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ORM session 3

  1. 1. ORM SESSION 3 Presented by: Marie-Sophie CLAUDE Viktoriia KYREICHEVA MBA 2B
  2. 2. Reputation Scorecard • Reputation Scorecards are a new service for the hotel industry, tracking a hotel's performance in guest satisfaction based on the Global Review Index™ (GRI), a general online reputation score taking into account ratings from online reviews across over 100 different online travel agencies and review sites worldwide.
  3. 3. How does it compare to Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence? • Reputation Scorecard gathers travelers reviews from a large amount of online sources with the OTAs (about 100 reviews from different OTAs); the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence only get reviews from an unique source which is Trip Advisor. Reputation Scorecard Certificate of Excellence Administrator Review Pro Trip Advisor Source more than 100 reviews on Online Travel agencies Trip Advisor reviews only Pros - - Cons Better visibility of the hotel through the various OTA’s Greater amount of guest review Increase hotel image from customer mind - - Lack of fiability for customer: only one source of guest reviews Reviews are less trusted
  4. 4. Which is more important to an hotel, why ? Reputation Scorecard is definitively the most important tools to assess an online reputation of a hotel business because of its numerous reviews that the reviews are coming from. The benefits for customers and business from this large pannel of reviews sources are inconsiderable: better visibility to increase an online reputation on OTAs, a more trusted relationship between the hotel and the visitors, positive image of the hotel spread through various sources, large amount of guest reviews to enhance the online reputation.
  5. 5. Sydney as a targeted country • Hotels targeted: - The Langham, Sydney - Park Hyatt Sydney - Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour - The Darling - Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
  6. 6. The Langham, Sydney The Langham Hotel boasts to hold a Certificate of Excellence certified by Trip Advisor in 2013. This quality certification is well visible by the customers as it is directly viewed on the first page of the hotel website. Customer’s reviews from Trip Advisor are seen directly on the website. The visitors are invited to clik on the rubric ‘Read reviews’ to reach travelers reviews sourced directly from Trip Advisor.
  7. 7. Park Hyatt Sydney The Park Hyatt Sydney manages its online reputation through their hotel website with a traveler rating (Quality Score) but they do not have a Certificate of Excellence. They do not have a specific session for visitors to check at their online travelers reviews which decreases largely their online reputation and especially their visibility online.
  8. 8. Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour The Hotel possesses a traveler rating visible on the first page of the hotel website ; a link invite the visitors to check their online traveler rating from Trip Advisor with their key drivers and to check as well travelers reviews.
  9. 9. The Darling The Darling do not have certified visibility online of their property reputation; indeed any Certification of excellence from Trip Advisor or Traveler rating are visible through their website.
  10. 10. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney The Hotel has a visible Traveler rating from Trip Advisor and a direct link to access to travelers reviews and the key drivers that drives their reputation online.
  11. 11. How well does Park Hyatt Sydney manage their online reputation on Expedia? Any guest returns are reviews by the hotel managers or Guest Relation. A negative comment has been posted on Expedia but did not deserve any attention from the Hotel which does not show any interest towards its customer well being.
  12. 12. How well does the Langham manage their online reputation on Expedia? The Langham has any visibility on Expedia when following up guest reviews whether they are positive or negative.
  13. 13. How well does Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney manage their online reputation on Expedia? • Positive or negative returns from customers are not being followed through the hotel on Expedia.
  14. 14. How well does Park Hyatt Sydney manage their online reputation on Trip Advisor? The hotel management does not seem to care about guest reviews and the guest experiences which are at first sight mainly overwhelming as any responsed are posted to customer feedbacks showing a complete disinterest towards customer.
  15. 15. How well does the Langham manage their online reputation on Trip Advisor? The hotel does not respond to positive feedbacks from customers; however the coments that highlight a negative even little return are being followed through by the General Manager. All the reviews followed by the GM tend to be very standardized to every guest reviews and not enough personalized according to the customer complaint. Besides the GM do not seem to give much interest about the guest unsatisfied; for example the GM does not give professional email to contact him directly and discuss further the problem.
  16. 16. How well does Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney manage their online reputation on Trip Advisor? • The hotel does not seem to care at all about the customer feedbacks and their experiences; a customer complaint has been posted about a week ago and any manager did seem to follow up this negative experience online. The hotel shows a real indifference towards its guest experiences.