Tv channel research


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Tv channel research

  1. 1. TV channelResearchBy Michelle Asafu-Adjaye
  2. 2. The channels I will research
  3. 3. Channel 4 is a British public-servicetelevision broadcaster that was launchedin 1982. These are some of channel four’s sister channels Channel
  4. 4. Soap operas such as:Kids shows:The Hoobs The Simpsons The shows shown on channel 4 are: News: Sports: Formula 1 Horse racing They also show a range of films.
  5. 5. Reality shows: Game shows:Gordon Browns Fword Adult Comedy:
  6. 6. The target audience of theshows that show on channelfour depends on the type ofprogramme and the time it isshown at. • From 9AM to 6PM.• From 6AM to 7AM • These programmes are aimed at• Childrens programmes are people who stay at home during shown for infants. the day and the elderly.• E.g.- the Hoobs • Reality shows and game shows are shown. • E.G.- Deal or no deal and come dine with me. Target audience
  7. 7. • From 9PM to around 2AM the programmes shown are for an older• Between 6PM and 7PM audience.• These programmes are aimed at • The programmes shown may teenagers. contain strong language and adult• E.g.- Hollyoaks themes. • E.g.- Facejacker and shameless
  8. 8. •Most of the documentaries shown Types of documentaries:on channel four are documentariesthat explore peoples lifestyles.•Most channel four documentariesbegin at 9PMGypsy blood- This a documentary One born every minute- This is aabout the violent culture that is documentary that takes a look at asometimes passed down to gypsy maternity unit from the parents tochildren. be point of view and the maternity staff. Types of Documentaries
  9. 9. Katie: the science of seeing again- this 15 kids and counting- This is ais a documentary about a girl who is documentary which exploresundergoing major surgery to regain the lives of some of Britainsher eye sight. largest families.Types of documentaries
  10. 10. You can access other websites owned by channel 4. WebsitesChannel four has two main and On the channel 4 on demand website you can catch up on programmes you’ve missed
  11. 11. is the channels main website:This tells you a listof all theprogrammes onchannel four andtells you what timethey are coming on.
  12. 12. BBC is the British Broadcastingcorporation which was launchedon the 1st January 1927. It’s thelargest broadcaster in the world.It’s licenced to broadcast in the Some of the BBC’s sister channels are:UK, channel islands and Isle ofMan.
  13. 13. Programmes that are shown on the BBC are: Reality shows: News: Celebrity master chef The apprentice Soaps:Childrensprogrammes: They also show aCbeebies CBBC range of films.
  14. 14. Game shows: Comedy/ Adult comedy:The weakest Total wipe out Family Outnumberedlink guy Sports: Football Rugby
  15. 15. The target audience of the shows that show on theBBC depends on the type of programme and the timeit is shown at. I will focus in the target audience ofBBC1 and BBC three. At 6Am the BBC From 9:00 AM news is shown to 2:00 these probably because programmes are 6am is considered aimed at men as the beginning of and women who the day. Its stay at home and probably targeted the elderly. at people who go Programmes to work or are in such as bargain education to keep hunt, homes them informed under the about news, travel hammer and and weather. doctors are shown at these times. Target Audience
  16. 16. From 3PM the programmesshown are aimed at childrenE.g. programmes such as prankcontrol, Dick and Dom go wildand Shaun the sheep areshown. These childrensprogrammes are shown at 3pmonwards because it’s the timethat most children finishschool. From 9PM onwards the programmes shown are targeted at adults because some of these programmes contain strong/offensive language. Programmes like have I got news for you and spooks are shown at these times.
  17. 17. • BBC three programmes: start at7PM• From 10PM programmes shown are targeted at 18+• These programmes contain:• adult humour & strong language.• Examples: family guy, top gear, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show
  18. 18. The documentaries shown on the BBC are about wildlife, exposing certain things and educating people. Misbehaving Mums –Panorama: This is a current Documentary about pregnantaffairs documentary programme. women who are doing things that are putting their unborn babies at risk. Inside the human body- a factual documentary about what goes in inside the human body. Types of Documentaries
  19. 19. The BBC’s main has a range offeatures which can beexplored online.You can access thenews daily and upto date. You can access the You can also check different BBC radio the weather. stations Websites
  20. 20. The website also has a section of categories in which the audience can pick from.BBC iPlayer is thebbc website thatallows you towatch/catch-upprogrammes thathave been shown onthe various BBCchannels.
  21. 21. I would put my documentary on BBC three because theprogrammes that they show are educational and educating. Iwould also be able to gain access to a younger target audience.My documentary