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PR, advertising and the Change that's coming


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This presentation was given to the PRCA illustrating the importance of pr and design working together in the immediate future. Branding is still king, but based on recent events, newsworthiness and design are pre-eminent in brand building.

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PR, advertising and the Change that's coming

  1. CHANGE why advertising and pr have to work together now more than ever. o2ideas
  2. what we’re going to cover: 1. What’s changed 2.Why branding 3.Why work together o2ideas
  3. why? o2ideas
  4. o2ideas
  5. o2ideas
  6. o2ideas
  7. o2ideas
  8. design creates emotion o2ideas
  9. good design stands out o2ideas
  10. What is a brand? o2ideas
  11. a brand is not a logo. a brand is not a corporate identity. a brand is not a product. –The Brand Gap o2ideas
  12. an intangible, emotional relationship that people develop with a product, service or company over time. o2ideas
  13. collectively, what people say, feel and think about a particular product, service or company. –Hello Viking o2ideas
  14. A strong brand is a collection of coherent ideas and experiences with a product or service over time. –Hello Viking o2ideas
  15. a brand is emotion o2ideas
  16. Ralph Lauren: Faded Glory: $55 $5 o2ideas
  17. A brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what your customers say it is. –The Brand Gap o2ideas
  18. a brand is a story o2ideas
  19. Gregory Maguire o2ideas
  20. Consistency o2ideas
  22. an intangible, emotional relationship that people develop with a product, service or company over time. o2ideas
  23. {What’s the fundamental purpose of Public Relations?} o2ideas
  24. Gain positive, unpaid media coverage o2ideas
  25. Shape the perceptions of targeted publics o2ideas
  26. Tell a persuasive side of a story or issue o2ideas
  27. Make sure an entity’s profile matches its brand o2ideas
  28. If you don’t define your brand, someone else will. o2ideas
  29. {What’s the fundamental purpose of advertising?} o2ideas
  30. Push consumers to emotionally connect o2ideas
  31. Change the perceptions of a target audience o2ideas
  32. Engage those consumers to act o2ideas
  33. Create experiences worth sharing. Don't make ads, make news. –Bob Thacker o2ideas
  34. More and more I'm becoming convinced this is the only way most companies should look at social media from a marketing perspective. Quit trying to quot;join the conversation.quot; Stop trying to be everyone's friend. Don't shove your marketing messages at people. Just listen to what people are saying about your product or service and apply what you learn to making it better. The same goes for your marketing. Make it worth talking about. –Paul Isakson o2ideas
  35. o2ideas
  36. So? o2ideas
  37. The blending of PR and design is the future of marketing. o2ideas
  38. Make brands famous. –Alex Bogusky o2ideas
  39. Always put the brand first. o2ideas
  40. Design is equally as important as message. o2ideas
  41. Leave design to a professional o2ideas
  42. Always think beyond what you’re personally capable of. o2ideas
  43. thank you o2ideas