Italian	  innova*on	  for	  Indian	                                                      Agro	  &	  Food	  Processing	    ...
Food	  processing	  in	  India	  •    mkt	  increased	  by	  a	  15%	  in	  2010	  (~235M	  €	  in	       2014-­‐2015)	  •...
“RFID	  from	  Farm	  to	  Fork”	  	                   for	  agrofood	  SMEs	  •  Project	  co-­‐funded	  by	  the	  Europ...
9	  Partners	  in	  5	  countries	  
Introduc*on	  to	  RFID	  and	  EPC	              RFID	  is	  a	  technology	  that	  uses	  radio	  waves	  to	  transfer...
“RFID	  from	  Farm	  to	  Fork”	  ac*vi*es	  •  The	  project	  ac*vi*es:	      –  The	  first	  12	  months	  of	  the	  ...
“RFID	  from	  Farm	  to	  Fork”	  pilots	  •  The	  project	  pilots:	       –  Provide	  fully	  traceable	  and	  quali...
Pilot	  in	  a	  wine	  company	  (1)	  
Pilot	  in	  a	  wine	  company	  (2)	  •  Detailed	  informa*on	  on	  each	  step	  of	  the	     supply	  chain	  is	  ...
Pilot	  in	  a	  wine	  company	  (3)	  •  Data	  are	  collected	  from	  vineyards	     through	  Wireless	  Sensor	  Ne...
Informa*on	  on	  wine	  
Item	  tracking	  along	  the	  SC	  
Business	  process	  control	  
Innova*on	  in	  F2F	  •  BeXer	  defini*on	  of	  the	  control	  of	  processes	  and	  stock	  management	     increases...
Become	  RFID-­‐F2F	  Stakeholder	                   	  Project	   is	   constantly	   seeking	   organisa0ons	   with	   ...
Italian	  innova*on	  for	  Indian	                                                      Agro	  &	  Food	  Processing	    ...
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RFID from Farm to Fork 28 September 2011 IIBC, Pune


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Treviso Tecnologia has presented the RFID-F2F project on 28th September at the Indo-Italian Business Conference (IIBC2011) in Pune, India.
For this event, Anilkumar Dave has had a speech at a round table focused on Agri & Food Processing Technology; for this conference it has been prepared a presentation called "Innovation in food sector: the case of 'F2F from Farm to Fork' project", and plan to distribute some 50 brochures introducing the project to italian food institutions and indo-italian companies of the food produce sector interested in traceability of packed products. We choose to show some details about the pilot Vitivinicola do Ribeiro because the wine industry is important in the Maharashtra region.

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RFID from Farm to Fork 28 September 2011 IIBC, Pune

  1. 1. Italian  innova*on  for  Indian   Agro  &  Food  Processing   Strengthening  SME  compe00ve    advantage  through  RFID  implementa0on   28th  September,  2011  Pune   Anil  Kumar  Dave   R&D  Projects  and  Special  Ini0a0ves       Coordinator  Treviso  Tecnologia  
  2. 2. Food  processing  in  India  •  mkt  increased  by  a  15%  in  2010  (~235M  €  in   2014-­‐2015)  •  2nd  producer  of  fruit  and  vegetables  (8%  world)  •  Export  of  processed  food  is  growing  •  Segment  of  packed  food  is  growing  by  20%  rate  •  30%  of  fruit  and  vegetables  is  subjected  to   perishment  and  wastage  due  to  inadequate   prac0ces  of  processing  and  storing  infrastructures   The  RFID  F2F  project  is  innova0ve  for  companies   in  the  food  business  processing:   IT   SOLVES   CHALLANGES   ON   TRACEABILITY,   AVOIDANCE  OF  COUNTERFEITING  AND  QUALITY   ASSURANCE  THROUGH  ONE  SINGLE  SYSTEM    
  3. 3. “RFID  from  Farm  to  Fork”     for  agrofood  SMEs  •  Project  co-­‐funded  by  the  European  Commission:   –  Compe00veness    and  Innova0on  Framework  Programme    (CIP)   –  The  Informa0on  and  Communica0on  Technologies  Policy   Support  Programme  (ICT-­‐PSP)   –  Area:  Internet  evolu0on  and  security  (including  RFID)   –  Objec0ve:  Strenghening  SME  sompe00ve  advantage  through   RFID  implementa0on   –  Project  reference:  250444  
  4. 4. 9  Partners  in  5  countries  
  5. 5. Introduc*on  to  RFID  and  EPC   RFID  is  a  technology  that  uses  radio  waves  to  transfer  data  from  an  electronic  tag,  called  RFID   tag   or   label,   aXached   to   an   object,   through   a   reader   for   the   purpose   of  iden*fying  and  tracking  the  object.   EPC   –  An  unique  Electronic  Product  Code   (EPC)  is  recorded  on  each  tag   –  Tag  is  applied  to  an  item   –  RFID  readers  don’t  need  line  of   sight  when  under  antenna  range   –  The  informa0ve  system  can  be   programmed  to  take  decisions   –  capture,  record,  store  and  share   data  of  evoluted  traceability  
  6. 6. “RFID  from  Farm  to  Fork”  ac*vi*es  •  The  project  ac*vi*es:   –  The  first  12  months  of  the  project  focused  on  studying  and  analysing  the  business   processes  and  the  informa*on  flow  within  the  involved  pilot  companies.   –  With  appropriate  modelling,  the  informa*on  gathering  has  been  automated,  which   saves  0me,  eliminates  human  error  and  stores  data  in  an  electronic  format.   –  The  database  and  system  have  been  developed  to  sa0sfy  the  future  needs,  taking  into   considera0on  scalability,  adaptability,  ease  of  use  and  appropriate  security  measures.   SUPPLY  CHAIN    All  soware  technologies  used  are  free  of  charge  and  open  source.  System  is  cost  effec*ve  to  the  company  as  it’s  not  linked  to  specific  hardware  or  soware  vendor.  
  7. 7. “RFID  from  Farm  to  Fork”  pilots  •  The  project  pilots:   –  Provide  fully  traceable  and  quality  products  to  end  consumers   –  SMEs  belonging  to  4  food  and  beverage  sectors:  meat,  wine,  fish  and  dairy   –  Show  how  RFID  technology  can  increase  the  value  of  each  stage  of  the  supply  chain   through  informa0on  visibility  by  using  RFID  technology  and  EPCglobal  standards   –  The  ini0al  integra0on  of  the  pilots  has  been  successfully  completed,  with  first  evalua0on   results  coming  from  the  actual  users  poin0ng  on  effec*veness  of  the  developed  solu*on.   4  CATEGORIES  The  F2F  traceability  will  be  a  solu*on  to  combat  the  fraud  in  food  and  drink  industry  which  has  a  poten*al  of  wide  take  up  with  quality  and  origin  assured  organisa*ons.  
  8. 8. Pilot  in  a  wine  company  (1)  
  9. 9. Pilot  in  a  wine  company  (2)  •  Detailed  informa*on  on  each  step  of  the   supply  chain  is  linked  to  the  F2F-­‐pladorm     –  Plants  caring  and  monitoring   VINEYARD   –  Grape  collec0on   –  Winery  entrance  and  selec0on  process   –  Chute  dumping  and  Press   –  Decanta0on   –  Must  treatments   WINERY   –  Fermenta0on   –  Blend  and  Wine  treatments   –  Conserva0on   –  Bocling   –  Storage   WHAREHOUSE   –  Delivery    
  10. 10. Pilot  in  a  wine  company  (3)  •  Data  are  collected  from  vineyards   through  Wireless  Sensor  Network  •  During   the   process   phase   in   the   winery  data  are  generated  using  a   handeld  reader  •  The   consumer   will  be   able   to   scan   the   Electronic   Product   Code   and   get   food   item   related   traceability   and   condi*on   monitoring   data   displayed   on   a   tablet   pc   at   the   retail   store   or   capturing   the   QR   code  with  a  smartphone.    
  11. 11. Informa*on  on  wine  
  12. 12. Item  tracking  along  the  SC  
  13. 13. Business  process  control  
  14. 14. Innova*on  in  F2F  •  BeXer  defini*on  of  the  control  of  processes  and  stock  management   increases  agricultural  sustainability  and  reduc*on  of  waste     –  MANAGEMENT  OF  RAW  MATERIALS  AND  PLANT  TREATMENTS   –  ELIMINATION  OF  PAPER  FORM  OF  TRACEABILITY  AND  HUMAN  ERROR     –  AUTOMATION  OF  DATA  GENERATION  AND  CONTROL  OF  THE  CONDITIONS     –  MANAGEMENT  OF  INTERNAL  OPERATIONS  (REDUCTION  OF  ERRORS)  •  A  fast  and  secure  communica*on  is  guaranteed  through  a  pladorm   characterized  by  interoperability  of  applica*ons.     –  DIFFERENT  LEVELS  OF  PRIVACY  AND  DATA  ACCESS   –  HIGH  LEVEL  OF  DATA  VISIBILITY  ALONG  THE  SUPPLY  CHAIN  •  Communica*on  towards  the  market  rise  from  giving  value  to   informa*on  already  available  in-­‐house   –  CONSUMERS  ARE  AWARE  OF  THE  ORIGIN  (e.g.  AREA  OF  CONFERMENT  OF  THE   GRAPES  HARVESTED)   –  PROOF  OF  QUALITY  (e.g.  TREATMENTS)  AND  OTHER  FOOD  ITEM  RELATED   TRACEABILITY  DATA  (e.g.  COLD  CHAIN,  TRACKING  OF  PROCESSES)  
  15. 15. Become  RFID-­‐F2F  Stakeholder    Project   is   constantly   seeking   organisa0ons   with   exper0se   in   food   and  drink   sector   who   would   like   to   put   forward   their   opinions   how  traceability  and  safety  in  food  and  drink  industry  can  be  increased  with  new  technologies  such  as  radio  frequency  iden0fica0on.     www.rfid-­‐       Contact:   Marco  Baistella   Treviso  Tecnologia     +39  0422  1742100  
  16. 16. Italian  innova*on  for  Indian   Agro  &  Food  Processing   Strengthening  SME  compe00ve    advantage  through  RFID  implementa0on   28th  September,  2011  Pune