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Marwan Presentation 1


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Marwan Presentation 1

  1. 1. Presentation
  2. 2. Marwan Khaled Issa • Marital status: Married + Three Children (Gr. 8, Gr. 7 & Gr. 2) • Place & date of birth: Kuwait, 19th January 1971. • Nationality: Jordanian. • Driving license: Valid UAE driving license + personal car. • Resident of: Abu Dhabi. Personal Information:
  3. 3. Qualifications • Master of Engineering Management (MEM) - University of Wollongong - Dubai 2014. • B.Sc. in Electromechanical Engineering - Automation, Amman University for applied engineering, Jordan 1995. • Secondary School - Kuwait 1989.
  4. 4. Profile & Mission statement Mission: • My education & work experience have provided me with a great sense of responsibility, enhanced my technical & organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines as a playmaker. Goals: • Continues learning and skills enforcement. • Leadership and best management position. • Zero life defect record. • Be very effective and professional. • Be Innovative. Personal Character: • I am ambitious, hard working, presentable, and easy to get along with. I have an ability to work under pressure displaying both efficiency & accuracy.
  5. 5. Professional Experience: • Extensive experience (20 years) in Electromechanical systems (HVAC, Transformers & Power Distribution, fire alarm & fighting system, Diesel generators, Lighting ….etc.) design, service, operation, construction & project management in the field of industrial & high rise buildings. • Facilities maintenance & management experience enhanced by technical, leader ship skills. (6.5 Year) Facilities Manager @ Education field. (6 Year) Projects & Facilities In Charge @ Strategic Studies field. (2.5 Year) Head of Electrical Section @ Hospital field. (3 Years) Utilities Engineer @ Pharmaceutical field. (2.5 Year) senior electrical Engineer @ Industry Production field.
  6. 6. (6.5 Year) Facilities Manager @ Education field. (ADVETI) (6 Year) Projects & Facilities In Charge @ Strategic Studies field. (ECSSR) • Lead & Develop implementation of 20 remote location across UAE. • Projects Management: New expansions/Renovation, preparation of SOW & bidding documents, Technical Evaluation, project planning & execution, Installation & Commissioning Activities. • Achieve Comfort & Safe environment requirements in Education field. • Negotiation & managing maintenance contracts for effective use of resources. • Fixed Asset Management. • HSE management & Risk Analysis. • Soft services Management: Cleaning, Security, landscaping, Catering & offices services. • Projects In Charge for New Building committee @ ECSSR, AED 120M, Renovation, Interior & furniture fit out Design. • Updating Head of Committee of all aspects of project & preparing tender documents for selection of the consultant & contractors (Turn Key projects) in following scope: Interior design & fit out/ UAE Federation library (1M title)/ Access & Security control/ IT infrastructure & Server Room/ AV system/ Landscaping (Hard & Soft). • Complete Maintenance Design & Operation , contractor selection & BMS control room management. • Maintain Project Budget guidelines & report variances. • Managing Operations & maintenance of Utilities Infrastructure services (HVAC, Electrical distribution system, Mechanical & Plumbing. • PPM planning & call center design.
  7. 7. (2.5 Year) Head of Electrical Section @ Hospital field. (DOHMS) (3 Years) Utilities Engineer @ Pharmaceutical field. (JULPHAR) • Responsible for Effective running of all electrical services @ Dubai hospital (630 bed capacity) • Monitoring & project development for all electrical Infrastructure: Main power supply MV/LV & ATS panels./ Diesel Generator/ UPS & battery Chargers/HVAC : AHUs & Centrifugal chillers & Cooling Tower / Medical gas system/ Compressors/ LPG/Boilers & Heating pumps • Monitoring & Maintaining Fire Alarm System/ Fire pumps & Hose reel / Fire Extinguishers. • Managing & Monitoring PPM : OTIS Elevators (16nos) • Building Management System (BMS): Control room. • In house – Staff managing & utilization. • Spare Parts Inventory management: safety stock level, order time & JIT. • Member of New Antibiotic plant committee (JULPHAR 2) for Installation & commissioning all Electromechanical equipment / $ 3M project budget /In house project/ Supervision of: • HVAC System: ABB 30Nos AHU/ Carrier Chillers 3Nos/ Chilled water Balance & Air balance/Advanced Air filtration system/ HEPA filters/ Temperature & Humidity control. • Writing all operation, cleaning & preventive maintenance procedures (SOP) for HVAC system. • Control room: Managing BMS & daily reports. • Production Machines: installation & Commissioning / PLC troubleshooting. • Power Distribution System: ABB Transformers /RMU/ Main Switchgears & Diesel Generator. • IQ & OQ Documentation.
  8. 8. (2.5 Year) Senior Electrical Engineer @ Industry Production field. (Crown Industry) • Assist planning & organizing the preventive maintenance & repair / Production machines . • Using Advanced PLC Technology in Monitoring & Troubleshooting Production & packaging Machines: Day- to – Day Task. • Monitoring Utilities services for the plant : Power Supply system, Diesel Generators, Water treatment Plant…etc. • Fire Alarm & Fire fighting system. • Electrical Inventory control. • Area of Knowledge : -Thermal Station – Power Generation -Steel Pipes fabrication Industry (rolling mills) -Food production & Packing -Aluminum Can making Industry -Pharmaceutical Industry -Health Care & Hospitals -Research & Conferences -Education
  9. 9. Work Experience : . summary of Main Tasks: • Projects management • Design Programmable Preventive Maintenance (PPM). • Routine check, Corrective maintenance & Major Shutdown. • Facilities maintenance & management experience for Hard services (maintenance) & Soft services (Cleaning, Catering, Security, Landscaping, & events management). Main Challenges in managing building Maintenance: • Effective Maintenance needs a qualified staff with extensive training on best practice for doing the Preventive & Corrective maintenance. • You need to ensure Reliability which reflected by Availability (Response time) & Maintainability (Break Down Time) • Interruption operations: you need to plan redundant system or alternative solution & proper shutdown time that not interfering operations. • Budget control & visibility. • Maintaining Zero life defects with strict HES standards & Procedures.
  10. 10. Future Vision & Mission • Project Management & Planning • Building Renovation Process • Building Renovation Challenges • Aspirations & Suggestions • My Plan to Manage Maintenance Division
  11. 11. Project Management & Planning
  12. 12. Building Renovation Process • Currently @ Education field (ADVETI), we are handing over many schools from ADEC, and most of these schools have been renovated to meet ADVETI standards for vocational & Training programs, Upgrading HVAC system, Fire Alarm & fighting system with AD code of building safety, Use LED lighting for reducing power consumption & heat dissipation, Mix between modern design and classic in fit out and decoration concept. • Carried out renovation work at Dubai Hospital which was built on 1980 for patients wards and upgrade main reception, HVAC cooling system & replace pneumatic control system with DDC control, replaced SMDBs & DBs as per DEWA regulations. • Manage MEP renovation works at Emirates center (ECSSR) for developing Ball Room & function room with State – of Art building fit out and decoration.
  13. 13. Building Renovation Challenges • Design Challenges: renovation design is normally restricted with actual situation and previous main civil construction which force designer with many considerations that need deep alteration and sometimes became costly. • Operational Challenges: renovation tasks (WBS) need complicated planning through several stages in order to maintain smooth running for the daily business of the firm & this might create inconvenience atmosphere for both staff & visitors/Guests.
  14. 14. Aspirations & Suggestions • Focusing on Advance Management for applying best practices in Effective maintenance management & Strategic planning, resource utilization, budget control, Logistics & supply chain, Quality & HSE standards. • My future plan in using Technology for supporting maintenance & Facilities Division (BMS system & office automation equipment), Green building concept & Power Save concept. Furthermore, I think that KUSTAR business is proper place for me, where I can transfer my experience for the benefit of campus & suggest Automation of most of office equipment system & Archiving, Data Center Development, Electronic Library, Advanced security monitoring Camera & Access control.
  15. 15. Thank You