there was a montagedocumentary at the start. This little animation over it – showing from the lightat the first minute of the documentary was my changing to the sea – and it was infavourite, as it symbolises our mind. synched with the narration.
  8. 8. Part D - Documentary inspirations In the “Slanguage” documentary last year they used graphs and charts to show statistics and trends which is something that could be useful in our documentary. The voice of God narration in March of the Penguins was very effective and is something that might/could be used in our documentary.
  9. 9. Inspirational DocumentariesMy Big Fat Gypsy ChristmasThis is a documentary aboutthe Irish traveller communityand their celebrations andtraditions at Christmas. Thedocumentary also featuresextravagant weddings andfirst holy communions by theIrish traveller community.
  10. 10. Montage of Christmas images establishes that this programme is set around the Christmas period.At the beginning of thedocumentary a montage ofclips are shown which showssome of the things that will beshown in the documentary. Montage also shows images of people in wedding dresses and holy communion dresses which also tells us what the documentary is going to be about.
  11. 11. The fonts and titles usedare very creative and fitin with the topic of thedocumentary. The title of the documentary is written with Christmas decorations The other fonts and titles within the documentary are also decorated with Christmas themed borders