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Verify Digital - Verified Lead Generation


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Lead generation and verified leads from Verify Digital. Complete methodology from Understanding Brand & Target Audience through to Verified Leads. Visit

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Verify Digital - Verified Lead Generation

  1. 1. Verified Lead Generation
  2. 2. Verify is a collection of the industries leading minds and media practitioners that have come together to create a world class lead generation and complete lead verification solution Who we are HADI JAWAD Director - Research ADIL AHMED Director - Creative SAGAR SHETTY Director - Strategy MATTHEW KING Director - Sales
  3. 3. “Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline Lead generation often uses digital and social channels, and has been innovating rapidly the last few years with the rise of new online and social techniques
  4. 4. What is a Lead? Contact For A Potential Sale Prospect, Warm/Hot Opportunity For Business Knowledge of an unfulfilled, profitable customer
  5. 5. “The buying process of old has changed. Marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers.
  6. 6. Transformation Of Marketing THEN NOW Mission Represent the company Represent the customer Finding customers Being found Customer Intelligence Mass Advertising 1:1 Targeting Demographic Behavioural Mechanics & Tactics Point in time blasts Continuous relationships Few/Isolated Channels Exploding/Integrated Channels Measurement 3rd Party Data (Neilson) Owned Big Data Intuitive Decision Making Fact Based Decision Making
  7. 7. Unprecedented Changes In Buying Organisational Power SALES Organisational Power MARKETING Purchasing Power SELLERS Purchasing Power BUYERS Information SCARCITY Information ABUNDANCE THEN NOW
  8. 8. The problem with online leads: Lead Generation in the region has over 65% wastage Most Lead Gen/Affiliate work on a spray and pray method with no confirmation of authentic leads Tighter budgets call for a more transparent and accountable process 03 01 02
  9. 9. Introducing Verified Lead Generation
  10. 10. The Verify Process 1 Understanding Brand & TA ● Research about Industry, trends ● Define Target Audience ● Research Behavior and buying habits and media consumption of TA 2 Media Plan & Creative ● Develop Media plan based on Media Consumption of TA ● Develop multiple landing pages for A/B testing ● Develop Multiple creative to test which works best 3 Execution & Lead Gen ● Execute Media Plan based on Step 2 ● Continuous learning and optimisation of plan to meet objectives based on results and conversion 4 Lead Verification ● Real time follow up and verification of lead ● Classification of leads as per brief for client ● Feedback of results to Trafficking team for optimisation
  11. 11. Understanding Brand & TA
  12. 12. 1 Understanding Brand & TA Why Identifying Your Target Audience Matters - If You Know: What they don’t care about... 05 You can dismiss and cut it from the site What they want... 04 Your value proposition can state exactly that and the whole site can be 98% relevant to them How they choose and compare products in your category...03 You know how to structure and prioritize content on your site How they describe the type of services they need...02 You can word the copy on your site to match the conversation in their head (very important!) Who the people are.. 01 You know how to get to them (the blogs they read, the sites they visit, the stuff they search in Google etc) How their life is better thanks to your service or product...06 You know which end-benefits to communicate
  13. 13. We start by learning where your TA lives and understand what they are thinking 1 Understanding Brand & TA 1. Define your best qualified prospects 7. Shorten the customer buying cycle 2. Align your offering with prospects’ specific needs, wants, aspirations and preferences 6. Leverage current customers to bring in prospects 4. Develop the messages that help prospects make decisions and move toward purchase Market research can give you the insights and information you need to: 3. Determine your true customer cycle 5. Identify the most effective ways to reach prospects at each stage of the customer cycle
  14. 14. 1 Understanding Brand & TA Market, Media and Consumer Audience Research Demographic criteria will get you started creating a basic outline of your of your audience personas: ▪ Age & Gender ▪ Location ▪ Income level ▪ Education level ▪ Marital or family status ▪ Occupation Psychographic criteria goes a little deeper, painting a more complete picture of your audience: ▪ Interests & Hobbies ▪ Values ▪ Attitudes ▪ Behaviors ▪ Lifestyle preferences
  15. 15. Media Plan & Creative
  16. 16. 2 Media Plan & Creative Media Plan Landing Pages Ads & Ad Copy 03 01 02 Key Components
  17. 17. 2 Media Plan & Creative Search Display Remarketin g Social We draw on every online channel and data insights from our first step Understanding of the TA By doing so we are able to scale the efficiency of your campaigns to another level
  18. 18. Programmatic Buying Social, Display & Remarketing will be bought programmatically to be able to target precisely and minimise wastage Remarketing04 Remarket to consumers who visited the brand site but did not convert, with a change in message or offer Display03 Advertising across multitude of websites, targeted contextually, behaviorally, and demographically based on research into behavior of our TA Social02 Advertising across various social networks to consumers who display the desired attributes of a potential buyer based on research of the TA Search01 Target consumers actively looking for product/service. These are the most likely to convert based on research about what our TA is looking for on Search Engines 2 Media Plan & Creative How we approach the TA through each channel
  19. 19. 2 Media Plan & Creative According to Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook, 44% of clicks are directed to the business’s homepage, instead of a dedicated landing page Every time you direct a visitor from a call- to-action to the business homepage instead of a dedicated landing page, that will be throwing away a valuable lead A dedicated landing page, on the other hand, lives separately from your website . It is created with only one purpose in mind: to convert your visitor to a lead A landing page is a key component to any lead generation effort
  20. 20. 2 Media Plan & Creative We build Landing Pages that convert Localise, translate, and co-brand landing pages. Use the landing page to A/B test and optimise – increasing your conversions and sales Personalization can fix: ▪ Website visitor being pushed irrelevant content ▪ Friction during the purchase process ▪ Too many distractions onsite ▪ Marketing messages being out of sync with a visitor’s place in buyer journey ▪ Visitors who feel overlooked by the brand, and so bounce Did you know that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages get 7 times more leads Landing Page A/B Test
  21. 21. 2 Media Plan & Creative Ads Copy ● Create Clear and Succinct Copy ● Write for One Specific Person in Your Target Audience ● Words and Phrases That Convey Security and Trust ● Words and Phrases That’ll Ramp Up Sign Ups ● Powerful Words and Phrases That’ll Improve Lead Conversions ● Words and Phrases That Implies Exclusive ● Cut down on Unnecessary and Redundant Words & Phrases ● Include One Focused CTA
  22. 22. 2 Media Plan & Creative Ads Design ● Produce HTML5 master creatives ● Use tools to enable automatic image resizing, file- size control, and text optimisations ● Tailor your ads to any device or network. Produce variations from a single design, with assisted mass- versioning ● The more banners we build, the smarter our optimisation is, removing repetitive design tasks ● Personalise ads at scale via data feeds and apply meaningful contextual messaging ● Deploy targeted advertising that is hyper-relevant to your different viewer segments
  23. 23. Execution & Lead Gen
  24. 24. 3 Execution & Lead Gen Ads Trafficking Uploading Ads and Rich Media in Ad servers Supporting Rich Media creative building Reporting Record ROI, Impact, Sales, Performance Report Find discrepancy in the Impression count Asset Handling QA of the Ads based on Ad policies Approving/Rejecting Ads Campaign Optimisation Channel optimisation, Targeting optimisation, Creative optimisation Trafficking
  25. 25. Lead Generation specific metrics: Amount Spent Website Clicks Cost Per Website Click Cost per Lead (Conversion) Leads (Conversions) 05 01 02 03 04 3 Execution & Lead Gen
  26. 26. Conversion Rate Optimization ● Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process of increasing the percentage of users to convert when on a website, landing page or email. ● The biggest benefit of CRO is that it helps increase more revenue for a company’s online needs. ● Maximise Return-On-Investment (ROI) ● Generate more sales or leads with the same amount of traffic ● Enhances website and gives a competitive edge Analytics/TrackingImplementation ReportsDesign Analysis Conversion Rate Optimisation Planning 3 Execution & Lead Gen
  27. 27. Lead Verification
  28. 28. “ 4 Lead Verification Quality lead generation depends on real time and conclusive lead validation to verify both the identity and intent of inbound leads Non-human web traffic generates a number of fraudulent impressions and clicks that will never convert and can waste a lot of marketer time and money in the process. Verifying inbound lead identity can recognize bogus leads and immediately reduce time spent servicing invalid or bot- generated leads Your sales representatives are highly trained and highly paid individuals; reaching out to contacts with bad data wastes their time and negatively impacts your marketing campaigns over all ROI. Using a tele-verified lead list means that sales reps are making contact each time they pick up the phone or send an email to a contact
  29. 29. Our CATI Centre ● We complete the lead verification with real time and conclusive lead validation to verify both the identity and intent of inbound leads ● Coverage of entire EMEA region from the Middle east and North Africa to Europe ● Dedicated and sccable team based in Tunis ● All operators are university graduates ● Multilingual operators (Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German, Italian) ● The most advanced CATI system with 100% recording of all interviews ● Live monitoring of interviews by client from anywhere in the world with interactive features Persistent Follow-ups - Call Cadence ● Seven attempts are made to try to reach the prospect ● A combination of calling, email, voicemail and text are used ● Attempts are made at different times of the day to maximize connect rates 4 Lead Verification
  30. 30. The Complete Lead Generation Process
  31. 31. The Verify Process 1 2 3 4
  32. 32. Next Steps?
  33. 33. Contact Details Sagar Shetty +971 58 528 2682 Matthew King +971 58 511 4377 Hadi Jawad +971 50 422 0334