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Starting your advertising career


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Presentation to the Chapman University Ad Club offering point of view of how to get a job in an agency and how to succeed early in your career.

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Starting your advertising career

  1. 1. 30 years in 30 minutes:Looking back so you can look forward.Presentation to the David MurphyChapman University Co-PresidentAd Club Barrie D’Rozario Murphy
  2. 2. May you love your 30 year career in…2042 as much as I do mine in 2012.
  3. 3. The perception of a career in advertising: Mad Men
  4. 4. Mad Men Mad Women Mad Geeks Mad Dreamers Mad Wonks Mad Innovators Mad Analysts Mad AnthropologistsThe reality: Mad Brand Managers Mad Writers Mad Designers Mad Film Producers Mad Project Managers Mad Media Strategists Mad Brand Strategists Mad Art Buyers Mad Print Producers Mad User Experience Designers
  5. 5. Advertising sits at theintersection of business,art, pop culture,entertainment,anthropology,psychology, technology,societal trends and justabout everything.
  6. 6. Snapshot of Barrie D’Rozario Murphy.Pursue a Why go into advertising?profession. What does it take to succeed?Not a job. How to get the interview?
  7. 7. My teachers through the years.
  8. 8. No walls between us and our clients. No walls between us an other partners working for our clients.We’re an No walls preventing us from discoveringagency with new and innovative partners that canno walls. help our clients succeed. No walls between people of different disciplines in the agency.
  9. 9. Why can’t media inspire creative? Can we banish silos such as “offline vs. online” and “traditional vs. non- traditional”? Why build walls between product vs. brand advertising? We think Why treat design as an aesthetic,differently. when it is actually a business strategy? Why is “global” usually code for “the U.S. campaign”? We believe ideas must work from the point of sale on out, because brand equity is useless unless it creates a sale.
  10. 10. BD’M was selected by the 4As in 2009as the “Best Small Agency in the U.S.”We think we’ve gotten better since.
  11. 11. Why choose a career in advertising?
  12. 12. To go throughevery day and findinspiration fromeverything yousee–never stoplearning.
  13. 13. 24/7 inspirationif you worked on Lands’ End Read article on retailing strategies. Watch Modern Family – Visit Pinterest – get product placement idea. notice color trends. Visit Facebook – Shop Zappos –see Ralph Lauren promo. get customer svc idea.Read Wired article on See trend research shopping apps. on GenX moms. Go online at home – Attend presentation for see Gap pre-roll video. closet organizer app. Go out to eat – Read blog post observe fashion. about role of authenticity. Go shopping at Fashion Island.
  14. 14. To helpcorporationsunderstand whythey exist in thecustomer’s world–their true north.
  15. 15. To be in aprofession thatvalues theMillennialGeneration andneeds your talents.
  16. 16. Multicultural Make a Be heard difference we > me Self expression Digital
  17. 17. To know you cansucceed throughcreativity, courageand leadership–disrespecting thestatus quo.
  18. 18. How to succeed in this business.
  19. 19. Understand1.   brand equity. How to define it. How to build it.
  20. 20. This is a product.
  21. 21. This is brand equity. Progressive individuals who embrace smart solutions.  
  22. 22. The 4Es of brand buildingProducts become brands bybuilding empathetic relationshipswith customers. The way in whichpeople for brand relationshipsmirrors how they form personalrelationships.
  23. 23. Empathy ExperiencesEmpathy drives relevance Experiences shape beliefsShared point of view Unique interactionsShared values Media contextEngage via passion points Brand associations The 4Es of brand buildingPeer review deepens commitment Momentum creates excitementSocial media EventsWOM New servicesPR Alliances and content Media channelsEndorsement Energy
  24. 24. Be a commercial anthropologist. Study the2.   intersection between people, culture and brands.
  25. 25. Use both sides of your brain.3.   Creativity comes from informed intuition.
  26. 26. Always have a point of view.4.   Have the courage to say what you think.
  27. 27. Get smarter every day.5.   It takes a lot of hard work to get lucky.
  28. 28. How to get the interview.
  29. 29. Know one or two famous case studies.Know more Cite current campaigns you admire – about brands and why.than anyone. Show that you’ve read a book or two on brand marketing, consumer psychology, etc.
  30. 30. Connect your hobbies and passions to my client list. Show you can help us better understand social media from aHelp me heavy user standpoint.imagine how Tell me how that summer job in ayou’ll add value. grocery store helped you observe how people shop. Tell me how our agency’s mission connects deeply with one of your core values.
  31. 31. Write an advertising blog. Open a second twitter account thatShow me that deals only with advertising andyou’re already marketing issues.plugged in. Have a Pinterest board that posts designs, ads, websites, etc that you admire.
  32. 32. Write well. Be interesting. Be brief.Show that you Design well. Show that you appreciate aesthetics.belong incommunication. Speak well. Be confident. Make eye contact. (Remember that I need you more than you need me.)
  33. 33. Know something specific about my agency.Show that youdo your Know something about me – maybe something we have in common.homework. Know something about one or two of our clients.
  34. 34. Keep the conversation going. @wikibranding David Murphy
  35. 35. Thank you.See you in 2042