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Selling Guns to Gandhi: The Art of Content Buy-In

Creating, managing and distributing useful, usable content on a regular basis is hard enough, but have you ever tried to sell it?

Agencies and in-house teams alike are having a hard time getting buy-in for meaningful content initiatives that provide tangible value for their target audience. All too often decision makers tie our hands, focusing too heavily on what competitors are doing instead of highlighting their unique value in a way that resonates with the people that matter most: Customers.

This presentation was presented at Big Design Conference 2013

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Selling Guns to Gandhi: The Art of Content Buy-In

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  27. 27. For the last decade I have been creating digital marketing solutions for businesses large and small. In that time I’ve learned a few things about the governance and creation of web content and how that content ties into other marketing channels. Content is often swept aside as the last part of a project, when I believe it should be one of the very first things addressed (even before design). Steve Floyd Founder / Principle at AXZM twitter: @nawlready phone: (214) 272-9109