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14 so what now - tmca


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14 so what now - tmca

  1. 1. World-Class Servitisation: Methods, Cases and Partnerships Completing the PSS toolbox with the maritime industry PROTEUS Conference 12th December 2013
  3. 3. 1. Maritime branch analysis DK has a leading branch, with respect to quality and efficiency 2. What do other industries do? It’s difficult to servitise, but the benefits are considerable 4. How to design a PSS? Comprehensive development of own tools, plus design methodology 6. What can PSS partnerships give? Many cost and energy savings, new business, greater global presence 7. How to make business out of this? Creation of business model concepts and trialling of these in the branch 3. If/when to servitise? Each company we studied is different and therefore needs careful guidance 5. How to organise company for PSS? Understanding of the change situation of the company, for the adoption of PSS PROTEUS Workbook series
  4. 4. PSS Configurator Please try it out! You cannot break it 
  5. 5. Academic contributions • 25 academic publications now published • and some 10 more in pipeline • 3 PhD projects underway (January 2014, March 2015, May 2015) • 6 bachelor projects completed (and one underway) • 10 master projects completed • 2 open industry conferences (March and December 2013) • PSS Configurator launched – hopefully a source of both industrial inspiration and research data collection • One externally financed project during PROTEUS (Danish Maritime Foundation) • Catalogue of 11 tools and a systematic PSS development framework • Pairing of academic publication with indsutry-ready publication (workbook series) • PSS idea cards: great for research projects and for teaching • Modern and interesting website, full of results, guidelines and tools. • Follow-on projects of a sizeable magnitude • TORM PhD’s (as a result of a Masters project) • Current application regarding eco-innovation • Other applications to Innovation consortia
  6. 6. Reflections about the project • PSS concepts vs. setting boundary conditions • 11 companies = over 18.000 hours • Companies’ changes over the course of the project say something about the speed of change in the branch • Learning effect of the project • Partnerships arising are very promising • Significant impact on teaching • Introduced new companies to the world of research • Now we’re ready for the next innovation consortium!
  7. 7. Click to edit Master title style 06-05-2014 Presentation title 7 Presentation title 06-05-2014 7 Introduction to the workshop 06-05-2014 706-05-2014 7 Future projects and outputs planned • Three PhD projects • Publications from project’s last year • TORM PhD projects • PSS Configurator project proposal • New research collaboration with you..?
  8. 8. Click to edit Master title style 06-05-2014 Presentation title 8 Presentation title 06-05-2014 8 Introduction to the workshop 06-05-2014 806-05-2014 8 Distribution of workbooks • There’s no such thing as a free lunch workbook… • Timesheets from all - this is what makes the day workbooks “free”
  9. 9. Click to edit Master title style Presentation titleIntroduction to the workshop 06-05-2014 906-05-2014 9 The extended PROTEUS workforce Core staff Steering group Project students 2010-2013 Former staff
  10. 10. Click to edit Master title style Presentation titleIntroduction to the workshop 06-05-2014 1006-05-2014 10 Want to see more?
  11. 11. Click to edit Master title style Presentation titleIntroduction to the workshop 06-05-2014 1106-05-2014 11 Want to see more? PSS Configurator