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Rihanna’s target audience profile


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Rihanna’s target audience profile

  1. 1. Rihanna’s target audience profile<br />Gender<br />
  2. 2. Interests and hobbies <br />
  3. 3. Analysis of the target audience profile <br />The following images indicate the type of target audience Rihanna’s music industry is aiming at. This covers their interests, hobbies, class, gender, age, and ethnicity.The gender that they are aiming at are, primarily, girls but boys are her secondary target audience, aged 17-19+, White and Black African. Above all, her fans are obsessed with her image more than her music. Rihannahas become this fashion chameleon who can wear anything and substitute into different models but still look amazing, feminine and beautiful in all of her customs. Meaning, she pulls of everything she wears very well. <br />On the one hand, Rihanna is becoming quite a role model for teenagers who have relationship problems. <br />Recently, due to the assault of Chris Brown Rihanna’s has been mainly been focusing on making albums related to female empowerment. So targeting mostly on female audiences who are vulnerable. Rihanna acts as a role model by showing to her audience that after she has been through tough times in her life, she has became stronger from it and progressed through her career successfully. This may suggest that every woman can stand on their own feet and see education as their future fulfillment. <br />Likewise, Rihanna expresses lots of sex appeal and often wears tight clothing to gaze in attraction or seduce the male target audience and volumize her femininity and sassy curves and appearance. However, she also often wears lots of make up which makes her look good and beautiful. This can attracts male audience ‘s attention and young, naïve female audience want to be like her. Her intend target is both of the sexes, often known as unisex. <br />On the other hand, she doesn’t represent herself as a perfect role model because most of the songs are dark, moody, littered with f-bombs and nookie talk. Russian Roulette, penned by Ne-Yo, is one of the more disturbing pop singles to come along. In her other single, Rockstar 101, she sneers "I got my middle finger up / I don't really give a (bleep)," .<br />To add, her target audience is from a working class background because most of the songs Rihanna sings is mainly focused sexual attraction or interests and she uses fowl language and sign languages . For instance , her last track, Rude Boy, is not really made for middle class interests. <br />
  4. 4. However, she is also introducing to the public through her published video tracks a character that is arrogant, rude, a member of a gang, inappropriate, wears revealing and tight clothing but, yet also, in contrast, she represents a character that is strong, confident , young, talented, ambitious, and full of life. <br /> Likewise, Rihanna is well known for being a style chameleon with her ever changing hair styles and fashions. For example, she was wearing a necklace spelled out the words "Fuck You". Rihanna was even caught posing for photos with underage fans while wearing the necklace. This tells us that her fans are disappointed by the star they idolize. <br />However, Rihanna is the type of artist that you either hate or love, she is not in between.<br />She also targets Michael Jackson fans as she is influenced by him. Interestingly enough, Rihanna want to captivate a global audience similarly to Michael Jackson. <br />The target audience of Rihanna are mainly aged 18- 25.<br />In continuation, Rihanna’s target audience’s interests and hobbies are partying, shopping, fashion freaks, living their lives, keeping fit, travelling, making new relationships, dancing, writing, eating diverse dishes and they are young people hoping to achieve something in life through the belief of meritocracy. <br />At last, Rihanna’s target audience’s ethnicity are from a variety of diverse background such as Black, Asian, and White but whom are mainly from less affluent households and their parents don’t do middle class occupations. <br />