This Is Not the SEO You're Looking For


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This Is Not the SEO You're Looking For

  1. 1. This is Not THE SEO You’re Looking For The truths, myths, and best practices behind a modern SEO strategy. PRESENTED BY: MICHAEL REYNOLDS
  2. 2. Michael Reynolds About Michael: • President / CEO of SpinWeb • Cellist • Sushi connoisseur • Tennis player • Marketing/tech nerd •
  3. 3. I Want SEO! Common Requests: • “We want to rank for [big term XYZ].” • “We’ve lost search rankings… help!” • “We need to ‘optimize’ our website for SEO.” • “We need to get keywords in our site!” • “We want people to find us when they type in [big competitive search term].”
  4. 4. The “Good Old Days” of SEO Stuff that Used to Work: • Keyword stuffing • Lots of technical optimization • Inbound link strategies • Title tag hacks • SEO “Projects” • “Doing SEO”
  5. 5. SEO Myths Lies Still Getting Told: • SEO means ranking for “big” keywords • SEO is all about tuning my website • SEO is an IT function • I just need lots of inbound links • Meta tags/descriptions are a big deal • My home page needs keywords • Once my site is optimized, I’m done
  6. 6. How Google Works Google’s primary objective is to serve the best possible content to the end user (the searcher).
  7. 7. Hummingbird Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm will focus more on the meaning, or semantics, of search phrases, as opposed to the individual words within them.
  8. 8. Modern SEO Tactic #1 Create buyer personas and target what they are searching for, not just your product/service keywords. Track realistic keywords and use them for content ideas, not literal targets.
  9. 9. Example: HR Consulting
  10. 10. Modern SEO Tactic #2 Consistently produce and publish really really really sincere content that solves problems.
  11. 11. Example: Types of Content
  12. 12. Modern SEO Tactic #3 Build out strong social profiles, especially Google+. Set up Authorship on blog and other publications. Network on social media and create partnerships. Also use personal profiles.
  13. 13. Example: Authorship/Social
  14. 14. Myth: Site Submission You don’t need to submit your website to Google. It will be indexed regardless.
  15. 15. Myth: I Need Inbound Links If you publish great content with sincerity and heart, quality inbound links will appear. Gaming the system with low- quality links will not work.
  16. 16. Myth: Meta Tags! Google announced back in 2009 that meta descriptions (and meta keywords) have no bearing on search rankings.
  17. 17. Myth: SEO is a Project SEO is not “set it and forget it.” It is an ongoing program that should be viewed holistically to focus on quality throughout on-page optimization, off-page optimization, user experience, and conversions. It’s baked into everything.
  18. 18. Myth: Exact Search Terms! Google’s algorithm looks for intent, not exact terms. Write naturally and conversationally and you will have a better chance at winning at SEO.
  19. 19. Myth: Home Page Keywords! When doing it right, you’ll get a lot of incoming search traffic via your blog, not your home page. Design with usability in mind… not keywords.
  20. 20. Myth: Microsites Will Help Microsites can be valid if they serve a marketing goal, but are not useful as a SEO tactic.
  21. 21. Myth: SEO Can Happen Fast Building search traffic takes time and effort. It can take months for it to start showing momentum, but once you get rolling it can really start to pay off.
  22. 22. The Technical Stuff Tune the Following: • Titles: go for relevance, not keywords • Usability: use ALT tags, meta description (for conversion optimization) • Responsive website • Subdomains are fine
  23. 23. Results
  24. 24. Results
  25. 25. Results
  26. 26. SEO Reality (image courtesy of Moz and used with permission)
  27. 27. SEO = Inbound Marketing Social Media SearchContent Marketing SaleSale Landing pages / CTAs Email campaigns Conversion optimization Workflows / Segmentation Lead scoring CRM integration
  28. 28. This is Not THE SEO You’re Looking For The truths, myths, and best practices behind a modern SEO strategy. PRESENTED BY: MICHAEL REYNOLDS