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Everything You Need To Know About AdWords Attribution Models



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Everything You Need To Know About AdWords Attribution Models

  1. 1. ADWORDS ATTRIBUTION The Will Marlow Agency
  2. 2. AdWords Attribution An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit is assigned to touchpoints along the conversion path
  3. 3. AdWords Attribution According to the rule of 7 someone needs to see a brand 7 times on average before they convert into customer. The Rule Of 7
  4. 4. AdWords Attribution Purchasing process in reality looks more like this
  5. 5. AdWords Attribution 75% of people start an activity on one device, but continue or finish it on another
  6. 6. AdWords Attribution Last click model will attribute 100% of conversion to a last search that led to a conversion Last Click Attribution Model
  7. 7. AdWords Attribution By focusing only on keywords that convert we can be missing on an opportunity to leverage a much larger market Last Click Attribution Model
  8. 8. AdWords Attribution  First click  Last click  Linear  Time decay  Position-based  Data-driven AdWords Attribution Models
  9. 9. AdWords Attribution Not that great to use, it simplifies things too much. Not every step is as important as the other. Linear Attribution Model
  10. 10. AdWords Attribution Time Decay Attribution Model Conservative growth strategy Market leader Low investment product Low competition If your customers know you and you don’t need to spend money and time to acquire them, you just need to re- engage them over and over again, then last interaction is the most important one
  11. 11. AdWords Attribution Position-based Attribution Model Growth oriented New to the market High investment product High competition If you are growth oriented you are interested in acquiring new customers all the time as well as converting them. Position-based model puts the most value on the first and last interaction.
  12. 12. AdWords Attribution Data-driven Attribution Model (DDA) 600 conversions 15,000 clicks Over 30-day period Minimum requirements: If this attribution model is greyed out in the account then it is not available because there is not enough data
  13. 13. AdWords Attribution What happens when you change attribution model? Conversions will not be associated with the last click, instead, fractional conversion credit will be redistributed to previous days. There is no loss in conversions, just redistribution. Over time, conversion credit on the day of the change will normalize as it will receive fractional conversion credit from future conversions.
  14. 14. AdWords Attribution What happens when you change attribution model?
  15. 15. AdWords Attribution Why are multi-touch models better?  We can better understand customers journey  We can drive more accurate strategic decisions  We can build account for whole consumer’s journey, not just last interaction  They often reveal shift in credit to mobile devices and upper-funnel targeting
  16. 16. AdWords Attribution Next steps... Test! Test! Test!
  17. 17. AdWords Attribution