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NTR 300 powerpoint presentation


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About coffee and the health benefits that it has.

Published in: Food
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NTR 300 powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Coffee and it’s Affect on Our Health By Riley Maynard
  2. 2. What are the Health Claims from Coffee? Cardiovascular Health Parkinson’s Type II Diabetes Liver Cancer Depression
  3. 3. Coffee vs. Cardiovascular Disease
  4. 4. Coffee vs. Parkinson’s People in Study Association to Coffee Hazard Ratio 301,164 Men Inverse in men 0.63, >=6 cups/d, P= 0.011 238,058 Women NS* in women 0.9, >=6 cups/d, P=0.57 Inverse in women who never used estrogen 0.47, >=4 cups/d, P=0.11 NS, not significant NS in women who ever used estrogen 1.31, >=4 cups/d, P=0.93 77,713 Women Inverse in women who never used estrogen 0.5, 1-3 cups/d, P=0.06 Positive in women who ever used estrogen 3.92, >=6 cups/d, P=0.26 8,000 Men Inverse in men 5.1, none vs. > 28 oz/d, P<0.001
  5. 5. Coffee vs. Type II Diabetes 6 out of 9 studies Have to drink more than 10 cups of coffee???
  6. 6. Coffee vs. Liver Cancer Unable to find any studies about this
  7. 7. Coffee vs. Depression Unable to find any studies on this topic.
  8. 8. General Coffee Drinking Tips Consumption Types of Coffee Additional Stuff
  9. 9. Conclusion Everything in moderation Coffee works well for some but not everyone
  10. 10. References Andersen, L., Jacobs, D., Carlsen, M., & Blomhoff, R. (2006). Consumption of coffee is associated with reduced risk of death attributed to inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases in the iowa women's health study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 83(5), 1039- 1046. Higdon, J., & Frei, B. (2006). Coffee and health: A review of recent human research. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 46(2), 101-123. doi:10.1080/10408390500400009 Images from google stock, LIFE, and flickr