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Automation in Industry: The People Make the Difference!


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People entering the workforce who are interested in meaningful careers should strongly consider industrial control and automation.

It's a bold statement, but there's truth that engineering careers in manufacturing automation will contribute to the solutions of some of the world's most significant challenges.

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Automation in Industry: The People Make the Difference!

  1. 1. Automation in Industry The People make the Difference! Steve Huffman Vice President, Mead O’Brien, Inc. St. Louis, MO Chairman, Gov’t Relations, Automation Federation
  2. 2. Do you ever think about helping to solve the biggest challenges our world faces? People are the value proposition, as they have been forever.
  3. 3. What are the World’s biggest challenges?  Energy  Water  Food  Environment  Health  Chemicals  Minerals  Material goods
  4. 4. A career in industrial automation will be a career designed to help meet and solve these daunting challenges! In order to see the future, one must recall the past and how we got here.
  5. 5. History of The Value of People in Industry 1. Era 1 - Early manufacturing 2. Era 2 - Industrialization 3. Era 3 - Automation 4. Era 4 - Technology 5. Era 5 - Empowerment
  6. 6. The Earliest Industries People were the heart of the business Manager Miller Buyer Sales Marketing Maintenance
  7. 7. Role and Value of People 1. Era 1 - Early manufacturing 2. Era 2 - Industrialization 3. Era 3 - Automation 4. Era 4 - Technology 5. Era 5 - Empowerment
  8. 8. Exponential Increase in Complexity
  9. 9. Specialization Shippingg Buyer Sales Maintenance Management Operations Accounting Engineering
  10. 10. InstrumentValve Controller Desired value --- Set point Process People were in Control! Mission – Safely increase efficiency
  11. 11. Role and Value of People 1. Era 1 - Early manufacturing 2. Era 2 - Industrialization 3. Era 3 - Automation 4. Era 4 - Technology 5. Era 5 - Empowerment
  12. 12. Fewer Operators – Broader View Becoming Information Craftsmen
  13. 13. “They replaced me with a controller”
  14. 14. Solution Perspective Challenge Solution Technology enabler Talent
  15. 15. Role and Value of People 1. Era 1 - Early manufacturing 2. Era 2 - Industrialization 3. Era 3 - Automation 4. Era 4 - Technology 5. Era 5 - Empowerment
  16. 16. A Change in Perspective Occurred New TechnologyFind a Problem From To Challenge What Is the Solution? Technology enabler
  17. 17. Throw Technology at It! CIM Lights-Out SPC-SQC Expert Systems 3D Graphics Object Orientation Artificial Intelligence Fieldbus Intelligent Instruments Dashboards OPC Internet Technology has great value – only if applied to solve a problem!!! MAP Scorecards Client-Server 6s Pixel Resolution Bandwidth Ethernet
  18. 18. Executive Concerns  Experience drain – Graying of workforce  Difficult to attract/retain high performing staff  Engaging the employees in the business  Helping employees understand their value  Attracting new employees
  19. 19. Real-time is the final frontier STRATEGY EXECUTION Quarters Months Weeks . . . Hours Minutes Seconds Right Markets Right Customers Right Suppliers Right Profits . . . Right Quality Right Location Right Quantity Right Cost Right Product Mix . . . Right Temperature Right Chemistry Right Energy Cost, Etc. Production Control Business Control Process Control
  20. 20. Conquering the Real-time frontier
  21. 21. Reliability, Cyber Security, Sustainability, … to name a few Reliability… “Top performing plants spend an average of 1.4% on maintenance. A $1 billion plant = $14 million whereas poorly performing plants spend 3.5 times more = 49 million!” R. DiStefano, Reliability Consultant, Emerson Cybersecurity…. “If an industrial control system or critical infrastructure is attacked, or even unintentionally compromised, the result could include regulatory violations, equipment damage, production loss, harm to the environment, and even public endangerment.” S. Huffman, Automation Federation Sustainability…. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Automation Competency Model, USDOL
  22. 22. Why Empowerment – a time problem! When You Can Control – Do When You Cannot Control - Manage Management (Transactional) Control (Real Time) Efficiency Profit Asset Quality Environmental Safety Efficiency Profit Asset Quality Environmental Safety 1990 2015
  23. 23. Enterprise Control principles Operations control Business control Process control STRATEGY EXECUTION
  24. 24. Optimizing Profitability and Efficiency Production Volume Energy Consumption Materials Consumption Process Control Process Empowerment Process Measurement Business Control Business Empowerment Business Measurement Plant Business Enterprise $
  25. 25. Cascade of Operational Performance “Loops” Industrial Plant Process Control Advanced Control Plant Business Control Enterprise Business Control
  26. 26. “Workplace Departures” • Increasing Baby Boomer retirements – 10,000 per day for next 20 years – 400,000 years of experience being lost per day – Huge amount of experience leaving workforce – Hiring was suppressed through the last 15 years – Lack experienced workers to fill the gap Boomers
  27. 27. Characteristics of Millennials (1980-95) • Meaningful careers • Tech Savvy • Diverse • Cyber Literate • Collaborative – part of team • Environmentally Conscious • Innovative • Realistic Millennia's have the characteristics for success!
  28. 28. Millennials are ideal- Looking for meaning in their work 29 Measuring the real value of every person in the operation
  29. 29. Millennial’s are ideal – Team-based, collaborative, desiring to know their work contributes to the bigger picture
  30. 30. Millennials are ideal – Tech-savvy, collaborative, networked, multitasking, balancing work/home life Not Your Father’s Automation Industry!
  31. 31. Millenniels Want a Career with Meaning  Help solve world energy  Help provide clean water  Help solve world hunger  Help clean and sustain the environment  Help meet chemical & mineral needs  Help provide material goods It would be difficult to find a career with greater impact!