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Internship final presentation


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Internship final presentation

  1. 1. INTERNSHIPMaha Jasim200816089
  2. 2. Internship site• Abu Dhabi EHS(Abu Dhabi Environment Health and Safety Center)• Established on 2nd February 2010• Their main activities:• Support System Development and Implementation:• Raising Capacities and Awareness• Registration of EHS Consultants• EHS Electronic Database• Conferences• International Cooperation• Incentives
  3. 3. Organization• MissionPreparation legislative frameworks and develop integrated systems designed toprovide safe and healthy workplaces for employees, and keep up the plans andprograms of the overall development of the Abu Dhabi government and complies withthe highest and the best international standards and exceed.• Number of employee16 employee• Public / Government Organization• SectorsDepartment ofMunicipal AffairsHigherCorporation forSpecializedEconomic ZonesAbu Dhabi Waterand ElectricityAuthorityDepartment ofTransportAbu DhabiTourism AuthorityHealth Authority-Abu DhabiCenter for WasteManagement-AbuDhabiAbu DhabiEducationCouncilAbu Dhabi FoodControl Authority
  4. 4. Where I wasAD EHSSystem & PolicyAudit & InspectionCorporate Service& Communicationand AwarenessCorporate ServiceCommunication &AwarenessManagement
  5. 5. TasksWriting EmailsMaking CallsCreating PowerPointCreating proposalsDoing ResearchDesigning ( logos, invitation card andCertificate)TranslationWriting a Press ReleaseTracking NewsArchive foldersPreparing BudgetBRD (Business Request Document)RFP (Request For Proposal)
  6. 6. News Tacking
  7. 7. Designing
  8. 8. Proposals
  9. 9. Press Release
  10. 10. Presentations
  11. 11. Challenges and How I overcome themGettingworkKeep askingfor workBe trustedShow themthe best ofme
  12. 12. Supervisor• Two supervisor:Supervisor Job TitleAwatif Al Hosani Director of Awareness & Communication DivisionFatima Al Nuaimi Coordinator Communication & Awareness
  13. 13. Learning OutcomesIf you don not know something you can always go and askBe simple, professional, formal and creativeOrganizing your work and put a timeline make your work easierYou can learn by observing more than askingCAR technique: Case, Action and Result. It’s a technique we need to use if wewant to accomplish any task in an effective wayThe colored hats: It represents our way of thinking and deal with any situation
  14. 14. Learning OutcomesHow to use the mind map for brainstormingIt’s important to have record of your files (hard and soft copies)The world of work is totally different than university worldNever be afraid to speak of what you thinkDon’t be afraid of show your personality through your design orpresentation
  15. 15. Organization evaluationEnvironment• Good, friendlyEmployee• Kind, friendly, respectful
  16. 16. Internship effect•After 5 years:PositionMoneyJob title
  17. 17. How ZU can improve it role• Before the Internship:• Providing session to tell us more about the internship• Providing alternative in case all the 3 companies rejectthe student• After the Internship:• Provide session to teach us how to apply for jobs• Provide us with list of companies that need newgraduate as employee
  18. 18. THANK YOUAny questions