FIspace at FI-PPP phase 3 workshop


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This presentation was held at the FI-PPP phase 3 workshop, 6-7 March in Brussels. Especially explaining how and on what conditions phase 3 projects can use the FIspace platform.

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FIspace at FI-PPP phase 3 workshop

  1. 1. Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics Sjaak Wolfert, Director Wageningen UR (NL) Also starring: Harald Sundmaeker, Robert Reiche Negotiation workshop FI-PPP phase 3 Brussels, 6-7 March 2014
  2. 2. FI-PPP Programme Architecture Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 CONCORD USE CASES INFINITY 2010 FINEST INSTANT MOBILITY SMARTAGRIFOOD FINSENY SAFECITY OUTSMART FI-CONTENT ENVIROFI XIFI FIspace FI-CONTENT 2 Finesce FI-STAR FITMAN FI-WARE 2011 2012 Phase 1 Expansion of Use Cases TF Extension and Usage 2013 Phase 2 2014 2015 Phase 3
  3. 3. Motivation and Impact Future Internet will facilitate: Forwarder Carriers Consultants ■ … seamless cross-organizational collaboration (information Production Plants Consumers Features Collaboration & Communication New Services & Apps Machine-2-Machine Communication Banks End-2-End Visibility High-Quality Customer Applications Insurances Ports Customs Authorities exchange, communication, coordination of activities) ■ …unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes (using Internet-connected sensors and IoT devices) ■ …rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions (apps and services) Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics: • • • EU turnover: 1,500 billion € Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissions ■ …agile formation of business networks and ecosystems (social networks and app/service markets)
  4. 4. Technical Overall Platform Approach Extension Mechanism 1: Addition of value-add functionality through Apps User App 1 App 3 Collab. Workflow 1 App n … Collab. Workflow k … FIspace: Extensible SaaS Deployed in the Cloud Generic Enablers Extension Mechanism 2: Configurable Collaborative Workflows Future Internet Core Platform Ubiquitous Broadband Connectivity Real World Integration Infrastructure Virtualization Service Provisioning & Consumption Security & Reliability Tool Support I2ND IoT Cloud IoS SPT FI-CODE 4
  5. 5. FIspace platform High Level Architecture Trials: Front-End FIspace Store Real-time B2B Collaboration Core I2ND IoT IoC IoS System & Data Integration S&T Security, Privacy, and Trust Management DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Operating Environment Validation 2. Greenhouse Management & Control Development Toolkit Base Technologies GENERIC ENABLERS 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 3. Fish Distribution & (Re-)Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables QA 5. Flowers & Plants SC Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import & Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers
  6. 6. Use Case Trial Experimentation Sites Farming in the Cloud Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics Smart Distribution and Consumption 3 51 4 6 2 8 7 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 2. Greenhouse Management & Control 3. Fish Distribution and (Re-) Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assurance 5. Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import and Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers FIspace cloud hosting
  7. 7. Coordinator Partners Partners Trial partners Technical partners Knowledge and networking partners Pert
  8. 8. Access and support • FIspace is one integral Specific Enabler on top of FI-Ware – Existing Apps and Services can be mashed up • App developers are basically supported by the SDK – Apps can also use additional GE/SEs – Open APIs, mostly open source • SDK is accompanied by a wiki: • Accelerator projects are expected to support their own developers but linking pin persons can get some extra support • Bug fixing and service support is provided, but not on a commercial basis • Requirements for additional functionality can be reported but is not guaranteed
  9. 9. Questions ?