Put Design to Work to Build Your Brand and Accelerate your Marketing


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Talk given by Rochelle Seltzer at the Boston Women's Network Luncheon on March 10, 2010.

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Put Design to Work to Build Your Brand and Accelerate your Marketing

  1. 1. Put Design to Work to Build your Brand and Accelerate your Marketing
  2. 2. Design Intelligence The brains behind the beauty. (Gorgeous is great, but not enough!)
  3. 3. The cluttered environment The “Attention Economy” throws too many choices at us. We rely on brands to help us make choices.
  4. 4. Brands that excel through design
  5. 5. Definition of “Brand” o  A brand is NOT a logo o  A brand IS: A person’s perception of a product, service, experience or organization.
  6. 6. “Charismatic Brand” A charismatic brand forms a relationship, it doesn’t just grab attention. It's any product, service or company for which people believe there's no substitute. Any brand can be charismatic — even yours!
  7. 7. Brands with “tribes” of brand loyalists
  8. 8. Key ingredients for getting the brand strategy right: o  clear vision and mission o  nail your positioning o  a strong visual identity that reflects your brand personality o  clear and consistent messaging that makes the emotional connection
  9. 9. You must understand the market o  Brands help people make connections and deal with an overwhelming number of options by making clear promises and building trust. o  People relate to brands with human qualities. o  What brand personality attributes are authentic to your brand?
  10. 10. …to make a connection Alignment between the target market’s needs and desires + the expression of an authentic brand personality = connection with your brand.
  11. 11. Use creativity to develop break- through solutions and differentiate. “Innovation is what gives brands traction in the marketplace.”               – Marty Neumeier
  12. 12. how design adds to the bottom line As a differentiator, design often contributes to brands that are leaders. These brands can realize greater profit margins than their competitors.
  13. 13. Pinkberry
  14. 14. Target
  15. 15. Your company can do it too! Some examples of companies like yours that have invested in design to accelerate their marketing.
  16. 16. before after
  17. 17. Logo
  18. 18. Name, tagline and logo
  19. 19. Logo and tagline
  20. 20. before after
  21. 21. Logo and tagline
  22. 22. Logo and tagline
  23. 23. Track! o  New sales opportunities o  Referrals o  Media exposure o  Network growth o  Leadership opportunities + peer recognition o  More sales closed!
  24. 24. Checklist for marketing success: o  Establish solid positioning o  Develop a great visual brand and messaging o  Target the right audience(s) o  Select a smart mix of tools and activities o  Stay committed o  Track results o  Reevaluate and make adjustments, expand
  25. 25. Any Questions?
  26. 26. Thank you! Brand • Identity • Collateral • Web Direct Mail • Social Media Strategy