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Mp pc-cybernode

  1. 1. MP CyberNode Report On the road with collective intelligence
  2. 2. Focus on CI, RDFa, Drupal • Programming in Drupal as a Collective Intelligence Platform (Drupal has RDFa in core) • RDFa Resource Description Framework (attributes) • Readying a generic CI Portal for hosted use or delivery as a hardware package • Two prototypes Korea GCCSR, Kuwait EWS
  3. 3. Korea GCCSR EWS •News Aggregator •Scanning System •Situation Room •First Prototype CI •
  4. 4. The GCCSR Building Gimcheon Initial staff and guests
  5. 5. Kuwait PMO EWS •News Aggregator •EWS Scanning •Futures Methods •Situational Awareness
  6. 6. Kuwait - EWS
  7. 7. Where Have We Come From Where Are We Now Where Are We Going How Do We Get There
  8. 8. Roots of Futures Methodologies Pre History • Ancient Times • Middle Ages Modern Era Meta Industrial Era Pantheism Science & Religion Positivism TransPersonal Visionaries Visionaries Divination Utopians Visionaries • Descartes • Oscar Ichazo • Shamanism, • Mercier • Arthur Clarke • DaVinci • John Lilly • Mythology, • • Bucky Fuller • Newton • W.I.Thompson • Taoism Condorcet • Pascal Futuribles • Willis Harman • Oracle Delphi • Turgot • B. de Jouvenel • Mark Markley Philosophers • Dennis Gabor • Fourier ScienceFiction Integral Futures • Comte • H.G. Wells, Futures Research • Ken Wilber • Marx • Jules Verne • Club of Rome • R. Slaughter • Hudson Institute • S. Inayatullah
  9. 9. Obstacles to Soft Side Thinking Cognitive Illusions • Functional Fixedness • Physical & Mental Blind Spots • Cultural Programming • Mechanistic & Deterministic Models • Reductionist Empiricism
  10. 10. Psychological Fixation Blocks Creativity & Vision Making it hard to adapt to such rapid change Examples of Functional Fixedness: • Using steam to pump water to water wheels instead of driving the mill directly • Including buggy whip holders on the first automobiles • Constraining computer mediated communications to function like regular mail. • Using multi media to produce interactive Books and Movies or otherwise emulate existing media. • Comparing Cyberspace to the Interstate Highway System Familiar Metaphors encourage Functional Fixedness
  11. 11. Functional Fixedness A Legacy of Positivist Thinking that is one of the Greatest Barriers to Mastering the Soft Methodologies
  12. 12. A Key Recurring Thought “Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
  13. 13. New Focus on Soft Side Methodologies Integrating Indigenous Wisdom, Deep Ecology, Transpersonal Insights & Methods
  14. 14. Refocus on Human Meaning & Purpose Broaden the bandwidth of communication technology to encourage emergent communication & organization styles
  15. 15. Modern Roots of the Transpersonal • Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way • De Chardin’s Noosphere • Ichazo’s Arica Institute • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs • Grof’s Altered States of Consciousness • Jung’s Collective Unconscious
  16. 16. Abraham Maslow’s Self Actualization Hierachy of Needs Is Not An End Point But a Self Renewing Drive A Humanistic Guide to Homo Digitalis From Survival to Self Actualization A Template for specifying design parameters for new technologies to ensure the emergence of Humanism in the Digital World.
  17. 17. Human/Organizational Challenges • The Hanover Principles • Focus on Meaning & Purpose • SOCBED (Self Organizing Community-Based Economic Development • Convolving Space & Cyberspace • Lessons for Planning New Cities
  18. 18. Methods and Tools • Polynesian Voyaging • Cultivating the Network of mind • Cultivating the Mind of the Network • Cultivating New Business Models
  19. 19. Ancient Polynesian Voyaging • Circumnavigating the Pacific • No Compass, Sextant, GPS • Communicating with Ocean, Wind, Atmosphere, Temperature, Tides, Currents
  20. 20. Cultivating the Network of Minds • Learning Community/ Appreciative Systems • Storytelling - Indigenous Wisdom • Transpersonal & Quantum Metaphors • Multi-Spectral Work Place Environments • T. Autonomous Zones
  21. 21. Cultivating the Mind of the Network • Self Org. Community Based Economic Dev. • Social Network Agents • Semantic Web, RDFa • Convolving Cyber and Physical Spaces • Serious Games...
  22. 22. Emerging Maps of Ubiquitous Convolved Cyber-Space Fully Convolved MetaVerse A visual taxonomy of different modes of communication and interaction created by designer Nathan Shedroff
  23. 23. Cultivating Emergent Business Models • Maruyama’s Morpho- Genetic Joint Ventures • Open Source- Cathedral & the Bazaar, Clue Train Manifesto • Temporary Autonomous Zones as Incubators • Positive Sum Serious Games, Increasing Returns
  24. 24. Some Examples of Soft Side Methodologies • Adventure Theater • SOCBED
  25. 25. Group Methodologies Require Unusual Environments For Best Results • Temporary Autonomous Zones • Open Space Technology Meetings • Adventure Theater • SYNCONS
  26. 26. Adventure Participatory Methodology based on principles of Social Architecture. Theater Myth, Story Telling, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Theater Exercises, Native American Spirituality, Shamanic Journeying, Taoism, Gestalt, and new Western Theories of Mind (eg Howard Gardner) and approaches to Organizational Change (eg. Margaret Wheatley, Peter Senge, and David Cooperrider.
  27. 27. SOCBED Research Methodology Self Organizing Community Based Economic Development A Participatory Futures WayFinders Cybercafe & Community Visioning Center A learning community action research experiment in Maui, Hawaii. Starring the Ke Ala Hoku children’s Vision for Hawaii’s Future.
  28. 28. Millennium Project Second Life Campus