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Masterclass: Exceed Your Demand Generation Goals [Chicago]


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From our Chicago Masterclass: Learn how you can generate quality leads & prove value from your demand generation marketing efforts with LinkedIn.

Published in: Marketing
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Masterclass: Exceed Your Demand Generation Goals [Chicago]

  1. 1. Target | Convert | Measure Exceed Your Demand Gen Goals
  2. 2. Ellie Weed Enterprise Account Manager Chicago Carissa Perault Senior Account Manager San Francisco 2
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4Content for Lead Gen Lead Gen Strategies Optimizing for Lead Gen Campaigns One Click Lead Gen Forms 5 Native Conversion Tracking 6 Q&A TODAY’S AGENDA
  4. 4. CONTENT 4
  5. 5. Content Marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. 5 CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE
  6. 6. Our Focus Becomes Too Narrow
  7. 7. How Do We Break Free From The Gate? awareness leads customers strangers subscribers opportunities advocates
  8. 8. How Do We Break Free From The Gate? awareness leads customers strangers subscribers opportunities advocates AUDIENCE MINDSET CONTENT EXAMPLES • Dreams of owning a home, but unsure whether it’s the right time • Wants to buy a home, but unsure what to look for in a mortgage • Has a home in mind and ready to buy a mortgage, but unsure about specific features • [Blog Post] “Top 10 Mistakes Newlyweds Make” • [Infographic] “Should I Rent or Buy?” • [Blog Post] “How to Tell a Good Mortgage from a Bad One” • [Video] “15 vs 30 Year Mortgage: What to Consider” • Mortgage calculator • Online brochure/consult offer
  9. 9. Top Funnel Content Closes Deals CREATORS OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP BELIEVE: DECISION MAKERS SAID: “It helps us close and win” “Directly led you to decide to give business to a company” 20% 45% 48%C-Suite execs BDMs Source: LinkedIn & Edelman, “How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation
  10. 10. Gated vs. Ungated 37% 75% Of tech buyers are less likely to consider a vendor that gates the first piece of content Of tech buyers are less likely to consider a vendor that gates all content Source: LinkedIn, Nurturing the IT Committee Lead, 2014
  11. 11. Success Source: Contently, Contently’s ROI Flipbook Content drove an increase in overall site traffic of 970% 970% Open Forum is now the single largest source of SMB leads for American Express #1 TD Ameritrade customers who subscribe to thinkMoney Magazine trade at a 5x higher velocity 5x
  12. 12. 13 STRATEGIES
  13. 13. Source: 2017 DemandWave State of B2B Digital Marketing report Generating quality leads & proving value are the greatest challenges marketers face 56% 16% Deliver quality leads & prove ROI Generating enough leads Producing quality content Securing staff & budget Not sure Other 14% 8% 5%1% WE ASKED MARKETERS What is your biggest digital marketing challenge? 14
  14. 14. Tools for Lead Gen Target Convert Measure Matched Audiences (retargeting, ABM, CRM) 1st party user- identified data Sponsored Content Text Ads Sponsored InMail Lead Gen Forms Insight Tag Conversion Tracking Website Demographics Click & Conversion Demographics 15
  15. 15. Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed and in premium placements beyondSponsored Content CONVERT Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey on mobile, desktop, and tablet. 16
  16. 16. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business CONVERT 17
  17. 17. LinkedIn Text Ads Generate quality leads with an easy PPC solution CONVERT 18
  18. 18. 19 Landing page important foundation LinkedIn to help easily collect leads Live Example
  19. 19. LinkedIn ad targeting options Align your targeting with your lead scoring model Company name Job title Member skills* Field of study Based on skills, endorsements and keywords in profile Company industry Job seniority* Member groups Degrees derived from Job title Company size Job function* Member age* Member schools derived from Job titlederived from Company Page derived from Company Page Derived by using the earliest degree Location Years of experience* Member gender* derived from start year and month of current roles derived from Member name 20
  20. 20. Demographic data from the LinkedIn profile *Target the prospects you care about more by retargeting your website visitors, or matching your email contacts, account lists, marketing automation segments, against the LinkedIn audience Email contact targeting Website retargeting Account targeting Data integrations Our data + your data: Target the people most likely to become qualified leads 21
  21. 21. Matched Audiences better cost per conversion using website retargeting 6x higher conversion rates compared to regular Sponsored Content campaigns 4% 22 CASE STUDY
  22. 22. Reach more people with the LinkedIn Audience Network and Audience Expansion Engage even more qualified prospects and discover new potential customers by activating the Audience Network and Audience Expansion on your campaigns. LinkedIn Audience Network & Audience Expansion TIP! 23
  23. 23. Test One Click Lead Gen Forms LinkedIn One Click Lead Gen Forms Capture quality leads using forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data Currently available on mobile only. TIP! 24
  24. 24. Track your post-click activity using the LinkedIn Insights Tag Native Conversion tracking allows you to track both click and view-based conversions directly in the Campaign Manager interface. Set-Up Conversion Tracking TIP! 25
  25. 25. Real Applications Lead Gen Case Studies
  26. 26. Financial customers are ever-busier. Most customer journeys now begin and often end mobile-first. The pressure is on marketers to offer value at the ‘watering holes’ where they gather, and then offer the most seamless user experience through acquisition. Creating a seamless user experience to reduce acquisition costs by 5x
  27. 27. Targeting: Small businesses Content offer: Focused content on real benefits such as ‘ability to free up cashflow’. Ad format: Deployed Sponsored Content Feature: Used LinkedIn’s new ‘Lead Gen Forms’ – by automatically porting through customer details, this offers a seamless in-feed experience. Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms Information ported to client
  28. 28. leads generated “We have seen amazing success, so much so that almost all business units at client have sought to meet with us to discuss how they can incorporate this approach.” 2x CPL decreased by 5 fold
  29. 29. For financial brands operating in ‘high consideration’ markets there is an additional challenge of attribution. Client engagement journeys may stretch over many months, with many touchpoints and customer interactions (many of which are in-person which are not recorded). Investing in investment commentary to fuel account based marketing is the key to achieve stand out. How to generate measurable return on investment from top-level thought leadership
  30. 30. Targeting: Institutional asset managers are hard to reach and influence. Content offer: Asset management firm had an existing amount of content already produced – focused on most coveted industries for them. Ad format: Leveraged Sponsored Content with Lead Gen Forms. Feature: Lead Gen Forms allow a call to action to be added to Sponsored Content. When a member clicks on ‘Register’ a pre-filled form will appear in feed. Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms Information ported to client Sponsored Content
  31. 31. 3 months, conversion with 1k total subscribers generated During 1 month period, drove 10k+ Lead Gen Forms open 10%
  32. 32. OPTIMIZING 33
  33. 33. Measure leads and conversions from specific audiences: Understand your converting audiences Company name Industry Job function Seniority Geo Company size 34
  34. 34. Improve conversion rates by tracking engagement throughout the funnel Using LinkedIn data, see the audiences that are engaging with different parts of your website. RELEASING SOON 35 PILOT
  35. 35. Conversion Tracking Metrics
  36. 36. Let’s Take a Break!
  38. 38. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Capture quality leads using forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data CONVERT Improve conversion rates on mobile Measure your ROI, including the specific audience segments you’re converting into leads Easily manage your leads: Download from LinkedIn or send to your CRM or marketing automation system 39
  39. 39. Lead Gen Forms Intro What You’re Trying to Improve KPI Will Lead Gen Forms Help? Conversion Rate CPL Yes, by removing the friction of conversions on mobile devices Marketing Qualified Leads MQL Yes, IF what is hindering the movement to MQL or SQL is the need for prospects to download more assets or certain assets (demos, free trial etc.) Sales Qualified Leads SQL Opportunity Creation # Of Opps Touched by LI, or end ROI of LI Not Directly. May be useful to include within your strategy, but pay close attention to lead quality, and ensuring your targeting is locked in
  40. 40. DEMO
  41. 41. Lead Gen Forms increase in conversion rates 2x reduction in cost-per-lead 44% “Traditional landing pages take people away from the LinkedIn platform. Having members stay in-app with Lead Gen Forms is a seamless user experience." Nik Love Digital Project Manager, IR Full case study here: 42 CASE STUDY
  42. 42. Landing page: Ensure mobile-friendliness Form fields encouraged2-4 Average clicks driven by mobile70% Above the fold100% TIPS! 43 Not sure? Test on 3rd party to view rendering across devices
  43. 43. Improve your conversion rates BEST PRACTICE Use Lead Gen Forms to increase conversion rates 44 Design your landing pages for mobile visitors 80% of engagement with Sponsored Content happens on mobile. Ensure your landing pages are mobile-optimized so you capture as many leads as possible on your site. Run multiple ad products Lead Gen Forms can get up to 3x better conversion rates than Sponsored Content driving traffic to advertiser landing pages with standard lead forms. Sponsored Content campaigns get up to 37% higher click-through rates when running with Sponsored InMail for at least 2 weeks, targeting the same audience.
  45. 45. What does the Insights Tag do? Website Retargeting 46 Laptop screen area Conversion Tracking & Auto-Optimization* Website Demographics* *Coming in Q3 Tips when using the Insights Tag: ● Place the tag in the Global Footer of your site ● Only have one Insights tag on your landing pages to prevent tracking discrepancies ● Need an Image pixel? Reach out to your LinkedIn rep for more info!
  46. 46. Laptop screen area Measure lead quality and advertising ROI Add LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website The Insight Tag lets you measure conversions, site visitors, and other meaningful business data. STEP 1 47
  47. 47. Measure lead quality and advertising ROI STEP 2 Laptop screen area 48 Use conversion tracking Measure leads collected on your website with LinkedIn’s free native conversion tracking tool
  48. 48. Use demographic analytics Ensure you’re converting the right people: Use LinkedIn’s campaign reporting to measure the types of segments you’re converting. Measure lead quality and advertising ROI STEP 3 Laptop screen area 49
  49. 49. Use conversion tracking auto-optimization Set your campaigns to optimize toward the highest converting ad. Measure lead quality and advertising ROI STEP 4 Laptop screen area 50
  50. 50. Track the lead metrics that matter most Cost per lead Cost per qualified lead Cost per acquisition, revenue per lead LinkedIn advertisers often pay less per qualified lead and new customer acquired compared to other ads platforms 51 STEP 5
  51. 51. 52 Let’s Apply It!
  52. 52. Mountain View, California based company founded in 2007 that develops financial software as a service application About Fix Dex • Demand Generation • Primarily MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) Business Objective KPI Specifics Fix Dex • (main objective) Drive Marketing Qualified leads at a cost of under $300 • (main objective) Drive 400 MQLs for the quarter from Linkedin • (secondary objective) Drive a CPL of under $100
  53. 53. Sponsored Content: • $100k - Bulk of the Quarterly Budget Text Ads: • $20k for the Quarter Pick Product Mix & Set Budgets 5 6432 PickaProductMix&SetBudgets 1 Targeting LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion? ConversionTracking Measure Optimize Setting Up For Lead Gen Success
  54. 54. Sponsored Content: • $100k - Bulk of the Quarterly Budget • Focused on the IT Committee Audience (all decision makers at the table + influencers) • Evergreen content with 3:1 Ratio --- 3 gated, 1 ungated • Retargeting + ABM Text Ads: • $20k for the Quarter • Free Demo offer targeted to the ITDM audience Select Targeting 5 643 PickaProductMix&SetBudgets 1 ConductaKickoffCall Measure Optimize 2 Targeting 2 LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion ConversionTracking Setting Up For Lead Gen Success
  55. 55. LAN/Lead Gen Forms/Audience Expansion 5 641 ConductaKickoffCall Optimizations&BugProcess ConversionTracking Measure Optimize 2 Targeting 3 LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion Setting Up For Lead Gen Success PickaProductMix&SetBudgets Sponsored Content: ● Utilizing Lead Gen Forms on one campaign to test out MQLs ● Audience Expansion not enabled ● Testing LAN with a campaign that is more Educational in nature Text Ads: ● Enabling Audience Expansion to expand the reach for the Free Demo + test traction
  56. 56. Sponsored Content • Enabled for all assets with a form fill • NOT Enabled for ungated assets; decided this in order to not skew front end metrics, and be able to leverage eCPC bidding option Text Ads • Enabled for all Free Demo assets to A/B test traction for each Conversion Tracking 61 5 Measure Optimize 2 Targeting 3 LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion 4 ConversionTracking Setting Up For Lead Gen Success PickaProductMix&SetBudgets
  57. 57. Sponsored Content: • Measuring CPL on frontend and backend (to ensure a close match or even ratio) ○ Looking at this on both the campaign and asset level • Measuring MQLs through Marketo ○ Looking at this on both the campaign and asset level • Leveraging Demographic Reporting within the Campaign Manager tool to see traction by Functional Area, Seniority, and Industry Text Ads: • Same as above • In addition, paying special attention to titles that may not be on our radar that are converting on Free Demo offer Measure 61 2 Targeting 3 LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion 4 ConversionTracking 5 Measure Optimize Setting Up For Lead Gen Success PickaProductMix&SetBudgets
  58. 58. Performance after 1mo in Market: ● SC: Achieving a $42 CPL, but cost per MQL is sitting at ~$330 ● SC: High engagement (0.98% CTR) from the Healthcare industry, but low conversions ● SC: Many impressions going to Sales professionals who also have high engagement (this does not come through as an MQL for Fix Dex) ● Text Ads: On benchmark front end performance, but extremely efficient CPL of $62, and an cost per MQL of $220 Optimizations: ● SC: Excluding Healthcare from all campaigns but (1) which will be targeted specifically at that industry with new content ● SC: Excluding ‘Sales’ as a function from all Campaigns ● Text Ads: Rotate out bottom posts, and expand on the assets that are working to keep content fresh ---- Shifted $10k addition spend to scale out program and measure to ensure cost per MQL remains steady Optimize 1 2 Targeting 3 LAN/LeadGenForms/AudienceExpansion 4 ConversionTracking 5 Measure 6 Optimize Setting Up For Lead Gen Success PickaProductMix&SetBudgets
  59. 59. 60 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER A step-by-step path to demand gen on LinkedIn
  60. 60. TARGET CONVERT MEASURE 1 2 3 4 5 6 Target your ideal customer persona with accurate, profile-based demographic targeting. Target people likely to convert with Matched Audiences to engage people who’ve shown affinity for your brand; for example, website visitors. Publish content relevant to the professional mindset on mobile and desktop by leveraging Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads. Seamlessly collect leads using forms pre-filled with quality LinkedIn profile data: On your website with LinkedIn AutoFill, or directly in the LinkedIn app with Lead Gen Forms. Measure lead quality, return on ad spend, conversion rates, new site visitors acquired, and more using built-in campaign lead reporting and conversion tracking. Use campaign and website analytics to optimize your results for even greater impact Iterate and Improve 61
  61. 61. THANK YOU