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Starting from Scratch: 10 Steps To Launch A Content Marketing Strategy


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Starting from Scratch: 10 Steps To Launch A Content Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Starting from Scratch: 10 Steps to Launch A Content Marketing Strategy Ardath Albee, CEO Marketing Interactions, Inc.B B Conference
  2. 2. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Change
  3. 3. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Progress  So1ware  w/  Pew  Research  Center  Stats  
  4. 4. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Progress  So1ware  w/  Pew  Research  Center  Stats  
  5. 5. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   The  CMO  Reality  Marke&ng  departments  are  finding  themselves   under  increasing  pressure  to:    •  jus&fy  their  spending,    •  prove  the  effects  of  their  marke&ng  campaigns  •  demonstrate  program  success…    or  risk  losing  their  budgets.”    –  Forbes  and  MarketShare  Partners  
  6. 6. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  1:  GAINING  C-­‐LEVEL  BUY-­‐IN  
  7. 7. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Meet  Bob   New  CMO  at  a  High  Tech  Company   that  used  to  be  the  market  leader  in   their  category.  Bob’s  mandate  from  the  CEO:  Turn  MarkeMng  into  a  Demand  GeneraMon  Engine      Why?  –  Company  objecMve  is  to  double  revenue  within  the  next  5  years.    Why  Content  MarkeMng?  –  The  only  way  Bob  can  see  to  get  that  big  of  a  result.    How?  –  Pilot  at  a  division  level.  The  division’s  markeMng  team  had  to  be  convinced.    ExecuMve  response:  Prove  it  works…FAST!  
  8. 8. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Meet  Diane  VP  MarkeMng  at  Global  Event  Company.  She  had  enough  buy-­‐in  to  conduct  a  content  markeMng  workshop  and  develop  strategy.    Now  the  CEO  wants  proof  the  investment  in  execuMng  the  strategy  will  payoff.   Mandate  from  ExecuMve  Team:  Prove  a  content  strategy  deserves  budget.     Diane’s  strategy:  Prepare  a  brief  and  presentaMon  that  showcases  research,  staMsMcs   and  examples  of  their  compeMMon’s  content  execuMon  and  growth  in  market  share.   Overlay  compeMtors’  results  to  her  company’s  KPIs  to  show  clear  impact  they’re  losing.     She’s  also  working  the  poliMcs  of  ge_ng  sales  on  her  side.  
  9. 9. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Meet  Simon   VP  of  Strategic  MarkeMng  at  a   Global  Services  Company.     His  company  had  always  been   the  obvious  choice.  Now   compeMMon  is  making  inroads   affecMng  market  share.  Mandate  from  ExecuMve  Team:  Expand  market  opportuniMes  and  build  awareness.    Simon  is  process  oriented.  He  needs  a  plan  –  a  framework  for  content  markeMng  to  make  sense.  He  is  not  a  “take  a  flyer”  kind  of  guy.    How  to  sell  content  markeMng  to  Simon?  Show  him  how  it  works  in  an  organized  way.  Provide  best  pracMces,  KPIs  and  forecast  what  content  markeMng  will  deliver.        Precision  and  simplicity  count  when  convincing  Simon.  
  10. 10. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  2:  PICK  A  PRIORITY  
  11. 11. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Pick  a  Project  •  What  do  you  want  to  accomplish?  •  Who  will  benefit?  •  How  will  you  execute?  •  What  can  you  measure?  •  Over  what  length  of  Mme?  
  12. 12. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  3:  ASSESS  YOUR  DATABASE  
  13. 13. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   What  do  you  have/know?  •  How…   –  Clean  is  it?   –  Old  is  it?   –  Warm  is  it?   –  Can  we  segment  it?   –  Many  prospects  can  we  reach?    
  14. 14. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  4:  BUILD  BUYER  INSIGHT  
  15. 15. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Create  Personas   ObjecMves   OrientaMon   Obstacles  •  What  are  top   •  Change  agents?   •  What  could   prioriMes?   •  Risk  averse?   derail  the  deal?  •  In  their  words   •  Use  social   •  Lack  of   related  to  what   media?   consensus?   your  product   •  LongMme  career   •  Lack  of  budget   enables.   or  stepping   or  business   stone?   case?   •  Level  of   •  Shi1ing   authority?   prioriMes?  Such   as…  
  16. 16. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  5:  REVISIT  YOUR  CHILDHOOD  
  17. 17. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  
  18. 18. #B2BContentEvent Buyer  Q&A   @ardath421  •  I  need  to  do  X  in  order  to  get  Y.   –  What  are  the  different  ways  I  can  do  X?   –  How  much  of  Y  do  I  need?   –  How  are  our  compeMtors  solving  X?   –  What  compeMMve  advantages  could  we  gain  if  we   solve  X?   –  Who  else  will  be  impacted  in  the  company  if  we   solve  X?   –  How  will  I  convince  them  that  Y  is  worth  the  effort   to  change  the  status  quo?  
  19. 19. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   • QuesMon   • QuesMon   • QuesMon   Touch   • Answer   Touch   • Answer   Touch   • Answer   1   • CTA   2   • CTA   n   • CTA  Step  6:  DESIGN  YOUR  CONTENT  FLOW  
  20. 20. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Organize  Your  QuesMons  
  21. 21. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Web   Blog   Video   Sales   White   Webinars   Collateral   Papers   Slideshare   Infographics   ETC  Step  7:  CONDUCT  A  CONTENT  AUDIT  
  22. 22. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   What  to  Learn  For  ApplicaFon   For  Use  •  QuesMon  Answered   •  As-­‐Is  •  Buying  Stage   •  Refresh  •  Persona   •  Repurpose  •  Product/SoluMon   •  ReMre  •  MarkeMng  Program     •  Age/Publish  Date   (Lead  Gen,  Nurturing)   •  LocaMon  (URL)      
  23. 23. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  8:  CAPABILITIES  &  RESOURCES  
  24. 24. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Must  Be  Sustainable   Do  the  Math:  •  Content  Development     3  Personas  X  12  Touches     –  In-­‐house     =  36  Content  Assets  for  an   –  Outsourced   annual  nurturing  program…    •  ExecuMon   Plus  36  to  72  emails,  depending   on  your  program  structure     –  MarkeMng  Team   Add  in  quarterly  webinars,   –  IT  Queue   conferences,  white  papers,   website  updates,  blog  posts,  etc.   –  External  Vendor  
  25. 25. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  Step  9:  CREATE  AN  EDITORIAL  CALENDAR  
  26. 26. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Editorial  Calendar  Dates   Assigned   Persona   Topic   Buying   Type   ExecuFon   To:   Stage  5/1/12   Sally  P.   LOB   3  Ways  to   Early   ArMcle   Email  +  Landing   Manager   Get  X   Page    5/7/12   Tom  S.   Customer   Why  your   Early   Blog  Post   Email  +  Blog   Service   customers   Post  +  SoMe   want  X  5/20/12   Sally  P.   LOB   State  of  X  in   Early   Report   Email  +  Landing   Manager   Financial   Page,  Form  +   Services   PDF   An  Editorial  Calendar  is  Your  ExecuMon  Plan.   •   Chronological  Order   •   Include  every  markeMng  acMvity  to  get  an  overall  view  of   frequency,  markeMng  mix  and  Mmelines.  
  27. 27. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421   Sales   Momentum   Engagement  Step  10:  SET  APPROPRIATE  EXPECTATIONS  
  28. 28. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421  10  Steps  to  Develop  Your  Content  MarkeMng  Strategy   1.  Gain  C-­‐Level  Buy-­‐in   2.  Establish  PrioriMes   3.  Assess  Your  Database   4.  Build  Buyer  Insight   5.  Revisit  Your  Childhood  (Buyer  Q&A)   6.  Design  Your  Content  Flow   7.  Audit  ExisMng  Content   8.  Evaluate  CapabiliMes  &  Resources   9.  Develop  an  Editorial  Calendar   10.   Set  ExpectaMons  
  29. 29. #B2BContentEvent Thank  You!  Ardath  Albee,  CEO  MarkeMng  InteracMons,  Inc.    hwp://    @ardath421